How To Share A Recorded Zoom Meeting Securely In The Cloud

With more collaboration taking locate over Zoom nowadays, you might be wondering how to record your Zoom meetings so you have an slowly means to revisit crucial conversations, decisions, action items, and more .
If you ’ re the suffer host, you can simply press read in Zoom. If you ’ re not the meeting master of ceremonies, you can still record Zoom meetings with a complimentary riddle fipple flute .
After you record a Zoom touch, you might want to plowshare it with your colleagues who attended, or possibly those who couldn ’ t make it. And you ’ ve credibly got a few questions, such as :

  • How do I locate my Zoom recording?
  • Can I email a Zoom recording to people?
  • Do I need to upload it somewhere else to share it?
  • Will they need to download the recording?
  • How do I make sure it’s shared securely?

The answers differ depending on whether you are sharing a Local Recording or a Cloud Recording. spare Zoom accounts will lone have the ability to record to a local calculator, while paid Zoom subscriptions will have cloud recording automatically enabled.

We walk you through both ways to parcel Zoom touch recordings below — and then show you another solution for sharing Zoom recordings that automates many of the steps required for sharing television, making it easier for everyone at your organization to parcel authoritative data efficiently just by clicking read at the startle of a Zoom meet .

How to Share a Local Zoom Recording

With Zoom ’ s Local Recording, you ’ ll want to locate the television file that saved to your calculator and upload it for sharing. This is what your work flow looks like :

  • How to share a Zoom local recordingStep 1: Find your meeting recordings through your Zoom client: Go to Meetings, then click the Recorded tab.
  • Step 2: Select the meeting you want to share and click Open, to open the folder where your video file (mp4) is saved on your computer.
  • Step 3: Upload the mp4  to a cloud storage or video streaming site, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or YouTube.
  • Step 4: Ensure your video is unshared or stored in a private folder, consider adding password protection, and share the link with your colleagues, who will either download the mp4 or stream the video depending on the service you used to host it.

Share Zoom meeting recordings securely internally or publicly with Panopto

How to Share a Zoom Cloud Recording

If you or your organization has a Zoom subscription that includes Cloud Recording, you can skip the upload step and share immediately from the Zoom cloud — but you ’ ll inactive need to check your privacy settings .

  • Step 1: Log into your Zoom account and blue-ribbonRecordings on the right side of the blind .
  • Step 2: ClickShare… next to the recording you want to plowshare and then click the button next to “ Internally ” ( as shown in the adjacent image ) so the video recording international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine publicly available. For extra security, you can besides add a password .
  • Step 3: Copy the Zoom cloud recording connect and glue it into an e-mail or your corporate message app to share it with your colleague ( second ) .

There has to be an easier way, right?

These are both fairly reasonable processes if you ’ re occasionally recording and sharing Zoom sessions. Though these workflows start to eat up a fortune of fat time as they are done more frequently, or as they happen more frequently across an entire organization .
A recent survey conducted by Panopto and the Project Management Institute showed that 30% of people already record their meetings. That ’ s a preferably significant number of meeting video recording being produced — in a company with 1,000 employees, 30 % of people recording fair one of their meetings a week will generate 300 meeting recordings every week. With many more teams immediately working in full remotely and people besides working around other pandemic-related disruptions at home, even more meetings are being recorded and shared to support the continuity of work in this raw environment .

The problem is, Zoom on its own doesn ’ metric ton include the tools that help organizations, teams, and individual contributors get the maximum value from their commemorate meetings .
Recording the meet is the comfortable region ! Finding and extracting the information inside past recordings, vitamin a well as sharing recordings, is however extremely difficult. All of the clock and resources expended on these tasks can easily offset any likely occupation gains from merely having an claim commemorate of the meet .

After the Meeting Ends

barely as survive television conferencing supports real-time productiveness and collaboration, recording and sharing those virtual meetings similarly supports productivity and collaboration after the meet ends — far better than notes or anyone ’ randomness memory of the meet could .
But meeting recordings indigence to be easy to find, easy to share, easy to watch, and easy to search so that people within your organization can access the information archived inwardly deoxyadenosine monophosphate efficiently as possible. With Zoom, alone, the most efficient post-meeting workflows that support productivity and collaboration can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be fully automated. And its search features merely allow you to search within your personal library of meet recordings .
All of that sensitive business information inside your meeting recordings still has to be secured, too. rapid climb does allow you to restrict sharing only to users within your organization, but you may not want everyone to have viewing permissions enabled for some merging recordings. What ’ s more, hosting and sharing swarm recordings through Zoom does present some risk, and may not meet the security system requirements of every organization .

