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If you ’ ve ever used to record sound recording, you are familiar with what happens after you End Meeting : zoom pops us a window that tells you it ’ mho converting. once done, it asks you where you ’ d like to save your files .
What do you do when your Zoom files won't convert?
But what happens when that process is interrupted ? Do you lose all your files constantly ?
The answer is NO. normally, you can merely find the place those proprietary Zoom files are saved. normally they will be named something with ‘ Double Click to Covert ’ baked in the file mention. And sometimes it ’ s that dim-witted. If you double click on the file, your conversion will begin again and you ’ ll get all your files.

so far sometimes it doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate work. All hope seems lost. Can you placid recover the files ?
Again, the answer is YES! Here’s how…
I should note that these solutions come immediately from a conversation with Support. You won ’ t find it in their serve section, which is why I think it ’ s crucial to share with you hera. Because it took me a long time to ultimately get to these solutions after working through the very basic steps ( internet explorer, turn it off and binding on ) .

For PC…

From the folder in which these “double_click_to_convert_##” files are located currently:
1. Double-click the “ …_01 ” file to make this motivate display again.
2. Choose the “ More apps ” option.
3. Browser calculator for application and navigate to this location/path :
4. local Disk C : ( list on leave ) > Users > ( PC username ) > AppData ( ** ) > Roaming > Zoom > bank identification number > zTscoder.exe
**Please be certain that you keep the box checked for “ Always use this app to open .zoom files ”. This should ensure that you don ’ t have to do this manually again.
**You will credibly need to go to View ( yellow journalism along top of File Explorer window ) > check box “ Hidden Files ” so that you can see the AppData booklet .
5. once this is done, the conversion should start automatically. If it doesn ’ thyroxine, double-click the “ …_01 ” again to initiate the conversion.

For Mac…

This has 2 solutions to choose from. The beginning is easier, but it doesn ’ thyroxine always influence. The second involves the terminal, which is a little less exploiter friendly, but even fairly easy if you ’ ve never used it before. It ’ sulfur worth a attempt to recover your files .
Applications > > Right pawl “ Show Content package ” > Contents > Frameworks > right snap Transcode & Copy > open Applications booklet in Finder > Paste Transcode app .
then, right-click doubleclicktoconvert file again, “ get information ” > set Open with to Transcoder ( in Applications booklet )

The Terminal Solution

open -a double_click_to_convert_01.zoom

That should fix you up!  

now, if you want to learn how to record disjoined tracks in Zoom, see this article.

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