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Although the PS4 has developed quite a reliable repute, you can expect issues to arise as your console continues to age into “ last-gen ” status. In fact, fresh problems are being discovered every day .
Fun new issues aside, we can ’ thymine overstate the public toilet of having radio PlayStation 4 controllers — but you must sync them to your system to use them. For PS4 or PS4 Pro owners, syncing your PS4 DualShock controllers shouldn ’ t be an issue, but we ’ rhenium here to clear up any confusion. We ’ ll run down all the common PS4 control issues, so you can direct your focus on choosing what games to play .




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What You Need

  • USB to Micro-B cable

We can ’ t overstate the convenience of having wireless PlayStation 4 controllers, but you must sync them to your arrangement to use them. For PS4 or PS4 Pro owners, syncing your controllers shouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be an consequence, but we ’ re here to clear up any confusion .
Should you want to ditch your console table, we ’ ve besides put together a guide for connecting your PS4 control to your personal computer .

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How to sync a PS4 controller

Syncing a PlayStation 4 DualShock accountant to a PS4 is highly easy, but it does require one man of hardware : A USB to Micro-B cable television. There ’ sulfur no wireless workaround for pairing controllers via Bluetooth, indeed to sync newfangled controllers with your PS4, you ’ ll need a cable ( though you can connect a PS4 or Xbox restrainer to your smartphone or tablet ). Your DualShock 4 control comes with one cable, but any USB 2.0 to Micro-B cable will work .
Step 1: Plug the USB cable into the restrainer, then into the USB port in the PlayStation 4 .
how to sync ps4 controller proxicast micro usb cable
Step 2: When you turn on your PS4, your control should mechanically connect with your PlayStation, thanks to the USB cable. You ’ ll want to push the PlayStation clitoris in the center of the restrainer to activate the restrainer. When you do that, the PS4 should take you to the login riddle to choose a player report to go with that restrainer .
You ’ ll be able to tell the accountant is working because the LED light bar on the exceed of the accountant will turn aristocratic ( or another color, if it isn ’ t the inaugural restrainer connected — crimson for player 2, fleeceable for player 3, and pink for musician 4 ). That cable will besides recharge your accountant, with the light turning scandalmongering when the restrainer is charging but not turned on.

ps4 slim revealed dualshock4 2 04

Troubleshooting: Re-pairing your controller

Step 1: When you ’ re having trouble with a restrainer not working wirelessly with your PS4, the common topic with pair is that the accountant ’ randomness barrage is undercharged. If it sounds like the “ unplug it and then plug it back in ” solution to the problem, it is .
Make sure the accountant is charging when you plug it in — when it ’ s not in use, you ’ ll see the light cake on the top turn yellow. If it ’ s not charging, you might have another exit, like a damaged accountant port or a bad cable television .
Step 2: If your pairing issues aren ’ metric ton related to power or your cable television, you might need to reset your PlayStation accountant, and reset your PlayStation 4 to pair it again. If you ’ ve got a control that calm works, you can do that in the PS4 ’ s Settings menu. It ’ south on the home screen on the reactionary side, represented by a Suitcase icon .
how to sync ps4 controller a playstation 4 settings devices
Step 3: Navigate down to the Devices menu, and then choose Bluetooth Devices. In the Bluetooth settings, you ’ ll see all your controllers there, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as any other Bluetooth devices that are compatible with your PlayStation, such as PS4 headsets and the greatly-improved PDP PS4 Bluetooth Remote. Choose the one you ’ re trying to reset ( it can be unmanageable to tell, and you might need to turn on all your controllers if you have more than one ), select it, and hit the X release .
now hit the Options button on your control to bring up a contextual menu, and choice Forget Device. Doing thus will cause your control to unpair with your PlayStation 4 .
once that ’ s done, you should be able to plug the control in with your USB arranger to pair it to the console table again, as mentioned toward the start of this guidebook .
how to sync ps4 controller a playstation 4 settings bluetooth devices
how to sync ps4 controller a playstation 4 reset

How to hard reset your controller

If re-pairing the accountant doesn ’ metric ton work, the topic might be with the restrainer itself and not the PS4. In that case, you ’ ll need to reset the control. You ’ ll need an unfold composition clip ( or something similarly dilute and sturdy ) with which to push a shroud button on your PS4 control to reset it .
Step 1: Turn off your PS4 and unplug both it and your internet router or modem so that your control won ’ t receive any network signals when you reset it .
Step 2: When that ’ s done, flip the restrainer over and look for a little hole on the right field side. Push the paper clip in the hole and push the button inside for three to five seconds. It ’ south best to hold it down for a count of 10 to be indisputable .

Alternative: How to go USB-only

It ’ sulfur besides possible to skip over the Bluetooth radio association and play with your DualShock 4 as a wire restrainer, with a USB-enabled connection. That ’ randomness obviously not ideal when you could potentially play wirelessly, but it ’ s a likely workaround when connectivity and signal issues persist. You can set a accountant to only communicate with the PS4 via USB when it ’ s plugged in by changing the control settings in the Devices menu, as noted above. Under Devices, voyage to Controllers, and then set any controllers to entirely communicate via USB when they ’ re plugged in. That means, sign issues or Bluetooth problems shouldn ’ t affect the control, sol long as you ’ ve got a electrify connection .
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