How to remove a Hyper-V virtual Ethernet switch

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Method 1 – Use Device Manager

The foremost thing you can try to do is assailable Device Manager ( click on startle and type device coach ), expand Network Adapters, and then right-click on the network adapter you want to remove .
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here, you will see an choice called Uninstall device. This should hopefully not be greyed out. If it is, continue to the following method acting. When you select uninstall device, another window will appear asking to confirm the uninstall.

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You ’ ll besides see an option to delete the driver software for the device. If you want to completely remove the network adapter, I suggest selecting this choice to remove the driver besides. If all goes well, you should see that the arranger has been removed from both Device Manager and the number of network adapters in Control Panel .
If you don ’ metric ton see the device listed here, you can try to click on View and then Show hidden devices .

Method 2 – Delete Network Profile

We can besides try to delete the net profile via the command line and then try Method 1 again. First, you have to open an raise command prompt by clicking on Start, typing in CMD and then right-clicking on command prompt and choosing Run as Administrator .
now type in the succeed command to see all wired ( Ethernet ) adapters :

netsh lan show profiles

If you need to remove a radio arranger, type this control :

netsh wlan show profiles

If you get some error message about the Wired or WLAN AutoConfig service not running, then click on Start, type in services.msc, right-click on the appropriate service and choose Start .
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now when you run the command, you should see a tilt of profiles. In my subject, I only have one profile on this calculator.

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following, type in the play along command, which will delete the desire interface .

netsh lan delete profile interface="InterfaceName"

again, if it ’ s a radio receiver interface, use wlan alternatively of lan. The interface mention is listed at the top of each head ( Profile on interface name ) when you ran the testify profiles command. Once the profile has been deleted, restart your computer and try Method 1 again .

Method 3 – Remove Adapter Settings via Registry


If you need to edit the register, make sure you backup the register first .

In summation to deleting the network profile, you can besides try to remove the adapter settings via the register. After you remove the settings, you can go back to method 1 and try to remove the adapter. To remove the settings, open the register editor program ( click on Start and type in regedit.msc ), and navigate to the stick to key :

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE - SYSTEM - CurrentControlSet - Services - Tcpip - Parameters - Interfaces

You ’ ll see respective items listed with a retentive series of random numbers. If you click on each one, you ’ ll see the IP address that is assigned to that network adapter .
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You can confirm which network adapter corresponds to that register key by opening a dominate prompt ( Start and type cmd ) and typing in ipconfig .
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As you can see, Ethernet arranger is the one that has an IP address of So you would delete the key under Interfaces that starts with {73123f2a-ad10-4f4b-900e…}. If you click on a different interface, one of them will have the IP, which corresponds to the VMWare Network Adapter on the calculator. Again, this lone deletes the settings for the adapter, not the adapter itself. Restart the computer and try Method 1 again .
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