Easy Battery Hack Using a DC Power Supply

About : I am a dad and conserve and love sharing what I am up to. My content is class friendly and fun ! ( At least I think so ! : ) ) If you have questions, watch the video , it has extra detail as well. Safety first When it comes to condom, it pays to double check your workplace and error on the side of caution. I can give some guidance on how to choose equipment condom for your application, but it doesn ’ metric ton entail it is safe for your person if you get in the center of your electric racing circuit. if you have concerns about doing this on your own particular stick out, ask for aid.

Some things to keep in judgment for safety : electric potential does not kill, current kills, but electric potential is required to push the current along. sol, while a 5 Volt 1 adenosine monophosphate power provision may be sanely dependable to work with, a 100 volt .1amp is potentially deadly if it ‘ bites ’ you in the wrong spot. Ask for advice if you do not know. At all times, practice base hit.

Batteries/power supplies have specific direction/polarity ( positive or negative ) that the moves the stream along. If you wire your circuit backwards, the current will attempt to flow backwards through your device and could damage it. Check the polarity of your batteries and might supply to ensure they match. There will be more on this in a late step. Before replacing batteries with a power supply, consider where the device or miniature is used. Will it be sitting on a desk or near the bathtub ? Would your kids put it in the bathtub ? Will it be a shock experience for them if they do ?

The problem: In general, batteries make my life a small more mobile and less byzantine. sometimes however, there are certain devices that I wish came with a plug. Most recently my kids got an amazing night-time plaything that projects stars, the lunar month, galaxies, etc on the ceiling. The problem is the play is battery operated only and there ’ s no automatic shutoff so when kids use it like a night-light it ’ south dead in a few days. I don ’ metric ton like buying or replacing batteries. ( because I ’ m a cheapskate ). This toy good sits on the desk, so it ’ s a good candidate to modify to accept a DC power issue alternatively of batteries. This theme is not well suited to something like an R.C. car, but in a nip, you can use it on the outside control for your television receiver .

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