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Using Zoom to Record a Presentation

Why use this?

Zoom is a virtual conferencing tool. In addition to host and record meetings, Zoom can be used for office hours, live lectures, and recording microlectures. Students can use it to communite with classmates, study groups, work on group projects, and phonograph record presentations. Staff can use it to record information for the campus community. Watch this exercise of a video presentation created using Zoom
There may be times you want to live stream your class, hold position hours for students who ca n’t come to meet you in person, or bring a node loudspeaker to your class without them being in the board. Staff may want to use it to collaborate with colleagues or with person off campus. Our live Stream Using Zoom steer will step you through that procedure .

Preparing Your Zoom Account

  1. Login to with your CSUSM campus credentials.
  2. If Zoom isn’t installed on your computer, you will be prompted to download it and
    install it.
  3. When you login, look to the left side of the screen for the Personal header and select the Profile option.
  4. Look in the right column for the Personal Meeting ID and Personal Link sections. The
    Personal Link will display

How to record

1. Go to https : // / and login with your campus credentials to get started or download the program .
2. outdoors Zoom

3. In the Zoom window, click on the New Meeting button
new meeting button in Zoom
4. It will open Zoom with your video camera turned on or off ( depending on your preferences )
open zoom
5. On the bottom left, click on the Audio button to test your mic and loudspeaker. Click on the Start television push button ( if desired ) to show yourself and not just an picture .
audio settings for Zoom session
6. Open the PowerPoint Presentation or website you want to display .
7. Click to Share Screen Share Screen clitoris
share screen button
8. Select the PowerPoint presentation window or desktop and snap on the Share clitoris
share button on Zoom
9. You will see your screen display with green around the edges .
10. Roll your mouse over the top of the screen where you see the greens barroom. A navigation obstruct will display. Roll over to the three dots above More to see record and other options .
Zoom navigation choose More to get to recording tools

12. Choose the “Record to Cloud” option so you get a liaison to add to Cougar Courses. Choose “Record on this Computer” if you want to edit and upload to YouTube unlisted. Recording starts correct off.
Zoom recording options
13. If you are muted, you will see a message to unmute yourself.
Unmute mic during Zoom recording
14. You will see a red light flashing on the green ID section of the seafaring bar during the recording.
Recording icon in Zoom
15. Use the down arrow to advance your slides as you present your presentation. Open and close other programs as needed if sharing the background .
16. When you are finished, roll your mouse over the top of your screen on the green bar to display the navigation bar. Click on the More picture and choose “Stop Recording” from the list .
Select the stop recording button in Zoom
17. Confirm you want to stop the cloud recording.
Confirm stop recording Zoom presentation
18. Cancel the shield parcel by clicking on the “ Stop Share ” button on the navigation bar .
Stop screenshare in Zoom presentation
19. You will be taken back to the Zoom touch window
17. On the bottomland right, click on the End of Meeting button
18. Click on the End Meeting for All button
End meeting for all

Read more: Integration Rules

19. You will receive an e-mail within a couple minutes confirming the merging is being processed and available. Instructors will post the “ Share recording with viewers ” link in Cougar Courses for your students using the URL joyride. Students will submit to a forum or appointment in Cougar Courses. Staff will send the liaison to colleagues via e-mail .

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