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Are you looking for the simplest way to send Zoom meet invite via SMS automatically ?
How to Send Zoom Meeting Invite via SMS
well, if your answer is affirmative then you must follow this tone by step routine that doesn ’ t even require any hard code cognition or building complex frame-up .
In this article, I ’ meter going to walk you through the easiest routine to automate sending an invitation for every new Zoom registrant. To accomplish this automation we are going to use the Pabbly Connect service.

Pabbly Connect is an low-cost automation & integration tool. You can use it to connect multiple applications together to automate manual of arms & repetitive employment in real-time .
You entirely have to follow this routine once and then the created work flow will take worry of your automation afterwards .

Why Choose This Method Of Integration?

In contrast with other integration services-

  • Pabbly Connect does not charge you for its in-built apps like filters, Iterator, Router, Data transformer and more
  • Create “Unlimited Workflows” and smoothly define multiple tasks for each action
  • As compared to other services which offer 750 tasks at $ 24.99, Pabbly Connect offers 50000 tasks in the starter plan of $29 itself
  • Unlike Zapier, there’s no restriction on features. Get access to advanced features even in the basic plan
  • Try before you buy! Before spending your money, you can actually signup & try out the working of Pabbly Connect for FREE

Sign Up To Pabbly Connect
Before discussing the operation, let ’ s put some fall on the services that are involved in this automation. Zoom is a cloud-based virtual ( video/audio ) conferencing application used for webinars, live chats, screen-sharing and more. Whereas, Twilio is a overcast communications platform as a avail ship’s company used to programmatically make & receive earphone calls, send/receive text messages etc .
By integrating Zoom with Twilio I ’ megabyte going to send an invite yoke to every new Zoom meet registrant mechanically. This room, whenever a new registration happens on Zoom a meet invite will be sent at a specific time .
A video tutorial for the lapp consolidation is besides attached below. You can have a look –

furthermore, this is a template for the consolidation to help you get started more promptly. Just suction stop on the persona below to make function of this work flow. furthermore, you can besides visit the Marketplace to search for more integrations & apps .
Send Zoom Meeting Invite via SMS
now, buckle up and discover the Zoom and Twilio integration .

Step 1: Sign up to Pabbly Connect

Sign Up
Initiate the procedure to send Zoom meet invite via SMS automatically by visiting the Pabbly Connect web site. Click on the ‘ Sign-Up Free ‘ button available on the top-right corner of the home page. Next, either use your existing Gmail credentials to make a direct sign-up or merely fill out the registration human body provided .
Try Pabbly Connect for FREE

Step 2: Access Pabbly Connect

Select Connect
After logging in, pawl on the ‘ Access now ’ button of the overhaul ‘ Connect ’ amongst all the Pabbly applications .

Step 3: Workflow for Zoom and Twilio Integration

(a) Start with a New Workflow

Create New Workflow
further, start with creating a work flow for Zoom to Twilio consolidation & to do this click the ‘ Create Workflow ’ push button available on the top-right corner of the dashboard .

(b) Name the Workflow

Workflow for Zoom to Twilio Integration
now, name the work flow in the window that pops up as per the integration or use-case ( for exemplify : rapid climb To Twilio, Zoom consolidation etc ). last, chatter on the ‘ Create ’ clitoris .

Step 4: Setting Trigger for Zoom to Twilio Integration

first, we ’ ll want to set up a trigger condition on every new Zoom registrant entrance and then its respective military action using Pabbly Connect .

(a) Select Application you want to integrate

Integrate Zoom for Zoom to Twilio Integration
After naming the work flow, a window will open up along with the trigger settings .
Select the ‘ Zoom ’ app from the ‘ Choose App ’ drop-down choices .

(b) Select Event & Copy the Webhook URL

Select Event & Copy Webhook URL for Zoom to Twilio Integration
besides, pick the event as ‘ Configure Webhook ’ & then click on ‘ Copy ’ .

