How to Perform a Network Reset in Windows 10

What to Know

  • Select Start menu > Settings > Network & Internet > Status > Network reset > Reset now > Yes.
  • Before resetting, save network adapter details from Network & Internet > Status > Change adapter options > right-click adapter > Configure.
  • If you use a VPN, back up usernames, passwords, and other setup information before a network reset.

Network connectivity issues much mean you ca n’t access the internet. While it can be catchy to determine the cause, performing a network readjust may correct the problem and get you binding online. There are some dim-witted fixes to try before taking the net reset route. however, if none of these do the antic, here ‘s how to perform a network reset in Windows 10 .

What to Do Before Performing a Network Reset

A network reset removes drivers and settings for the network adapters installed on your personal computer, reinstalling drivers and settings to the default option state. Configured customs settings are besides removed. You may need to reinstall and reconfigure VPN software or network virtualization software if it does n’t function as expected.

The network reset choice is available only in Windows 10 adaptation 1607 and late. Before you perform a network reset, save pertinent information and settings .

Network Adapter Settings

Windows 10 users tend to leave the network arranger settings as-is, trusting that the out-of-the-box configuration delivers satisfactory results. If you customized the arranger settings, note these modifications so that you can restore those settings after the reset work finishes. To access these settings, take the following steps .

  1. Open the Start menu and choose Settings .
    The Windows 10 Start menu with Settings highlighted

  2. Select Network & Internet .
    The Windows settings with the Network & Internet section highlighted

  3. Select Status .
    Status in Windows 10 Network Settings

  4. Select Change adapter options .
    The "Change Adapter Options" heading

  5. In the Control Panel windowpane, right-click the adapter for which you want to view details .
    Windows 10 Network Connections

  6. Select Properties .
    Windows 10 Network Connections with Properties selected

  7. Select Configure in the connection ‘s Properties interface .
    The Properties interface with Configure selection

  8. The properties for the network arranger display, with each check containing relevant information. Note any pertinent values or settings in these properties, specifically those you modified, as these may change to the default state of matter as separate of the arranger reset procedure .
    Network adapter properties in Windows 10

VPN Settings

If you use virtual Private Networking ( VPN ) to connect to a workplace or early secure environment, store the necessity credentials and frame-up information before resetting your network adapters .

not all relevant data is removed during the reset action, particularly when using third-party software. still, spinal column up usernames, passwords, server addresses, and application-specific details in case this information is deleted .

How to Perform a Network Reset in Windows 10

nowadays that you ‘re prepare and have the necessity backups, perform the network readjust .

  1. Open the Start menu and blue-ribbon Settings .

  2. Choose Network & Internet .

  3. Choose Status, and then select Network reset .
    Network & Internet Status settings in Windows 10

  4. Select Reset now in the Network reset screen.

    Network Reset screen with Reset Now selected

  5. Select Yes in the confirmation message to restart your personal computer and complete the process .

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