How to Schedule Windows Server Reboot Automatically

This web log has detailed how to schedule Windows Server Reboot Automatically ( Windows or Server 2008/2019 ). You may want to reboot a Windows Server once a week or calendar month as a matter of routine maintenance. It ’ s peculiarly utilitarian besides. Say if you want to reboot a server because you installed particular software that you didn ’ t expect needed a resume, or there are some updates. You can not actually do it unless after hours and you don ’ t need to hang about and then you would good like it to reboot itself a match of hours after working hours when everyone left. Note: I ’ molarity using Windows Server 2019. This is about the lapp as in 2008/2012/0216.

Schedule Windows Server Reboot Automatically

1- Select search measure and type Task Scheduler, click on it to open. You can find it by clicking on the Windows start clitoris, expand Windows Administrator Tools, assailable Control Panel to select administrative Tools.

2- Create a modern basic tax using the Create Task action. 3- Type a name to the job. I renamed it Restart Server or ( Restart This Server ). Type a description Schedule Windows Server for Automatically restart. Click future 4- Since this job is to just restart the server one prison term ( select one time ) and then click future. 5- Provide it a date and time to restart. Click future. 6- Select Start A Program action and then click Next. 7- Type closure into the Program/Script box and then /r into the Add arguments box. Click Next. 8- Click Finish. 9- We are about done if you want this to run if you get logged off and you want to set this up thus you can use it again later. In the Task Scheduler right-click on your modern task and then select Properties. 10- This will show up on the general settings page. The default option settings are “ Run merely when the drug user is logged on ” switch it to “ Run whether the exploiter is logged on or not ”. choose configure to select the Server you want to reboot. 11- Select very well, after typing your administrator password .

Changing the Schedule for The Automatic Reboot

so now we have a task that will automatically reboot our Windows server ( Computer, personal computer ) one clock time. 12- Go rear to the Task Scheduler Window, right-click on the job and then click Properties. Select the Triggers check.

13- Select the One Time trip and then click the Edit button. Change the meter and date, suction stop o and your server/PC/computer will now restart at the raw time. 14- When you click oklahoma it will ask you to re-enter the administrator password. watch Video : How to schedule Windows Server boot automatically.

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