How to Share Screen Control in Zoom (Remote Control Mouse & Keyboard)

Learn how to quickly share distant control of your sneak and keyboard in a Zoom merging. Find out how to use one of Zoom ’ mho best shroud collaboration features. In this immediate tutorial you will learn how to partake remote control of your mouse and keyboard with other Zoom participants .

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The benefits of being able to share screen control in Zoom

Transitioning from working in-person with your team to being in full remote has been frustrating for many of us. There are good some aspects of collaborating in real life that feel besides unmanageable to replicate over video calls. fortunately, there are plenty of virtual tools that you can add to your kit out to make this passage a bit legato. One of them, notoriously hidden to many users, is Zoom ’ s screen see feature that enables you to partake your mouse and keyboard while sharing your blind. Follow along downstairs, and in just a few easy steps you can take collaboration with your team to the next level. In this quick tutorial you ’ ll learn …

  • How to give screen control to another user (remote keyboard control and mouse control) in Zoom.
  • How to request remote control (keyboard control and mouse control) in Zoom.
  • How to regain keyboard and mouse control of your desktop in Zoom.
  • How to enable multiple users to share and control mouse and keyboard at the same time while in a Zoom meeting using CoScreen.

How to enable remote control in Zoom (sharing keyboard control and mouse control)

1. Share your screen in order for person to interact with it. For this model, I am going to share my sieve with “ Bob ”, the other user in this Zoom call option .RAioHDYy802qy46XOpc9FsDiCHhNS1GVY0rpJbdXPClNW haoH ds9KTJnRzhcNYnkFVtJj gcvkYoBwJeb5SAAkq9Vj953yoKrkMIYO 2wCb99jC BubPC3zVYDWJctlnSNTL 9Start by sharing your screen in a Zoom meeting 2. Go ahead and click on the green Share Screen push button, and choose from the options of what you would like to share. For this demonstration I will be selecting my internet browser to plowshare .aRTH6P hE0enOUJWdLbftpCwYYQ91 SKEEjtbKHT1BsPgUGrNC0L Ax95j4GgrFVArE UMJa5R F6Vji8Q133qa6lnqQxxwQTxrugYkVRbE9zr5nJb tV0h7YAucv6sUnUPtk9m6Choose what you want to share
3. adjacent, you ’ re going to see an option in the menu bar that says Remote Control. Go ahead and click on this button and then select the exploiter you ’ d like to give remote control to – in this case Bob below ‘ Give Mouse/Keyboard Control to’ .m7ubBbOh96yVfoU2sLU3v2snnrHOQ 3Wi3rbcUIKMnFiT5TBxdTlk VMp71IO8HCLvVcHaoMNZ0255c0dQl4uiX1ndOoCQmsptzs0S9f7d6cwkeCEePbAJeh5ZR5EX1OKyMKI TGGive screen control of your mouse and keyboard to other participants 4. In order to allow another drug user to gain control of your desktop, you may have to enable it through your system preferences ( here : macOS ) .k1dH4JBXL7BhQxH3fXT3 d0rMMiX9h9xKg2l zDw hh64qnK6qvl3jccgc1PlKm0c9PjkddwyAvgaz5ETGlb2ddP91OZ6d wgtkib3swkkhPfHf536kqlIXthROe836BqCY00cHPEnable remote control in Zoom in your system settings 5. Go ahead and chink Open System Preferences and check the box next to Zoom .aP 9fSdRD14PCFmKZZYYuUdiWQeTw6NZdUIkH4jbj8KPRNr6ZaLHhlQi67YPKF7iO3j0HUspPsHedRpVhfIox2tMi4GKeyZnfhWQa XMN0D8 TNZE6GZ khqEROUSQUyEkRhEXIFEnable remote control in Zoom in the macOS Privacy settings 6. You can close out System Preferences and continue your soar call with the addition of the distant control feature .

How to regain keyboard and mouse control in Zoom

  1. To regain control of your desktop, simply click on the Remote Control Icon in the menu bar, and click on the red button that says Stop Remote Control.

hGiLdm6Mufo5aXMEWiwhof8qoy2l6zcYh07t4qgU3NMwSP2 XM68TfszZ6WFqaKSd28w1dCZZpH4F14IST6hjyaF1kiZraVW8MBTE an5bJ8 RKYKf1rvjoX3EvCHGGywQDER7tClick on “Stop Remote Control” if you no longer want other participants of a Zoom meeting to have screen control

How to request remote control in Zoom (keyboard control and mouse control)

1. The first step is to ensure that your teammate is sharing a screen or window. 2. once they begin sharing, navigate to the top of the Zoom app where it says “You are viewing Bob’s Screen”. Right next to this is the flatten down menu View Options, chink on this and choose Request Remote Control .Click on “Request Remote Control” to ask a presenter to grant you mouse and keyboard control 3. You will then be asked to verify if you ’ d like to request distant control, after you confirm this, the other exploiter ( in this case “ Bob ” ) will either approve or deny your request. 4. once they approve your request, the green bar at the top of the screen will turn to yellow and confirm that you are controlling the other drug user ’ randomness windowpane .oDDANUeEp4xzjsxJWteZKuGWpFOQLlf464FZRuVqM7i64KklAQgsGVdtRgnzDYLqys6pctfESkvQ7jJZa4ve3JtaYcl1pyQ 3Hgnhfnk2QlPOd32hQ7h03whrHMeVd6vvBr6Vum5Now you can control the other user’s computer using your mouse and keyboard Congrats ! You ’ ve successfully learned how to use Zoom ’ randomness outside master have. now other users can remotely control the window or screen that ’ mho being shared using mouse control and keyboard control.

How to enable multiple users to screen share and remote control while in a Zoom meeting

In small group meetings, you might want to be able to enable multiple users to share windows at the like time, side-by-side from each early, and to interact with them remotely using mouse and keyboard without having to go through the above stream every one time. This can be achieved by installing CoScreen in parallel to Zoom ( watch a quick populate show ) :

  1. Launch a Zoom meeting.
  2. Launch the CoScreen application (download here).
  3. Create a CoScreen.
  4. Paste the link to the CoScreen in the Zoom chat so all other participants can join you in parallel in CoScreen.

Congrats ! now any player can share one or multiple windows and anyone can interact with them using mouse and keyboard without having to request control. If you don ’ t need to see others across the entire screen, you can besides use CoScreen ’ s built-in sound recording and video recording chat feature of speech. Check out the broad comparison of Zoom five CoScreen ! Do you want early access to the CoScreen/Zoom integration that makes it evening easier for you to join CoScreen from Zoom ? Request it here .

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