Top 3 Ways to Factory Reset an iPhone without Apple ID Password

Top 3 Ways to Factory Reset an iPhone without Apple ID Password [2021]

factory reset an iPhone without Apple ID password
With the help of the iTunes or 3rd-party tools, we can surely factory reset any iPhone without Apple ID password. We list 3 ways to factory reset your iPhone without Apple ID password. And walk you through the steps of each method acting. When you decide to factory reset your iPhone, all the data will be deleted. It would be better to do an iCloud backup or back up your iPhone with iTunes .

Method 1: Directly Reset iPhone in Settings without Apple ID Password

The method only works on the iPhone that Find My feature is off .
1. head to Settings > General > Reset on your iPhone.

2. Tap Erase All Content and Settings .
erase iPhone to factory settings

Method 2: Factory Reset iPhone by iTunes without Apple ID Password

If you already get the iTunes on your calculator and Find My iPhone is off, it ’ s a good theme to try a factory reset your iPhone by iTunes without Apple ID password. however, it you are locked out of the iPhone, you have to put your iPhone to the Recovery Mode or DFU Mode before resetting it .
tone 1 : Connect your iPhone to the computer and put your iPhone to Recovery Mode first .
step 2 : a long as the iTunes detects your iPhone, chink on Restore iPhone… on the telephone information page .
recovery mode

Method 3: Factory Reset iPhone with iBypass Tuner

Cocosenor iBypass Tuner is a noteworthy software that could efficiently disable Find My feature without password and then remove Apple ID without Apple ID password in a few clicks. But screen lock has to be removed first .

Step 1: Download, install and launch iBypass Tuner.

Step 2: Jailbreak your iPhone.

It could be difficult to jailbreak an iPhone on Windows PC, however, iBypass Tuner does a great job in creating a break USB news bulletin driveway. And then you can jailbreak your iPhone with the USB flash drive .
See more details on :
2 Ways to Make checkra1n Jailbreak USB Flash Drive for Windows
How to Use checkra1n to Jailbreak io Devices on Windows personal computer

Step 3: Select Turn off FMI.

select turn off fmi

Step 4: Read the warning and click Start.

Check choice to confirm that you have read and agreed on the service items. And then click Start .
start to turn off fmi

Step 5: Change the status of FMI to OFF and click Confirm.

Click Enable to go to the question web site to check on the Find My status on this iPhone .
check fmi status
open checking website
Click Copy to copy the consecutive number and paste it on the check box on the web site .
copy serial number
paste serial number
If the question resultant role shows that Find My on this iPhone is OFF, it means Find My has been successfully turned off, without password .
query result
then, you can change the status of Find My to OFF on the course of study, and suction stop Confirm.

clcik confirm

Step 6: Remove Apple ID.

After clicking Confirm, the program will automatically remove Apple ID. And the iPhone will be restored to factory readjust .
successfully turned off

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