How to Delete WhatsApp Messages Before they are Read

You’re on a timer here, so let’s cut straight to the chase: do you need to delete a WhatsApp message you’ve just sent? You have SEVEN MINUTES. Open the message, press and hold to select it, tap the rubbish bin icon at the top of the screen and choose ‘Delete for everyone’.
now breathe, and let ‘s talk about it. Did that in truth work ? Did anyone see it before you deleted it ? Will they know you deleted a message ?
WhatsApp no long puts us through the agony of having to awkwardly debar people after we have by chance sent a message to the wrong person – or tied a message to the correctly person, but one that we have immediately regretted .
It ‘s nowadays potential to delete WhatsApp messages even after they have been delivered but, as we alluded to above, there is a time limit. After seven minutes have passed, it is not potential to remotely delete a WhatsApp message from person else ‘s call.

Let ‘s assume you immediately regretted the mail message, and consequently got to it before they would have done. The chances are you credibly deleted it before they saw it, but the only way to be certain is by using the ticks system that appears at the end of every message, so let ‘s hope you clocked that before hitting the kill switch .
If there was a unmarried grey click before you hit ‘Delete for everyone ‘ then you can rest easy : it had n’t even been delivered to their call. If there were two grey ticks then it was delivered, but not read. Two blue sky ticks ? Time to leave the country .
unfortunately, WhatsApp has no MIB-style neuralyzer : if two blue ticks have appeared to show person has already read your message, no amount of madly trying to delete it from the conversation will scrub it from their memory ( though it may destroy the testify ) .
WhatsApp will display a message within the conversation thread confirming that a message was deleted, but giving away no clues as to what it said. You have time to think about this, so style it out – and, if in doubt, a simple ‘Oops ! Wrong person ‘ should suffice .
Are there any situations where this might not have worked ? Afraid so, but it is improbable.

If person had received your message while in an area of mobile or radio connectivity, but then lost signal or turned off their earphone ( possibly the battery ran out ), WhatsApp would not have been able to reconnect to that call to delete the message. It will besides stop attempting to delete that message after 13 hours, 8 minutes and 6 seconds ( which is weirdly accurate ), so you ‘ve got to hope they will come back within range or find a charger within that time period .
The other scenario might be if they had turned off read receipts without you knowing, leaving you in the colored as to whether or not they had already read your message. This does n’t mean the message was n’t deleted, equitable that you do n’t know whether they had already read it .
Send them another message and you ‘ll soon find out – either read receipts are obviously switched off, or they are gunning for you .

Can you bypass the seven-minute rule?

@ AndroidJefe has reportedly found a trick to extend the fourth dimension period in which you can delete a sent WhatsApp message, but warns that it works only if the message has not already been read.

  • Turn off Wi-Fi and mobile data
  • Go to Settings, Time and Date settings and roll back the date to a time before the message was sent
  • Open WhatsApp, find and select the message, tap the bin icon and choose ‘Delete for Everyone’
  • Turn on Wi-Fi and mobile data and reset the time and date to normal in order for the message to be deleted on WhatsApp’s servers

More easing may besides be coming, as WhatsApp is reportedly testing an in-beta ‘ Disappearing Messages ‘ feature, which will allow you to predetermine how long messages should exist before they self-destruct, with options between 1 hour and 1 year .
Until then, remember : easy lips sink ships, and hot heads, erm, explode .
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