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The iPhone 11 series had excite upgrades with its television camera. While the iPhone X has a standard television camera and telephotograph lens, it doesn ’ t have an ultra-wide television camera lens. The iPhone 11 series and the iPhone 12 series both have a 3mm, ultra-wide-angle lens. The iPhone ’ s ultra-wide television camera is designed for dramatic compositions. It allows photographers to capture scenes that highlight a subjugate that appears larger than the background.
The iPhone 11 ultra-wide television camera is a compact solution for more deviate photography. For anyone concerned in capitalizing on the ultra-wide television camera ’ sulfur abilities, it ’ s identical easy to find and use. With a little practice, there are many ways to be a more creative photographer.

How to Use iPhone 11 Ultra-Wide Camera

Switching the iPhone camera to the ultra-wide television camera is a easy as pressing the television camera button. Open the Camera app, either from the app itself or the lock screen. Tap “ 0.5x ” above the shutter button to switch to the ultra-wide camera. Hold the iPhone steadily and film away. It ’ s that easy. iron and hold any of the soar icons ( 0.5x, 1x, or 2x ), and the Zoom roulette wheel appears. Drag the wheel left or correct to manually scroll the focal lengths in between the default settings. The higher the act, the more the camera soar in.

Use this method acting to switch between lenses in all photograph modes, except for Portrait modality. Ultra-wide international relations and security network ’ t available for Portrait modality. The iPhone 11 ’ second ultra-wide camera is besides available in both vertical or horizontal aligning.
Friends fit together for a group photo in a restaurant

Ultra-Wide Angle Lens for Photography

The iPhone 11 ultra-wide television camera is a bang-up solution for anyone struggling to fit everything into the inning with the wide iPhone lens. The ultra-wide lens fits much more into the frame. It has a significantly wider viewing angle than the standard camera lens on the iPhone. This allows for zooming out, rather than zooming in. The ultra-wide angle makes things appear smaller but includes more of the entire scene in the photograph.
The iPhone 11 ultra-wide camera fits more trees in the photo

Ultra-Wide Angle Photography Ideas

The iPhone ultra-wide lens is utilitarian anywhere you can ’ t physically move back far from the subject in order to fit more into the ensnare. here are some examples of where the iPhone ultra-wide camera is a perfect choice for impressive shots.

Ultra-Wide Angle: Landscape Photography

The iPhone 11 ultra-wide lens allows more of a view to be captured. This makes it perfect for shooting dramatic landscape photos. The extra-wide field of view captures more wall scenery, arsenic well as more foreground detail. This includes more huge skies, longer mountain ranges, and wider ocean views.

The wide-eyed position helps convey a stronger sense of space and a more lifelike view of the surroundings. The solution is more graphic photograph.
Skyline view of Downtown and Midtown Atlanta with ferris wheel from a rooftop bar and lounge

Ultra-Wide Angle: City Photography

The iPhone ultra-wide camera is capital for city photography. Find a location to capture a picturesque see of a city. The ultra-wide lens allows stallion buildings to fit into the ensnare for impressive computer architecture photography. locomotion enthusiasts can take more expanse, dramatic photograph of favorite cities and feel more of a separate of the action.
Luxury minimalist open space living room with kitchen and dining photo

Ultra-Wide Angle: Interior Photography

From an indoor position, the ultra-wide television camera allows more of the composition into a unmarried photograph. There is no need for crowding together when taking photos of a big group in a small board. Photographing more details in a crowded interior scene, such as in a patronize or at a sporting event is easier to accomplish.
The iPhone Ultra Wide lens opens up photography options. The ultra-wide angle and different position from the standard television camera produce impressive images in a range not available in iPhones before. Find more photography tips to work on composing those iPhone 11 ultra-wide television camera shots. Wherever life sentence takes you, capture more with the iPhone Ultra Wide fish lens.

Take photos. Keep memories.

All those ultra-wide scenes should be kept somewhere they can be enjoyed by everyone. While the iPhone ultra-wide television camera takes great photos, showing them off there doesn ’ metric ton do them justice. Our photograph books are available in assorted sizes for showcasing these memories. They ’ rhenium available in both hard-cover and paperback book varieties .

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