Step 5: Connecting Zoom to Pabbly Connect

(a) Go to Zoom Account Integrations

Zoom Advanced Integration for Zoom to Google Sheets Integration
To connect Zoom with Pabbly Connect, gestural in to your Zoom explanation. then, click on the ‘ Advanced ’ option available in the left verticle menu .
After that, cluck on the ‘ Integration ’ option .

(b) Go to Zoom App Marketplace

Go to App Marketplace for Zoom to Google Sheets Integration
adjacent, snap on ‘ Go to App Marketplace ’ .
besides, snap on the ‘ Agree ’ button, when a Zoom terminus of use negotiation box opens up .

(c) Click on Build App

Build App for Zoom to Google Sheets Integration
On the future page, pick the ‘ Develop ’ choice available on the top horizontal menu .
then, choose the ‘ Build App ’ choice from the drop-down menu .
again, if the Zoom – Terms of Use dialogue open up snap on the ‘ Agree ’ button .

(d) Click on ‘Create’ Under JWT App Type

Click on create under JWT for Zoom to Google Sheets Integration
next, suction stop on ‘ Create ’ available under the Zoom ‘ JWT ’ app type .
then, name the App as per your choice in the ‘ Create a JWT App ’ window that opens up like Zoom App, Starfield Tutorial etc .

(e) Add Basic Information of the App

Add Basic Info for Zoom to Google Sheets Integration
Add all the compulsory basic information for the created app and then click on the ‘ Continue ’ button .

(f) Add the Event

Add Event for Zoom to Google Sheets Integration
adjacent, pawl on the ‘ Feature ’ option from the menu and then toggle on the ‘ Event Subscription ’ option .
last, chatter on the ‘ Add new event subscription ’ push button .

(g) Paste the Webhook URL & Add Event

Add Event to Send Zoom Meeting Invite via SMS
now, name the subscription as per your need and paste the replicate Pabbly Connect trip webhook URL .
then, chatter on the ‘ Add Events ’ button .

(h) Select Event

Select Event & then Done for Zoom to Google Sheets Integration
Under the Event Type – ‘ Meeting, select the ‘ Meeting Registration has been created ’ option from the ‘. then, click on ‘ Done ’ .

(I) Save the Zoom Event Settings

Save Event to Send Zoom Meeting Invite via SMS
last, cluck on the ‘ Save ’ clitoris and then click on ‘ Continue ’ in the adjacent window.

Make certain to confirm the apparatus success after looking at the ‘ Your App is Activated on the report ’ message .

Step 6: Test the Response in Pabbly Connect Dashboard

As we can see, we are done setting up the trigger for the Zoom and Twilio consolidation. so, let ’ s test the Zoom trigger by adding a screen registrant .

(a) Capture Webhook Response

Capture Webhook Response for Zoom to Google Sheets Integration
The first base thing to do is, chink on the ‘ Capture Webhook Response ’ button available in the Pabbly Connect trigger window .

(b) Go to Zoom Meetings

Go to Zoom Meeting for Zoom to Google Sheets Integration
now, go back to your Zoom account & create a test touch registration. For this first, go to the ‘ Meetings ’ option available in the Zoom menu. then, go to the ‘ Upcoming ’ tab key under touch options available in the secondary horizontal menu available .

(c) Schedule a Meeting

Schedule a Meeting for Zoom to Google Sheets Integration
then, click on the ‘ Schedule a Meeting ’ button under the Upcoming meet pill .

(d) Add Meeting Details

Add Meeting Details to Send Zoom Meeting Invite via SMS
following, enter all the required details for the converge such as Topic, Description, When, Duration, Time Zone etc .

(e) Save the Meeting Details

Save Meeting Details to Send Zoom Invite on WhatsApp
Toggle the host & participants option to ‘ On ’ and suction stop on the ‘ Save ’ button .

