How to set up your iPhone 13 using Quick Start

Anyone with a post new iPhone — whether that ‘s an iPhone 13, iPhone SE or one of the older models that Apple still sells — faces a dilemma. While you ‘ll want to start using your new phone right room, you actually need to take the time to transfer everything over from your erstwhile iPhone. Apple ‘s Quick Start sport can make that less of a job. Introduced back in io 11, Quick Start may be a modern feature of speech to you if you have n’t upgraded your call in a good hanker while. It ‘s surely a handy way to get your settings, apps, contacts and other data onto your new device. just be mindful that it ‘s just one method acting, though — you can besides use install a backup of your iPhone data from iCloud or transfer a backing of your data from a Mac or personal computer. Me, I like promptly Start for its no-fuss, no-muss set about. here ‘s a steer on how to use Quick Start to setup your newfangled iPhone, whether that ‘s an iPhone 13 or any other new iPhone that ‘s come into your possession. We ‘ll besides briefly discus the other methods of transferring data over to your new iPhone.

Back up your old iPhone before you get started

It ‘s always a good estimate to start the process of setting up a newfangled iPhone by backing up your old one. not alone will this give you a bracing stand-in no matter which setup method acting you use, it besides gives you a safety net in lawsuit something goes awry. We ‘ve got fully instructions on how to back up your iPhone using iCloud, a Mac or a personal computer. You can back up to iCloud from the Settings app on your iPhone. With a Mac, just plug in your iPhone to a port on your Mac and go to the Finder ( if you ‘re running macOS Catalina or late ) or iTunes ( if you ‘re silent running an earlier version of macOS like Mojave ). Windows users besides can turn to iTunes for backups .

Use Quick Start to transfer data to your new iPhone

With a stand-in in place, you ‘re ready to get started. Have your old iPhone and your new iPhone near each other, making certain the old one is running io 11 or late. Fire up your iPhone, and swipe up from the Hello blind to get started. 1. Select your language. choose your language on your iphone 13 when using quick start ( double credit rating : Tom ‘s Guide ) 2. Select your country. ( picture credit : Tom ‘s Guide ) 3. The Quick Start option will immediately appear, and once you bring your old phone close to your new device, you can proceed. Otherwise, you can tap the Set Up Manually option at the bottom of the filmdom. ( image citation : Tom ‘s Guide ) It ‘s a very effective estimate to plug in both your iPhones to a ability beginning during this work, since it can take a while, particularly if you ‘ve got a set of data to transfer over. You surely do n’t want either earphone running out of world power mid-transfer. ( image credit : Tom ‘s Guide ) 4. An animated trope will appear on the screen door of your fresh iPhone. Pick up your old one and line up the image in the circular window. This authenticates the Quick Start transfer.

( effigy credit : Tom ‘s Guide ) 5. You ‘ll be prompted to enter in the passcode of your old iPhone onto your new device. ( trope credit : Tom ‘s Guide ) 6. Tap Continue when prompted. You ‘ll be asked on a subsequent screen to agree to Apple ‘s terms and conditions before go. ( trope credit rating : Tom ‘s Guide ) 7. The Quick Start sport will alert you what it ‘s bringing over and even give you and estimated time for how long it will take. You can besides opt to customize your settings, but that screen of defeats the purpose of a quick start feature. ( trope credit : Tom ‘s Guide ) note : If you ‘re like me and running the io 15 beta on your older iPhone, you ‘ll need to either download the beta onto your new device or tap the corner that exits the beta program. ( Yes, you flush have to do this immediately that io 15 is out, as the beta program continues. ) If you stick with the beta, your remove will pause while your new iPhone download the latest beta and restarts. ( trope credit : Tom ‘s Guide ) 8. And now the transfer can begin. A progress bar shows you how much estimated clock time is left in the march. ( effigy credit : Tom ‘s Guide )

Set up your new iPhone with an iCloud backup or a backup from your computer

What if QuickStart ‘s not for you ? No problem. If you opt to Set Up Manually in footfall 3 above, you ‘ll be prompted to connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network. ( visualize credit : Tom ‘s Guide ) Follow the instructions on the blind until you get to the Apps & Data screen. Choose the choice to Restore from an iCloud backup. If that ‘s your choice, you ‘ll be prompted to sign into iCloud, using your Apple ID and password. then you ‘ll pick a backup — that ‘s why it pays to back up your old iPhone ahead of time. Follow the onscreen prompts and wait for the process to run its path.

Set up your new iPhone with a backup from a Mac or PC

If you ‘d prefer to use a backup stored on your calculator, just make certain to plug your new iPhone into one of the calculator ‘s ports. Follow the frame-up process through Step 3 above, where you ‘ll opt to Set Up Manually. From there, follow the onscreen prompts until you reach the Apps & Data screen door, at which time you ‘ll select Restore from Mac or personal computer. In iTunes or Finder, you ‘ll select your new device. then you ‘ll select Restore Backup, choosing the stand-in you want ( ideally, the one you made good before beginning this process ). From there, it ‘s a matter of biding your time, until all your data is moved over .

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now your iPhone 13 is ready to go, check out how to make your experience even better by taking a expect at some necessity tips and tricks for your iPhone. And once you ‘re conversant with your fresh iPhone, take a spirit at how to get full-screen Caller ID on io 15 and how to activate a hide trackpad that makes editing a breeze .

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