[2022] How to Raise Hand in Zoom on PC, Mac or Mobile

You ’ ve credibly been on a Zoom call, or two, and felt the necessitate to interject into the conversation. Raising your hand physically seems like a beneficial mind, but you may not get seen by the meeting or webinar host, particularly in a big meet. Your best bet is to use the “ Raise Hand ” feature. This feature allows attendees, panelists and co-hosts to raise their hand, indicating that they need a moment of attention, without interrupting the confluence flow. To raise your bridge player on a Zoom call is a pretty aboveboard choice. The entirely thing is hosts, colorado hosts, and participants alike, struggle to locate and use the raise your hand feature.

In this post, I ’ ll show you how to Raise Hand in Zoom and get the attention you ‘re seeking .

Raise Hand Feature on Desktop & Mobile

The raise hand have can be used on both the Zoom mobile app and the Zoom background application. Once you are logged into a meet, you will be able to raise your hand when necessary. Note : You are not able to access the Raise Hand choice if you ’ re the meet host .

Windows | macOS

once you are inside the meet, you can access the raise bridge player feature of speech to raise your hand .zoom desktop reactions front in the bottom proper corner of your shield, you will see a release labeled Reaction, pawl it. Once the window pops up, you ‘ll see the option to raise your hand .zoom desktop raisehand Click the icon. You ‘ll see that a window pop up appears. now you ‘ll see the Raise Hand button. You may besides see other icons like the smiley face picture, thumbs up picture, and more .raise hand in zoom Click Raise Hand to about raise your hand. Your digital hired hand is immediately raised. You ‘ll see the lift hand emoji appear on the Zoom background app in the upper left corner of your screen. The server will be notified that you ‘ve raised your hand. If the host selects you to speak, you may be prompted to unmute yourself. If you are n’t muted, you will be able to speak freely .zoom reactions In Zoom ‘s desktop app, you can besides change the skintone color. Keyboard shortcuts :

  • Windows: Alt+Y keyboard shortcut to raise or lower your hand.
  • Mac: Option+Y keyboard shortcut to raise or lower your hand

lower hand in zoom once you ‘ve finished address you ‘ll want to use the lower hired hand option. Click the Reaction pill once again. The pop up windowpane now has the lower hand choice show .

iOS and Andriod apps

once you are logged in to the meet via the Zoom app, you are able to access the Raise Hand icon on your mobile devices .Zoom mobile raise hand front in the buttocks right corner of your screen, you will three horizontal dots labeled “ More, ” click them .Zoom mobile raise hand once you click, a window pops up and you ‘ll see where you are able to click the rear hand choice. Tap raise hand.Zoom mobile raised hand When you raise your pass virtually on the Zoom app, you ’ ll see the raise hand icon on your screen. The confluence organizer will see it vitamin a well, future to your name. once you ‘ve finished your discussion and are fix to lower your digital hand, go back to the three horizontal dots on your mobile device. You will notice that the textbook on the screen has now switched to say “ Lower Hand. ” Click it. now, you ‘ll see that the hand icon has disappeared .Zoom mobile lower all hands Note : If you ’ re the meet host, you can lower a participant ’ s hand once your interaction is complete. Tap Participants  from the merging controls screen or the webinar controls screen door. A window will pop up that shows you the participants empanel. Hover over the player ’ randomness name and select Lower Hand.

On your Android phone or iPhone, tap on the Participants tab, tap on the user ’ s name, and choice Lower Hand from the popup menu. Meeting hosts are able to view all the participants who have raised hands in the Zoom suffer by selecting the raised hand icon on the screen. Hosts are besides able to lower all raised hands at one fourth dimension by tapping Lower All Hands.

Zoom Dial in Calls

If you join the Zoom meeting or webinar by phone, dial *9 on your call ’ s dial launching pad to raise your hand, and do the same to lower your hand. You ’ ll know your hand is raised, as a participant on Zoom dial in calls, when you see an emoji hand on the blind next to your name .

Zoom Etiquette

A Zoom suffer tends to be more free-and-easy than conferences, however, you ‘ll still want to be courteous to early participants .

  • Select Raise Hand when you want to speak.
  • Mute your mic when you are not speaking to prevent unwanted interruptions. Especially in a room where you have noise coming from somewhere else.

What to do When the Raise Hand Option in Zoom isn’t Showing?

If the Raise Hand choice international relations and security network ’ t available in your Zoom merging, the meet host may have disabled nonverbal feedback. Or you might be in fullscreen modality, if you ‘re on a window personal computer or macintosh. In this mood, the lower toolbox is minimized. To see the toolbox, merely move your sneak to click or touch the shield. once you see the toolbox, you ‘ll be able to follow the steps I outlined above. You could use the Chat have to ask the meet host to enable gestural feedback. however, be prepared, they may not even know what that is or how to do it. I ‘m including the steps to enable nonverbal feedback thus at least you will know how to do it for your own Zoom meetings .

Zoom hosts: How to Enable Nonverbal Feedback

If the meet host has disabled nonverbal feedback, you won ’ t see the Raise Hand option. If you ’ re the meet host and you need to enable the Raise Hand feature of speech for your Zoom meeting, follow the steps below .Zoom desktop Step #1. First, sign of the zodiac into Zoom world wide web node using your browser on a window personal computer or macintosh. I ‘ve found that the Google Chrome browser works best. future, choice My Account .Zoom Step #2. Look under the Personal  check and then select Settings.

Turn on nonverbal feedback in zoom Step #3. Find the Meeting  tab and then scroll down until you see the Meeting Reactions option. Toggle the interchange on  to enable nonverbal feedback for your converge participants .Zoom nonverbal feedback Step #4. There is one more option you may want to enable. Toggle the nonverbal feedback switch on  to enable your meeting participants to interject into the conversation. Your participants will thank you because they now have a direction of grabbing your attention without interrupting the menstruate of the Zoom meet. Using the recruit pass have is the best option to catch the host ’ s attention in a Zoom meet. That way, you do n’t have to actually raise your hired hand physically and risk the host or conscientious objector host not seeing you. Since so many people do n’t know where this feature is or how to use it, you can consider yourself ahead of the game .

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