How To Post Jobs On LinkedIn And Get More Candidate Applications

You may love it or hate it but you can not ignore it. That ’ s the potency of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a candidate-driven recruitment chopine that probably is a recruitment grocery store drawing card in most countries. Two candidates join LinkedIn every second. As per LinkedIn statistics, as of the year 2020, it has more than 660 million users worldwide .Paid and Free Job Posting sitesClick above to start posting jobs to multiple paid and free job posting sites in one go In the USA, LinkedIn reported 3 million jobs posted every month. 20,000 companies participated in this job posting.

These numbers are enough proof to convince you that if you are hiring, you can not ignore LinkedIn. If you want to hire, if you want to attract active and passive candidates, then you must post jobs on LinkedIn. You may choose to post jobs for free or promote jobs on LinkedIn but you must post or share jobs on LinkedIn. Let ’ s beget started and learn more about how to post jobs on LinkedIn and how to get more candidates ’ applications .

How To Post A Job On LinkedIn

You can post a caper on LinkedIn for release or you can opt for a paid LinkedIn job posting. Irrespective of what you choose, the first significant thing you must do is create the company ’ second LinkedIn page. You can post one speculate on LinkedIn for detached. If you want to post more than one job, then you will have to opt for paid options such as PPC ( pay per click ) or Job Slots. If you want to make the most of the LinkedIn subcontract poster, you should use versatile strategies such as job share, job wind, etc. We will look into these versatile aspects of the LinkedIn job posting. sol, first, let ’ s get down started with how to post jobs on LinkedIn for spare .

How to Post a Job on LinkedIn For Free

There are two ways you can post a job on LinkedIn .

  1. You officially create a job listing on LinkedIn 
  2. You share a job link from your company career page or ATS (Applicant Tracking System) on LinkedIn

In the irregular option, you already have a job listing on your career page or in your Applicant Tracking System ( ATS ) and you just plowshare that listing on LinkedIn .How to post a job on LInkedIn In the foremost option, you actually create a job listing on the LinkedIn platform. however, you can create merely one official job listing on LinkedIn for free. Below are the steps to post jobs on LinkedIn .

  • Click on the Job icon at the right top of your LinkedIn page
  • Click on Post a free job at the right top corner
  • Start with a job title. You can highlight if it’s a remote job.
  • Fill in the important fields such as job description. LinkedIn may suggest a job description. They have a job description template for various roles.
  • Specify the most important skills in a separate section.
  • Choose how would you like to receive job applications. You can choose to receive resumes over email or by proving an external job application link. (This is where you can specify a job link from your ATS)
  • Set important prescreening questions. This will help you to filter out unqualified candidates quickly.
  • Click on post job for free
  • You can promote this job on LinkedIn using a PPC campaign. You have to set a budget for that.

For more detail steps please refer to LinkedIn free Job Listing. The ONE free job stake is besides searchable on LinkedIn jobs. however, the visibility of this subcontract post diminishes with the sink days as more and more jobs are added on LinkedIn. But when you choose to promote a caper on LinkedIn with paid options, your job list could remain on top. If you choose a dislodge speculate listing on LinkedIn, then you should use job-sharing strategies to improve the visibility of your caper posting. You must use these job-sharing strategies even when you sponsor jobs on LinkedIn .

How to Share a Job on LinkedIn

once you post a job on LinkedIn, your adjacent draw a bead on should be to contribution it with utmost candidates. And if you are using a release job listing then sharing occupation posts is even more crucial. To share any information about the company the first thing you must do is, create a LinkedIn company page .

Create LinkedIn Company Page 

Setting up a LinkedIn company page is simple. You need to provide basic information about your administration such as when the company was incorporated, how many employees the company has, the web site of the company, etc. The information is populace in nature. Creating a LinkedIn party page is besides a bang-up opportunity for employer brand. This page is an significant platform to share information with LinkedIn members. If you use this platform right you could get a good issue of people following your ship’s company foliate. You could build the right audience for your company using the LinkedIn page. This audience will besides have people who could be interested to work in your organization. Every prison term you parcel any information on this foliate, it is sent like a newsfeed to the people who follow your company page It means you can post or partake modern job openings on this page, and it is for exempt ! You could use this strategy for job share and job posting particularly when you want to post jobs for rid. so, let ’ s continue to explore different options for spare speculate posting on LinkedIn .

Reach Maximum Candidates Using These 4 Job Sharing Strategies on LinkedIn

There are 4 simple ways in which you can share a problem on LinkedIn for free .

  • Share a job post on LinkedIn Company Page
  • Share A Job in Relevant LinkedIn Groups 
  • Use Your Profile To Share A Job Post
  • Ask Your Employees To Share

Share a job post on LinkedIn Company Page

This is your company newsfeed. Everything you share on a LinkedIn party page is going to get shared with the audience that follows your caller page. share a job on the LinkedIn party page and it will be shared with people that follow this page. If any of these followers like the job post or comment on it, it will be shared with connections in their network. This has a cascading effect. Thus the job post would reach many candidates whether they follow your bodied page or not. If you have used the Facebook jobs tab then you would find a set of similarities between these two methods .

Share Jobs To LinkedIn Groups

We are aware of the military capability of the community. LinkedIn groups are where people of exchangeable interests come in concert. They share information, exchange ideas, argue, and discuss assorted topics. There are LinkedIn groups for recruiters, developers, finance experts, and many more. Start becoming a extremity of such groups. parcel job posts in such groups. But, don ’ metric ton fair focus on hire. Contribute to the groups in whichever way you can. And other members will help you back. Remember, it is constantly about giving and taking. Another significant aspect of rent is targeting passive candidates. passive voice candidates are better hires. LinkedIn groups are better placed to target passive candidates. Members from your group could besides share job openings with their own network and hence avail you to spread the bible .

