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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team has already seen its fair share of promotions, and there’s more on the horizon. Here’s a full schedule of every special card we’re expecting to see in FUT this year.

One of the most appeal parts of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is the changeless rollout of fresh promotions and especial cards.

Fans have already seen Winter Wildcards and TOTY added to the manner, in addition to FUT Heroes and ICONs in packs all year .
With thus much content even to come, we ’ ve put together an in-depth calendar and description of every promotion and special card set to hit FIFA 22 .

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team promotions

EA likes to keep their cards close to their chest when it comes to promos to keep things surprising at every turn .
That being said, certain special cards have become FUT staples, and restitution to the mood at a similar time every year .
thus while there ’ s no official full-year schedule, we can look to former years to come up with a detail calendar of promotions .
here is every promo we ’ ra expect to see in FIFA 22 Ultimate team throughout the class .

Team of the Week

team of the Week cards have been a basic of Ultimate Team for many years, providing a steady current of fresh cards based on real-world performances .

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Every Wednesday, the best performers from the latest round of domestic or external fixtures are given an upgrade to replace their normal menu in packs for that week .

FUT Heroes

FUT Heroes are the first new type of batting order in FIFA 22, giving a nod to some of the greatest cult figures in earth football .
These modern cards highlight players who possibly didn ’ triiodothyronine quite go down in the history of the sport, but made their crisscross at a specific club .

Ones to Watch

EA ’ s go-to for kicking off a raw season, Ones to Watch cards are moral force items that could be upgraded systematically throughout the year .
These special cards are awarded to players who have been depart of a high-profile affect in the latest transfer window and they mechanically boost themselves to match the highest-rated TOTW that player has earned .

Road to the Knockouts

road to the Knockouts is another newfangled promotion for FIFA 22, celebrating the three european competitions clubs can compete during the 2021/22 season – the Champions League, Europa League, and Europa Conference League .
Chosen players whose teams win three out of their final four group stage games, or qualify the knockout stages, are given permanent boosts to their cards .


FIFA traditionally gets a promotion every Halloween. What started as Ultimate Scream changed into Rulebreakers with FIFA 21 .
These cards give big boosts to players, but besides basically alter the direction they play by swapping around their stats .
dull strikers may lose some finish ability in favor of yard, while attacking full-backs may become solid defenders .


Numbersup is another sword new promotion for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, backed by the real-world sportswear mark Adidas .
These extra cards are selected by EA, with one stat being chosen for regular upgrades throughout the year at times decided by the developer .
This stat will keep receiving boosts until it reaches the utmost of 99 and becomes one of the game ’ s top cards .

Signature Signings

Ultimate Team ’ s Signature Signings are items designed to celebrate some of the most successful transfers in holocene years .
These players have made incredible contributions to their new teams and earned a erstwhile Ultimate Team upgrade as a solution .

Team of the Group Stage

While Road to the Knockouts rewards team performance, the team of the Group stage is all about individual glare .

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These are one-off extra cards given to the top performers across every european tournaments group stagecoach, whether it be a fecund goalscorer or anchor at the spinal column .


FUT Freeze was such a monumental hit in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, so it was a sting of a surprise to see it altered in FIFA 22. however, Versus upped the ante by offering two versions of the lapp stat boosted musician .
alternatively of just one ‘ freeze ’ poster, there is besides a contrast ‘ fire card. ’ One actor will have two different upgrade cards possible, alike to the Rulebreakers SBC.

Winter Wildcards

EA aren ’ triiodothyronine afraid to think outside of the box and just when you think you know what to expect from the next promo they deliver a surprise .
The Winter Wildcards promo was heavily inspired by last year ’ second FUT Freeze. As with most promos, a stat hike is administered to the players involved but queerly enough, only some players were seen in a new position .


Headliners is a forwarding that celebrates the best players of the season so far and gives them an extremely desirable batting order .
These dynamic items always stay one rate higher than a musician ’ mho highest-rated team of the Week, meaning they can continue to grow throughout the year .

Team of the Year

The most esteemed and expensive cards in every FUT temper, Team of the Year collects a squad of the best players from the previous 12 months and gives them an incredible stat boost. TOTY is entirely reserved for the best of the best, and 99-rated cards aren ’ thyroxine strange to see .
This has made them some of the rare and most overwhelm players in Ultimate Team history .

Future Stars

This one is all about the youngsters who are set to light up the world stagecoach in the years to come .
While their base cards might be unserviceable because of their age, Future Stars cards are a glimpse at what a starlet may look like if they live up to their full potential .

Road to the Final

RTTF is ultimately making its way to FIFA 22 and thanks to the dynamic actor items up for grabs, fans of Ultimate Team are sincerely excited .
road to the Finals is designed to highlight players taking part in Europe ’ s three major club competitions and the players involved in the promo will receive upgrades at choice stages from the smasher rounds to the Final .

Silver Stars Series

The Silver Stars Series shifted the focus to Silver cards in FIFA 22. While no modern promo cards were added to packs, each sidereal day EA released extra Silver Stars cards that were available through either SBCs or Objectives .
These particular Silver cards offered luminary upgrades to some players while besides highlighting Flashback versions of Marco Reus, Paul Pogba, and Kevin De Bruyne .

FUT Birthday

Every year, EA celebrates Ultimate Team ’ s birthday with a festival full of far-out cards, SBCs, and objectives .

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This is where FIFA looks back at the fan-favorite players who have dominated previous FUT years and brings them back with big upgrades via the FUT Birthday promo .

Fantasy FUT

Fantasy FUT is an update translation of FIFA 21 ’ s What If promo that saw players earn upgrades if their clubs met specific real-life criteria. Fantasy FUT has made it easier for have players to earn upgrades .
As of April 1, 2022, players can earn upgrades by completing one of the three listed requirements in the future five matches :

  • Play 3 matches in the next 5 games
  • Win 1 match in the next 5 games
  • Attackers and Midfielders score 1 goal or earn 1 assist in 5 games OR Defenders and Goalkeepers keep 1 clean sheet in the next 5 games

Showdown Series

Showdown Series is an entirely new promo concept that arrived in FIFA 22. much like Silver Stars, it ’ s a promo that provides special cards through SBCs and Objectives quite than through packs .

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The promo will highlight two players from an upcoming football fastness. The result of the real-life football meet will result in upgrades for the players involved. The achiever will receive a +2 upgrade, while a tie will result in a +1 upgrade for both players .

Team of the Season

possibly the most popular promotion in all of FIFA, Team of the Season rewards the best players from every major league for their displays throughout the real football season .
Every week, a new league of TOTS players are placed in packs with massive upgrades from their convention cards .
There are besides plenty of SBCs and objectives to complete, arsenic well as a fan-voted team to take part in .


While most early promotions are based on real-life football, FUTTIES is a victory lap for the stream interpretation of FIFA itself .
Throughout the event, meta players who have been popular throughout the year, like Gabriel Jesus or Ben Yedder, are pitted against each other in fan votes .
The winner is given a heavy upgrade FUTTIES poster to help them compete with the hundreds of other special players in everyone ’ s club .
so there you have it, that was every single promotion and limited tease we ’ re expecting to land in FUT this year. EA may well have some more tricks up their sleeve, sol persist tuned on Charlie INTEL for the latest updates.

For more on FIFA 22, check out our guides on every pack in the game, arsenic well as the rewards schedule for each mode .
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