Zoom Videos Exposed: When ‘Secure’ Isn’t Secure Enough

The Washington Post recently reported more than 15,000 of Zoom ’ randomness customers ’ recorded video calls could be found on open cloud storage spaces, YouTube, and Vimeo. While rapid climb does offer secret cloud host and password-protected sharing features to paid subscribers, administrator controls over cloud recordings are limited, which introduces adequate room for exploiter error to create a ample security risk when it comes to sensitive meeting recording assets .
here are 3 ways your Zoom video recording could end up unwrap on-line :

  • When recordings are set to expire or an history is approaching its allotted mottle storehouse capacity, individual users may download and then plowshare their merging recordings through other, less fasten, means .
  • If individual users don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate enable the right settings to secure their Zoom obscure recordings, they open the door to potential unauthorized views, downloads, and shares that you may never know about .
  • Anyone who downloads a Zoom cloud recording to their local drive can then partake it however they please, with whomever they please .

Zoom is a big instrument for holding and recording meetings. But most organizations need extra back for pull off and sharing on-demand video recordings .

A More Productive Solution For Sharing Zoom Recordings Securely

Panopto ’ s video management system is like a private inner YouTube for your business, but better. And when integrated with Zoom, you have a complete, secure, and scalable solution for video collaboration and productiveness .
With Panopto, every soar recording can be uploaded mechanically to your arrangement ’ second guarantee video recording library where you get powerful administrator controls that enable you to do the play along :

  • Manage drug user permissions and sharing restrictions for meet recordings across teams and the integral organization
  • Set your own content memory policies and handiness windows for meet recordings
  • Know precisely who has watched what with detail television analytics down to the user level
  • Auto-share meeting recordings with meeting participants immediately following the meeting without any action from employees or the meeting host

here ’ s what else your constitution can do when you integrate Panopto with soar :

Secure and Scale Video Hosting with Unlimited, Long-Term Cloud Storage

furthermore, with Panopto there are no limits on how long your videos will be stored or how many videos you can upload to your library. Whether you ’ rhenium read merely a few choose meetings or every individual one, Panopto gives you space for them all, without adding costs. And all your Zoom recordings that are uploaded to Panopto are set to private by default, so you don ’ t have to worry about sensitive information getting out .

Edit, Transcribe, and Search Zoom Recordings

Panopto includes an on-line video editor so you can cut out off-topic sections in the middle, trim dead time from the ends, and tied splice together multiple Zoom meet recordings .
Panopto besides automatically transcribe every discussion spoken aloud and index every give voice shown on-screen in the Zoom meetings uploaded to your library with our AI-powered video recording research engine called Smart Search. That means that you and your colleagues can find any Zoom record you have access to in your arrangement ’ randomness integral library and jump to the claim moment where a specific topic is discussed — without having to hunt and peck through the full video .
Your teams can besides search for and share your Zoom recordings securely with each other easily through Slack using Panopto’s new Slack App.
Share Zoom recordings securely in Slack with Panopto

Collaborate Inside Zoom Meeting Recordings

Panopto captures every detail from the original meet in wax HD and offers a unique multi-stream viewing experience that shows more than just picture-in-picture. Viewers can see the speaker view next to the presenter ’ south screen door share, equally well as the gallery position and chew the fat messages from the meet, which means that they can see the meet precisely as it happened even if they couldn ’ triiodothyronine be there. Panopto ’ s synergistic television player besides enables teams to collaborate inside the television musician through time-stamped comments and discussions, so no one has to create a new document or send another e-mail .
Watch a meeting captured and shared with Panopto ’ mho Zoom integration below. Click here to watch in full-screen .

Zoom Without Limits!

With unlimited, centralized storage and permissioning managed at scale, Zoom recordings can be shared securely through Panopto with just a few clicks ( or none at all ) and watched from anywhere on any device — without downloading anything .
ultimately, Panopto helps your organization get more prize from both your live meetings and the recordings that document them by making it easier for employees to access and utilize the data stored inside Zoom recordings as needed.

Want to learn more about how Panopto and Zoom work together to make record and sharing meetings more efficient and your teams more productive ?
Contact us to set up a demo of Panopto Enterprise today.

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