Share Job Post On Your LinkedIn Profile

The obvious way of sharing a caper post is by posting it on your own LinkedIn profile. Because you are sharing it on your own profile, you could besides request your own connections to partake it with their respective connections .

Ask Your Colleagues To Share A Job Post On LinkedIn

You must ask your colleagues or employees to contribution job posts on their LinkedIn net. Your colleagues will have a network of more relevant people. The very kind of people you want to reach. If you combine this scheme with the employee referral scheme, it will give your employees the extra motivation to share job posts with their LinkedIn network.

3 Key Tips While Posting Jobs On LinkedIn For Free

When you want to post jobs on LinkedIn for free, the alone mantra is to use all methods that will help you reach more people. We have already discussed different methods of sharing jobs on LinkedIn. now, let ’ s promptly go through handy tips that will make a subcontract posting more effective .

1. Share Job Application Link Rather Than Asking Resumes Over Email

If you are using an Applicant Tracking System or any other enroll software then you must plowshare the job application connect. It enhances the candidate experience. It besides gets easier for recruiters to manage caper applications. Sharing a subcontract connect from the caller career page is besides a big opportunity for employer brand .

2. Write a job post but share the Job Application Link In Comments

It is observed that sharing address job links in the comments sections reaches more people than sharing the job connect in the mail itself. This is just a machine politician. LinkedIn keeps changing its algorithm which could change the above behavior. however, you could leverage it arsenic long as it works .

3. Use Images or Bright Colors In The Post

Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate merely write textbook posts. Use bright images or background colors to highlight your post. Using images and bright colors will catch the attention of people and more people will take note of your post .

LinkedIn Job Advertising (Paid Job Posting)

LinkedIn caper ad makes surely that the job ad reaches a wide audience. A paid job ad on LinkedIn reaches 9 times more people than a free job ad. In ordain to advertise a job on LinkedIn, you need to first create a speculate mailing. This job post is then shown to candidates who are actively looking for jobs or are open to newfangled opportunities. The newsfeed may be titled “ Jobs You Are concerned In ” or “ We Find alike Jobs.. ” or “ Because You Saw Job … ”. You can opt for a paid LinkedIn job posting using one of the below methods .

Job Slots

You can buy job slots from LinkedIn. For example, let ’ s say you buy 5 job slots. At any point in time, you can advertise 5 jobs on LinkedIn. If you have more than 5 active jobs, you can rotate these jobs among 5 slots. The job ad on LinkedIn will remain active for 30 days .

PPC (Pay Per Click) Model

Pay per click campaign means you are charged merely when a candidate clicks on your speculate mail. A job post is sent to a big issue of candidates. The numeral of candidates it reaches is called impressions. not all candidates would click on the job possibility. But whenever a candidate clicks on the job opening you are charged. You can set an average casual budget that you may want to spend on such a job ad. You can besides set a maximal budget so that occupation advertisements will stop once you consume the sum budget. Learn here about billing for pay per snap with LinkedIn avail documents .

Advantages of Paid LinkedIn Job Posting

We already mentioned the agio caper posting on LinkedIn reaches 9 times more people than it could reach with organic postings. however, there are certain hide benefits that you may not be aware of. One such profit is, the paid subcontract listings on LinkedIn are besides indexed by Google for Jobs search. After these jobs are indexed by Google, they can be discovered by candidates searching for jobs on Google. similarly, there are many job advertise sites that list sponsored jobs from LinkedIn on their own job sites. finally, you are benefitted as the job posting ads reach a wide audience ; even to an audience that may not be on LinkedIn .

How Much Does It Cost to Post A Job On LinkedIn?

You can promote jobs on LinkedIn with a PPC crusade or by buying job slots from LinkedIn. LinkedIn job posting costs can vary based on the job placement, job type, clock of the year, and your current employment with LinkedIn. If you set up a PPC crusade on LinkedIn, you will be charged based on the daily pay-per-click ( PPC ) budget. The maximum LinkedIn can charge you is 30 % more than your budget. For exercise, if you set $ 100 as your daily budget then you could be charged a maximum of $ 130 for the day. With the PPC campaign, you pay only when candidates click on the job post. Job slots can be bundled with recruiter login and therefore the price could vary based on how many caper slots you buy and if you buy recruiter logins as well. You can besides buy equitable the LinkedIn job slots. On average, a speculate stake on LinkedIn could cost you $ 450 for 30 days. CVViZ runs special discounts on partner job boards. We offer up to 40 % discounts for a job post .

Post Jobs To Multiple Job Sites Like LinkedIn

LinkedIn could arguably be the leading speculate board in many countries but every nation, every diligence has its local job sites that are more effective and productive. When you want to hire top talent, faster, you would want to post jobs to multiple caper boards. however, posting to each job site could be very time-consuming. besides, once you post jobs to multiple subcontract posting sites, you will start receiving resumes from these job sites. You could receive resumes over emails or you may receive them on your respective accounts on these occupation sites. well, you can do these tasks manually which is going to be time-consuming and arduous or you can use a modern Applicant Tracking System to post jobs to multiple job boards in one chink and then receive all the resumes in one centralize localization. modern ATS partners with several job boards using job circuit board integration practices. Hence, it can post jobs to multiple job boards in one move.

There are respective advantages of using an Applicant Tracking System. It helps you save hundreds of hours which could be put to better habit like engaging acme candidates .


LinkedIn is both, recruitment and a social media platform. If you want to reach top endowment, faster then you can not ignore LinkedIn. Use this article to learn how to post jobs on LinkedIn effectively and reach more candidates faster .

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