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Zoom is a chopine that allows its users to hold conferences, organize classes and chat virtually through live video. To enter a Zoom classify or conference requires sharing an invitation liaison to participants .
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  1. How to share a Zoom invitation in the WhatsApp application?
    1. Before the meeting
    2. During the meeting
  2. What other ways can you invite to a meeting in Zoom?
    1. With Messenger
    2. From Gmail
    3. In text messages
  3. Where is a meeting link displayed in Zoom?

How to share a Zoom invitation in the WhatsApp application?

To access the conference or Zoom class, an invitation is required that can be sent to the participants through WhatsApp, to do then you must open the Zoom application and log in with the electronic mail and password corresponding to your bill and copy the link of the suffer to be able to send it to the participants, who join by entering the link .

Before the meeting

When entering the Zoom application you must enter the option ‘ meetings ’ at the bottom and then select the option ‘ air invitation ’ at the top of the screen, you will see that a list is displayed with the options to send the invitation and you will select ‘ replicate to clipboard ’.

By having the converge connect copied, you can paste it into a private or public message. Access WhatsApp and paste this link in the old world chat bar of the person you are going to invite and send it. The person will be able to enter the link and participate in the Zoom meet according to the begin clock .

During the meeting

If the Zoom suffer has already started and you want to send an invitation to a player, you must enter the ‘ participants ’ option and frankincense see who are in the meet, you will see in the lower left the ‘invite’ option that if you press it will give you again a number of means by which to send the invitation link to participants that you want to add to the confluence .

What other ways can you invite to a meeting in Zoom?

To invite person to join Zoom, you must share the meet connection, which shows the merging details and in some cases a password to access the converge. If you are sending the invitation during the meet, the message will show only the invitation link .

With Messenger

The Zoom suffer invitation connect can besides be sent via Messenger in case the person does not have the WhatsApp service. To do this you must access the Zoom application and enter ‘meetings’, then select the choice to ‘ transport invitation ’, blue-ribbon ‘ Messenger ’ and then select the Messenger contact to which you are going to add to the meet.

From Gmail

You can send the invitation radio link to participate in the Zoom meet through the Gmail message servicing, for this you must enter the Zoom application and insert ‘ meetings ’, then select ‘ send invitation ’ and select the choice ‘ Gmail ’, which will take you to the Gmail platform to compose an e-mail and you will have to enter the recipient’s email to send .

In text messages

To parcel the meet connection to a Zoom meeting through text messages, you must enter the Zoom lotion and enter the ‘ meetings ’ department and then select ‘send invitation’ and select the option ‘messages’, then choose the recipient and send .
When sending an invitation connect to participate in a Zoom suffer, you must bear in mind that if the invitation is sent previously to the schedule meet, it will be done through the ‘ meetings ’ section, more if the meet is in progress you must enter the option ‘ participants ’ and then ‘ invite ’, which will show you the options to send the connect.

Where is a meeting link displayed in Zoom?

In the ‘ meetings ’ section we will see the option ‘ send invitation ’ and then a list of media options through which to send the link, the last option is ‘copy link to clipboard’, in this way you can paste the connect in a box textbook ( some conversation or some note ), this way you can see the meet yoke .
If the merging is in progress, we must enter the ‘ participants ’ section and then ‘ invite ’, which will show a list of ways to send the link together with the option to ‘ copy to clipboard ’ and by pasting the link you will be able to view it .

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