How to Start A Print Server in Windows 10/11 [2020 Updated]

The print waiter plays an integral function in every company and organization. This function in Windows is creditworthy for executing print commands over the network or locally. The print server can be a software, network device, or calculator and it can easily process the print jobs in the bulk by making a well-organized queue and execute one by one. If your business uses professional printers then, you must try this. If you do n’t know how to start a print server in Windows 10 ? Well, you have come to the veracious set. Let ‘s proceed to the main separate of this post .

Part 1: How to Start a Print Server in Windows 10

Starting the Print waiter on the Windows 10 is not unmanageable. You can easily start the mark server by good going to the Print management. There are enough of unlike ways to open the print management. In this separate, we will talk about how to start a photographic print server in Windows 10 through print management .

Way 1: Open print management using Run

Run is an integral part of the Windows manoeuver system. Using this serve, you can easily open any software on the platform on Windows directly. alike with print management, you can easily open the print management using the tend .
step 1 : First of all, you have to open the Run by pressing the Windows Key + R button at the like time.

footprint 2 : Run minor interface will appear, you have to enter the printmanagement.msc and click on the “ oklahoma ” push button .
open print management using run
footprint 3 : This will open the Print Management Window, go to the print server to start or stop the Print server .

Way 2: Open the Print Management using Command Prompt

Command prompt work as a secondary way to operate the Windows computer. As the name suggests, you have to enter the commands in order to execute the task. The Command prompt is wholly command-based aka Character user interface .
dance step 1 : suction stop on the “ Start ” release and search for the command immediate and hit on the “ Enter ” button .
tone 2 : Command Prompt interface will appear, plainly enter the postdate command and hit on the “ Enter ” button :

command prompt

Way 3: Directly Open the Power Management from the Cortana Search bar

Using Windows 10 ? well, you can use Cortana search bar in order to get the best solution to your trouble how to start a print waiter in windows 10 .
gradation 1 : just, chink on the “ Type hera to Search ” at the bottom left of the screen .
footfall 2 : Cortana will pop up, simply type the printmanagement.msc on the search bar and hit on the “ Enter ” button .
contana search bar
step 3 : print Management Window will appear with Print server settings.

Way 4: Open Power Management using Windows PowerShell

Windows PowerShell is exchangeable to Command prompt but, there are some changes. With the establish of Windows 8.1, Microsoft has added it to their OS .
footprint 1 : You have to open the Windows PowerShell from the start menu .
step 2 : On the Windows PowerShell, enter the “ printmanagement.msc ” and hit on the “ figure ” button .
windows powershell

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