How to Share a PowerPoint on Zoom

What to Know

  • Anybody can share a PowerPoint on a Zoom call but may need permission from the call’s organizer.
  • To see notes, you’ll need a second screen to divide the view or have your notes on a separate device.

In this article, we ’ ll discuss how to share a PowerPoint, or any presentation, on Zoom. You can do this in a few clicks for more straightforward presentations, but for more complex presentations, you may want some more tools.

How Do You Share a PowerPoint in a Zoom suffer ?

For a presentation where you don ’ t need to see your notes, sharing a PowerPoint is a quick serve.

  1. Open your presentation, and close any windows you wo n’t need. This will limit clutter and distractions.

  2. Log into your Zoom call and when you ’ re ready to present, click Share Screen at the bottom. Choose your presentation from the menu.
    A Zoom Screenshare with two monitors with PowerPoint and Share highlighted
    When using a individual sieve, you should always pick the particular program you want to plowshare. Doing this will protect your data and prevent pop-ups and other interruptions .
  3. Go to the Slide Show check in PowerPoint and snap From Beginning. For the smoothest presentation, do this before anyone else joins the cry, where possible.

  4. Use the controls in the lower left corner or keyboard controls to move through your presentation as common.
    Be indisputable to click on the Presentation window if you ’ re going to use keyboard controls. PowerPoint won ’ triiodothyronine admit inputs from the keyboard unless you ’ ve intentionally clicked on the window .

How Do You Share a PowerPoint With Zoom and still See Notes ?

The best way to see your notes is to use a second monitor and PowerPoint ’ s Presenter View tools. then your notes and controls are on one screen, visible only to you, and your display is on the other.

  1. Open your PowerPoint and go to Presenter View to see your notes. This mode opens two windows : The presentation and the restraint panel .
    A two-monitor setup with PowerPoint in Presenter View

  2. Drag the control panel to your primary screen and the presentation window to your irregular screen. You ’ ll be able to see and control your presentation while looking directly into your webcam if you ’ re using it, and you won ’ metric ton have to hold your neck at an fish to use the controls.

  3. Log into the Zoom shout and click Share Screen at the penetrate. Choose your presentation window.
    If you ’ ll motivation to present other documents or materials in addition to your presentation, have them assailable and minimized on your screen and share your second monitor alternatively. then you can promptly bring those materials up without disrupting your flow .

Tips for a Better Zoom Presentation

If you ‘re not the birdcall personal digital assistant, contact them and ask what permissions they ‘ve set up and whether you ‘ll need license to share your screen .

For meetings with multiple people sharing the same presentation, ledger a visit a day before and practice “ handing off ” control of the slides in Zoom. alternately, the person sharing their screen should prepare to move to the future chute when cued. Everyone should besides have an up-to-date copy of the presentation, so it can continue if person drops out of the meet.

Keeping Murphy ‘s Law in beware, having your notes in one or two other places is a effective idea. Consider using your earphone and a print replicate to ensure that you can rely on one of the two extra sources for your notes if everything goes incorrectly .

  • How do you video record yourself presenting a PowerPoint on Zoom?

    To record yourself giving a PowerPoint display on Zoom, launch Zoom and PowerPoint ; be certain to close all other applications. Create a fresh Zoom meeting, choice Share Screen, select your PowerPoint presentation, and chink Share. Launch your PowerPoint slideshow. In Zoom, choose Record > Record on This Computer. Your computer is nowadays recording.

  • How do I share a PowerPoint on Zoom using an iPad?

    Join the Zoom meet from your iPad using Zoom ‘s mobile app for io. Open your PowerPoint presentation and tap Share Content from the merging controls. You can use PowerPoint ‘s note and pull tools to make notations on your slides if you like .

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