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zoom has features which allow you to manage the participants in your Zoom meet. Use waiting rooms to control when your participants can enter your merging, and break rooms to organise your participants into smaller sub-meetings to collaborate and have group discussions .

Waiting rooms

To make meetings as plug as possible and to minimise potential dislocation, the waiting room feature of speech is enabled on UTS Zoom accounts and can not be turned off. Participants from UTS must be signed into Zoom with their utah credentials to access your meet. Any guest participants from away UTS will be placed into the waiting room when they join your touch, and you will need to manually admit them using the take after instructions .
Start your scheduled Zoom meet, then select ‘ Manage Participants ’ from the meet navigation menu.

Screenshot of Zoom meeting navigation menu with 'Manage Participants' highlighted.
Participants who are waiting to join the meet will be listed in the ‘ Manage Participants ’ window. Select ‘ Admit ’ following to the participant ’ south identify to allow an individual person to join the meet. only admit participants if you can identify them from the displayed list .
Screenshot of Zoom meeting participant in waiting room with 'Admit' highlighted.
Select ‘ Admit All ’ to allow all waiting participants to join the meet .
Screenshot of Zoom meeting participants in waiting room with 'Admit all' highlighted.
To put a player rear into the waiting room, blue-ribbon ‘ Put in waiting room ’ from the ‘ More ’ shed down adjacent to the participant ’ randomness name .
Screenshot of Zoom participant 'More' dropdown with 'Put in waiting room' highlighted.

Breakout rooms

Breakout rooms in Zoom allow you to create sub-meetings within your meet for smaller groups of participants to collaborate and have discussions. Up to 50 Breakout rooms can be created for one meet .
When you are in your Zoom converge blue-ribbon ‘ Breakout Rooms ’ from the bottom seafaring menu .
Zoom meeting toolbar displaying 'Breakout Room's option highlighted
Select the number of rooms you would like to create from the devolve down tilt. Select one of the following options :

  • Assign automatically – Zoom will split your participants equally into rooms
  • Assign manually – allows you to select which participants go into each room
  • Let participants choose room – participants can select and move rooms themselves

Select ‘ Create ’, then the options icon. Tick the options you would like to use for this meet .
Screenshot of UTS Zoom meeting options
Select ‘ Assign ’ following to a break board to manually add participants to that room. Hover over the participant list and choose ‘ Move to ’ or ‘ Exchange ’ to amend participants in a room .
Select ‘ Open All Rooms ’ when you are ready to start the break rooms. A green picture will appear following to the participant identify once they have successfully joined the room .
When your break rooms are open, choice ‘ Close All Rooms ’ to stop the rooms and return all participants to the main meet .
Find out more…

See the Zoom assistant page for more information on break room options and managing break rooms .

Pre-assigning participants to Breakout Rooms

In some cases you may need to organise break rooms before you run your zoom converge – to do this, you need to enable this mount in Zoom .
important !
To ensure that pre-assigning Breakout Rooms functions correctly, you will need to change your ‘ Schedule Meeting ’ settings to merely allow authenticated users to join meetings :
Screenshot of UTS Zoom displaying 'Schedule Meetings' setting with 'Only authenticated users can join' toggled on
Login to UTS Zoom and choice ‘ Settings ’ in the leave hand seafaring menu .
Screenshot of UTS Zoom with Settings tab selected and highlighting 'In Meeting (Advanced) option

  • Select ‘In meeting (advanced)’ from the sub-menu under the ‘Meeting’ tab. If you can’t see the sub-menu you may need to maximise your browser window.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Breakout room’ section. If the right hand icon is grey, click to turn it blue and switched on.
  • Select the checkbox labelled ‘Allow host to assign participants to breakout rooms when scheduling’.

Screenshot of UTS Zoom with 'In Meeting (Advanced) settings selected and higihglihting 'Allow host to assign participants to Breakout rooms' checked
Select ‘ Schedule a meeting ’ at the top of the foliate .
Screenshot of UTS Zoom portal with 'Schedule a Meeting' link highlighted
Fill in the details of your meet. Under ‘ Meeting options ’, tick the box for ‘ Breakout Room pre assign ’ .

Setting up: manual or CSV file?

  •  To set up the breakout rooms manually, select ‘Create rooms’ and follow the instructions on the Zoom guide to pre-assigning participants using the web portal.
  •  To set up the breakout rooms using a CSV file, select ‘Import from CSV’ and use the template and instructions on the Zoom guide to pre-assigning participants to breakouts rooms using a CSV file.

Starting a meeting with pre-assigned breakout rooms

Start your meeting and choose ‘ Breakout rooms ’ from the meet menu. The break rooms that you set up previously will appear in a new window. When participants have entered the meeting, their names will appear below the break room you assigned them. choose ‘ Open All Rooms ’ when you are quick to start the break rooms .

Recovering to pre-assigned breakout rooms

During your meeting you may want to recover the break rooms that you pre-assigned. If a participant joins the meet after you start the break rooms or you change the break rooms during the merging, recovering pre-assigned rooms will move participants binding into the room you primitively assigned them to before the meet .
If you have breakout rooms in advance, select ‘ Close all rooms ’ in the break rooms window to end them. Select ‘ Recreate ’ from the break rooms window menu. then choose ‘ Recover to pre-assigned rooms ’.

Screenshot of recover to pre-assigned rooms
Select ‘ Open all rooms ’ to start the break rooms .

Self-selecting a breakout room

If the meet server has selected to allow participants to choose their own break board, participants will be able to enter and leave break rooms as they like .

  1. Select the ‘Breakout Rooms’ icon in the meeting navigation menu.
  2. Select ‘join’ next to the breakout room you wish to enter from the list.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to move to different breakout rooms.
  4. Select ‘Leave Room’ to return to the main session.

Zoom 5.3 is here, and it’s good

A Zoom update you should pay attention to .

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