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In this tutorial, you will find facility of Active Directory in Windows Server 2019. This will be accomplished by installing the allow role and upgrading the server to a master domain restrainer ( DC ). We will besides add the DNS function to take advantage of the partition capabilities integrated into Active Directory .
basically, it is a two-step work, installing the ADDS role and upgrading it to a DC .
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Adding the Active Directory Domain Services Role

But at first, you should set a static IP savoir-faire on your server, and find the appropriate diagnose for your Windows Server to match your party ‘s mention policy. After completing this mistreat, proceed to set up ADDS .
Run Server Manager, click Manage -> Add Roles and Features .
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good after that the ace window appears. Under “ Before You Begin “ chink “ Next “ .
now we need to select an initiation type, it can be based on waiter roles or virtual infrastructure ( based on Hyper-V ), chose the first sic and continue in a new window .
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In the “ Server choice ”, we need to choose our waiter, normally it is allocated by default option and continue to the adjacent section .
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here we came to Server Roles, select Active Directory Domain Services and accept accession of associate features. Click the Add Features -> Next.
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The following window is named “ Features “ but here we need nothing to add so precisely go to the following section .
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The ADDS section displays compendious info about your ad, here we equitable click Next .
And at last, we proceed to initiation, click Install and wait a little bit until facility completes .

Upgrading Server to a DC

After finishing the installation, unless you close the windowpane, there will be a connection in polish drumhead to promote the waiter to a DC. This is highlighted as blue text .
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however, it is possible to promote the server through notifications in server director .

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Click on “ Promote server to domain controller “. And you will be brought to AD deployment sorcerer that will help you to create a afforest in AD .
In “ Deployment Configuration “, you should choose the “ Add a new forest “, and then you need to think about your world name ( Note that it must not be like a domain mention on your organization ‘s web site, it must differ, differently you will have serious DNS problems ) and type it in the proper field. In my sheath it is office.local, and pawl Next afterwards .
61 ad9
now we have reached the ” Domain Controller Options “. here you need to specify the knowledge domain functional tied. note that it can differ from you current OS version, for 2019 Windows server, 2016 is only available. For the inaugural AD waiter chose the latest interpretation of the functional level. And if it is not the first gear one then you need to sync the horizontal surface among other controllers .
In our model we will besides choose DNS waiter choice because we dont have standalone DNS, chose it whether you need it or not in your infrastructure .
You should besides specify the password for repair manner ( DSRM ), save it in your corporate password director and click “ Next “ to continue .
50 ad10
probably you will notice a DNS warn message, but it should not bother you at this prison term. Ignore it and move further .
32 ad11
thus, we arrived to the NetBIOS name, I recommend you to leave it as it is but you can change it as you like, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forget to specify it in capital letters. Move Next .
6 ad12
Under “ Paths “ choose where the localization of NTDS, SYSVOL and LOG folders. You can choose a unlike drive depending on your preferences and settings but default option is besides acceptable .
41 ad13
Under “ Review Options “ you will see a compendious of your selections. Check it carefully for mistakes, move adjacent if it is o .
The “ Prerequisites Check “ section checks for your server prerequisites. here, if it finds an error the installation process will be aborted and you will need to correct it. differently, if only warning messages are displayed ( which is usual ), but the control was successful as shown, suction stop Install to continue .
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And here you need to wait a little snatch for initiation serve to complete. immediately after that, the server mechanically restarts.

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After waiter finishes its boot process, your first sphere accountant will be cook to use and you can leverage all the features such as ADUC and ADAC .
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