Top 3 Ways to Reset Password Windows Server 2012 after Forgot

Top 3 Ways to Reset Password Windows Server 2012 after Forgot

reset password windows server 2012
Locked out of Windows Server 2012 ( R2 ) computer ? What can you do to re-access your files without factory readjust ? Our station would show three top ways to reset password Windows Server 2012 after forgot for the local and sphere report. These include the Windows initiation magnetic disk, WinPE media, or third-party cock. The benefits are your data wo n’t be lost or damaged .
Before you start, you must make gain how to set calculator bang from USB dart repel or CD/DVD-ROM :

Reset Windows Server 2012 Password with Installation Disk

trouble :

This method would be easy if you have a pre-created installation disk with your calculator when it is accessible. Find the harrow and insert it to the target computer .
Step 1: Create a Windows Server 2012 initiation media in an accessible computer .

  1. 1. First you have to get a Windows Server 2012 ISO file on the current PC.
  2. 2. Download and install Windows USB/DVD Download Tool.
  3. 3. Follow the wizard to finish creating the installation media.

otherwise, you can refer to this post, Windows Server 2012 besides works :
How to Make a Windows Installation Disk with USB/CD/DVD Drive
Step 2: Insert to the locked Windows Server 2012 calculator and continually hit the boot key to enter BIOS. Setting your installation harrow as the first boot option then press F10 to save and exit .
Step 3: Enter your terminology and other preferences and snap on the Next push button .
click on next
Step 4: After that, click on Repair your computer in the lower-left corner .
repair your computer
Step 5: In the Choose an option window, tap on Troubleshoot .
choose an option
Step 6: When the Advanced options window shows you, click Command Prompt .
command prompt
Step 7: Type the pursue commands and hit Enter key at the end of each line .

  1. 1. d:
  2. 2. CD windows\system32
  3. 3. ren utilman.exe utilman.exe.bak
  4. 4. ren cmd.exe utilman.exe
  5. 5. wpeutil reboot

then your computer will mechanically restart .
replace cmd with utilman
Step 8: In the Windows Server 2012 login screen, snap on the Ease to access icon to open Utilman.exe. Run the net instruction to reset the Windows 2012 password and active the admin report .

  • net user administrator Admin123
  • net user administrator /active:yes

change windows server 2012 with utilman exe
then log in your Windows server with the new password Admin123. ultimately, voyage to the Command Prompt in the installation disk to rename utilamn.exe to cmd.exe, and rename utilman.exe.bak to utilman.exe .
NOTE: If you have no license to rename the utilman and cmd platform, please repeat the Step 1-6 above and run the instruction lines below :

  1. 1. d:
  2. 2. cd windows\system32
  3. 3. ren utilman.exe cmd.exe
  4. 4. ren utilman.exe.bak utilman.exe
  5. 5. wpeutil reboot

replace utilman with cmd

Reset Windows Server 2012 Password via WinPE

trouble :
Windows PE is a minimum operational system that provides basic devices for users to troubleshoot or recover Windows. You need to prepare a USB drive, DVD, or compact disk to burn a Windows PE. Remember to backup important files to another place because of making a WinPE media will format your device. It can be a little building complex for beginners to understand and accomplish .

Step 1: Install the AIK or ADK for the current system.

Confirm your operating system and download the AIK or ADK that matches the current engage system .

  1. 1. For Windows 7, you need to download the AIK and un-compress the ISO file then double-click on the StartCD.exe file to run it.
  2. 2. For Windows 8/10, you can download ADK and run the file directly. In the installation window, select the following essential features to install.

Step 2: Create working files.

type Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment into the search bar and run it as administrator. Input “ copype amd64 C:\WinPE_amd64 “ and press Enter to execute the command .
copy winpe cmd

Step 3: Create a bootable device.

  • For USB drive

Run Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment as administrator and execute “ MakeWinPEMedia /UFD C:\WinPE_amd64 P: “ command.

NOTE: Replace your USB drive letter with P in the above command .
create bootable usb

  • For DVD/CD

You can run the command below to create an ISO charge :
MakeWinPEMedia /ISO C:\WinPE_amd64 C:\WinPE_amd64\WinPE_amd64.iso
then you can right-click on the create ISO file and choose Burn disc image Burn from the context menu read .
create bootable cd dvd

Step 4: Reset Windows Server 2012 password with OSK.exe

Using WinPE to reset forget password for Windows Server is difficult to find out arrangement aim partition. by and large, the drive D is the system disk .
1. Insert your WinPE device into the locked computer and go to BIOS settings to set it to boot from USB/CD/DVD drive .
2. To watch and rename the OSK.exe, you can respectively run the dominate lines. Do n’t forget to hit Enter key at the end of each cable .

  • d:
  • cd windows\system 32
  • dir osk.exe
  • del osk.exe

3. Copy cmd.exe and rename it to osk.exe :

  • copy cmd.exe osk.exe

4. Run “ wpeutil reboot “ to restart the machine .
reset windows server password 2012
5. On the login screen, pawl on the Ease to access picture and choose On-Screen Keyboard to open the osk.exe window. then change the account name with the net commands :

  • net user [username] [password]
  • net user [username] /active:yes

on screen keyboard
alternatively, you can besides add a new report if you forgot the user name :

  • net user /add
  • net localgroup administrators /add

6. Login your account with new password and then copy the osk.exe from another computer with Windows Server 2012 .

Reset Windows Server 2012 password with Windows Password Genius

difficulty :
In general, the solutions above are so unmanageable for most users to accomplish. thus, how can we reset Windows Server password 2012 without installation USB/CD/DVD or WinPE ?
fortunately, iSunshare Windows Password Genius is a knock-down cock that helps users to reset the Windows server 2012 password with three steps. You do n’t need to worry because it is suitable for anyone particularly who is modern to computer. Besides, this tool wo n’t cause any data passing to your personal computer. here is what you need to prepare before changing Windows Server 2012 password :

  • iSunshare Windows Password Genius
  • A Windows/ Mac computer or a rooted Android phone
  • A workable USB drive/CD/DVD

here is how :

Step 1: Create a reset disk.

1. launching iSunshare Windows Password Genius and snap on USB or CD/DVD button. just follow the charming to finish burning a reset disk .
2. When the Burning Successfully Window prompts, you can connect it with the locked computer .
choose media type
NOTE: In this part, we will take a Windows calculator as an exemplar. If you want to know more about the Mac or Android adaptation, please refer to the two articles below :

Step 2: Boot your locked computer from the reset disk.

Start your calculator and repeatedly press the hotkey like F12 to enter the BIOS settings. then set up the readjust disk as the boot choice. Hit F10 to save resets and exit .

Step 3: Reset Windows Server 2012 password.

After resume, you can see a window as the prototype below appears on the screen. Select a Windows and user that you would like to reset the password. Click Reset Password button and then your Windows Server 2012 password will set a default password for the selected account. Click Reboot to restart your calculator and disconnect your readjust harrow at the same time. now you can log into your computer with no password.

Tips: You can besides click on Add User to create a newly drug user to enter this computer .
reset windows 2012 password with isunshare
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