How to Schedule Meetings on Zoom [Web/Desktop/Mobile]

How to Schedule Meetings on Zoom?

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Mar 09, 2022• Proven solutions
Video conferencing is becoming increasingly significant as a growing act of businesses opt to move the majority of their operations online. A television conferencing application like Zoom enables you to organize your calendar weeks or evening months in promote by scheduling meetings for a finical date .
Scheduling a Zoom meeting international relations and security network ’ metric ton much more unmanageable than starting a newfangled converge on Zoom, as this is a built-in option that is available on all versions of the app. so, in this article, we are going to show you how to schedule meetings on Zoom from your web browser, a computer or a mobile device .

How to Schedule Zoom Meetings from a Web Browser?

rapid climb offers extensions for both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome that make the schedule process faster and easier. however, you don ’ t have to install these extensions to your web browser in ordain to schedule a merging, as this task can besides be performed from the Zoom web portal vein.

 Schedule Zoom Meetings in Web
Click on the Meetings tab key after signing in to your Zoom report, and then click on the Schedule a New Meeting button that is located in the Upcoming Meetings yellow journalism. You can then start customizing the meeting ’ sulfur options by adding a topic, creating a fully description of the meet or setting the date and clock time of the suffer .
 Zoom Schedule Meeting Interface
Zoom besides lets you specify the duration of a meet, but you don ’ t have to worry about entering the exact duration of a confluence since the meet is not going to end automatically after the specify period of clock expires .
 Zoom Schedule Meeting Interface Settings
furthermore, you can decide if the password for a converge is compulsory, enable the server and participant television option or allow attendees to join using Computer audio, Telephone audio or both. As a host of the meet you are scheduling you can choose to mute all participants when they enter a meet or allow them to join a meeting before you .
once you ’ re done adjusting the meet ’ mho settings you should click on the Save button and add the meeting to your Google, Outlook or Yahoo calendar .
Scheduled  Zoom Meeting
You can then copy the invitation to the meet and send it to the participants via e-mail. For those who fair into Zoom video conference, we recommend you to check the guide to How to set up Zoom Meetings for better distant video recording call experience .

How to Schedule Meetings with Zoom Desktop Client?

Mac and PC users can schedule meetings with Zoom desktop client in only a few easy steps. once you launched Zoom and signed in to your bill you should click on the Schedule icon .
Schedule Zoom Meeting on Zoom Client
The Scheduler window will appear on the screen, and you can enter the subject, specifying the beginning date and time of the meet or set its duration. Your computer ’ s prison term zone is going to be used by default, but you can well change this by clicking on a Time Zone drop-down menu and selecting a new time zone .
You can besides choose if you want to enable the host and participants video recording, pick one of the available audio options or request a meet password. Select one of the calendar options before clicking on the Schedule button to confirm the changes you ’ ve made. Afterward, you should open the calendar service you selected to add the meet you created.

How to Schedule Meetings from a Mobile Device?

Both io and Android versions of Zoom enable you to schedule meetings and the march of scheduling a confluence with Zoom for fluid devices is identical. Tap on the Schedule clitoris after you launch the Zoom app and proceed to adjust the merging settings the same way you would on a world wide web portal or desktop customer adaptation of this television conferencing platform .
Schedule Zoom Meeting on Android
Keep in mind that some options are not going to be available if they are disabled or locked on your report or in a group in which you are creating a meet. Once you ’ ve adjusted the video and audio options, set the time and date of a meeting or enabled the Add to Calendar feature you can tap on the Done push button to complete the frame-up process .

How to Schedule Recurring Meetings?

soar allows all of its users to schedule recurring meetings from the web portal site, desktop node or the fluid app. All you have to do is click on the checkbox next to the Recurring Meeting option while scheduling a new meet .
Zoom Recurring Meeting Settings
once the Recurring Meeting feature of speech is enabled you can proceed to choose the recurrence frequency, specify how much the meeting is going to be repeated and set the termination date. The number of occurrences is limited to fifty, but you can select the No Fixed Time setting if you want your meeting to occur more than fifty times .
furthermore, hosts of recurring meetings that require registration must choose if they want to allow attendees to register once to attend all occurrences, register for each happening they attend or register once and pick the occurrences they want to attend .
Click on the Save button to confirm the changes you ’ ve made and then click on the Schedule button to complete the process of creating a recurring meet. Hosts of Zoom meetings can add, edit or delete occurrences after a recurring meet is created, although meetings that are added to a calendar avail must be edited through the calendar serve to which they were added .
mind over to the Meetings pill, snap on the recurring meet you would like to edit and then locate the Show All Occurrences choice .
 Scheduled Zoom Meetings List
The number of all occurrences is going to appear on your screen and you should click on Edit or Delete options, depending on what you want to do. In case you would like to create a new happening, you should click on the Add Another Occurrence option that is located at the bed of the list of meet occurrences. When done chatter on the Save button to confirm the changes you ’ ve made. In accession, Zoom allows you to edit all occurrences if you want to make the same change to a meet .
Scheduling meetings with Zoom is a square summons anyone can complete even if they haven ’ triiodothyronine used this television conferencing platform before. Users who are are communicating with members of their team or their clients can benefit the most from scheduling Zoom meetings because it will enable them to know precisely when their future meet is going to take place. Was this article helpful ? Leave a gossip and plowshare your opinions with us.

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