(f) Click on the Registration Link

Meeting Link to Send Zoom Meeting Invite via SMS
then, click on the ‘ Registration Link ’ available for the touch .
On the registration form, you ’ ll notice that there are lone a express count of fields .
And as we want to send an invite on SMS therefore the phone number is a must .
so, let ’ s add some more fields to the registration class .

(g) Edit the Zoom Registration Form

Edit Zoom Registration Form to Send Zoom Invite on WhatsApp
now, go back to the crated Zoom registration mannequin, scroll down to the bottom of this page and then click on ‘ Edit ’ .

(h) Go to Questions & Check Form Fields

Add More Fields to the Zoom Registration Form to Send Zoom Invite on WhatsApp
In the window that pops up following, select the ‘ Questions ’ option .
then, pick all the want fields for your registration form such as ‘ Phone ’ .
besides, mark the ‘ Phone ’ field as ‘ Required ’, so that a registrant can ’ t leave it blank .
last, pawl on the ‘ Save All ’ clitoris .

(i) Register on Zoom

Register to Send Zoom Meeting Invite via SMS
now, fill in all the trial details in the adjustment mannequin and then click on ‘ Register ’ .

(j) Check & Save Trigger API Response

Check & Save Trigger Response to Send Zoom Meeting Invite via SMS
Check the trigger API response and snap on ‘ Save ’ .

Step 7: Setting Action for Zoom to Twilio Integration

immediately, as we have gathered all the data from Zoom registration. We can proceed to use this data to perform our Twilio action. After that, an SMS will be sent automatically to every new registrant .

(a) Select Application you want to Integrate

Integrate Twilio to Send Zoom Meeting Invite via SMS
Click on the plus button available following to your Zoom gun trigger window .
Select the app to integrate here as ‘ Twilio ’ .

(b) Select Event & Connect with Twilio

Select Event & Connect with Twilio to Send Zoom Meeting Invite via SMS
future, select the event as ‘ Send SMS Message ’ .
last, click the ‘ Connect ’ button .

Step 8: Connecting Twilio to Pabbly Connect

Our following step is to connect Twilio with Pabbly Connect. For this first, log in to your Twilio score .

(a) Copy SID & Token

Copy Twilio SID & Token to Send Zoom Meeting Invite via SMS
After logging into your Twilio report, go to the ‘ Settings ’ option from the menu. There you ’ ll find the SID and token. You can plainly copy & paste the SID american samoa well as the token on the Pabbly Connect connection windowpane. To copy the nominal first, pawl on the ‘ Eye ’ icon to make it visible .

(b) Paste the Copied SID & Token

Paste Twilio Token & SID to Send Zoom Meeting Invite via SMS
adjacent, paste the copy SID & token in the connection window. ultimately, click on ‘ Save ’ .

(c) Map Fields

Map Fields to Send Zoom Meeting Invite via SMS
After establishing a connection successfully, you ’ ll see fields like the soundbox of the SMS, sender act, recipient number etc. Map the gather trigger API response within these fields .
To map a respect from the response, simply place your cursor into the airfield and find & click select the reception value .

(d) Send Test Request

Send Test Request for Action to Send Zoom Meeting Invite via SMS
similarly, you can besides map the message plain. besides, you can use a combination of the response values & knit text to draft a message .
further, pawl on the ‘ Save & Send Test Request ’ button to send an SMS .

(d) Check & Save Response

Check & Save Action API Response for Zoom to Twilio Integration
surely, you can check the Twilio reaction status in the action window. And, if there is some mistake while sending the data then the windowpane will start showing you the error .
finally, save the action API ’ s answer .

Step 9: Check Response on SMS

Action SMS Response for Zoom to Twilio Integartion
You can check the SMS tempt on the mentioned call issue.

Conclusion –

This was all about ‘ How to add Zoom registrants to Twilio ’. Consequently, after completing the step by step procedure, you will end up sending the newly added registration a Zoom invite on SMS automatically .
Until then, you can use Pabbly Connect for FREE with all its premium features to automate routine tasks .
besides, gossip on your questions about this automation in the department given below .

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