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soar, as you might already know, has been the most popular television conferencing platform over the course of the lockdown period. There have been a few concerns with the platform ’ mho security system, but nothing you can ’ t take care of with a strong password or by adhering to Zoom ’ s safety/privacy guidelines .
Meeting schedule, filmdom share, or virtual backgrounds — many of Zoom ’ sulfur contemporaries offer the key features we mentioned. so, what is it precisely that sets Zoom apart ?
After heavy introspection, we ’ ve concluded that the answer lies with Zoom ’ s cutting attention to detail. While about all major competitors offer exchangeable features on the surface, Zoom takes it a dance step far by considering the needs of its userbase and minimizing any issues ASAP .
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By incorporating little toggles and options, it scores high on approachability and ease-of-use, which are the chief ingredients of any successful overhaul .
today, we ’ ll take a look at one such view of Zoom that has made liveliness unimaginably easier for keynote speakers. indeed, without further bustle, let ’ s learn all about the Zoom Spotlight television and find out its winder differences with simple television pin .

What is Zoom Spotlight video ?

Spotlight video allows important speakers to get a much screentime as they require. As mentioned, this feature is specially useful for keynote speakers, primarily during seminars .
additionally, you could spotlight your own video recording as well, which would display your video recording on your own screen. This feature could come in handy when you are recording locally and want to see the points you put across .

What is the difference between spotlight and pinned videos ?

By nonpayment, Zoom uses the active speaker layout, meaning that the person who is presently speaking gets maximal riddle real estate of the realm on everyone else ’ s screens. If you aren ’ thyroxine excessively thrilled with the active speaker watch, you could choose to ‘ pin ’ a certain participant, alternatively .
This would guarantee that the trap person would occupy the most space on your screen and not the active loudspeaker. This doesn ’ metric ton feign cloud recordings or the perspectives of other users, but local recordings would display the chosen participant as the primary loudspeaker .
so, to sum it up, the Spotlight television is basically the deluxe implementation of the trap video recording horizon. here, the speaker in the Spotlight would get the most screen actual estate, and across all participants .

What are the requirements ?

The host of a Zoom meet can control reasonably much every aspect of it. And naturally, here besides, you ’ vitamin d motivation to be a host to give a speaker or yourself the limelight .
additionally, you ’ d besides need the Zoom background or Android client — the latest adaptation, preferably — and at least 3 meet participants, with television on, to try out the Spotlight video .
This option is available for Zoom Seminar, besides. The only difference is that there you ’ d need at least two participants — with video recording on — to try out Zoom Spotlight .

How to use Zoom Spotlight on your calculator

so, let ’ s check how you can enable Spotlight on a player in a Zoom meeting .

Spotlight person else in a meet

Step 1 : log in to the background client and start a suffer .
Step 2 : At the top of your riddle, hover your cursor over the video recording of the participant you want to spotlight and click on the ‘ … ’ ( ellipsis ) menu .
Step 3 : Choose Spotlight video .

Spotlight yourself on zoom

Step 1 : Login to the desktop client and snap on your profile photograph .
Step 2 : Go to Settings .
Step 3 : Go to the ‘ Video ’ tab and check ‘ Spotlight my video when I Speak. ’

How to use Zoom Spotlight on your call

Step 1 : logarithm in to the Zoom Android client .
Step 2 : After starting a meet, tap on ‘ Participants. ’

Step 3 : tap on the participant you want to spotlight .
Step 4 : Tap Spotlight video .

How to cancel Zoom Spotlight

After the speaker is done with their presentation, there ’ s in truth no distributor point in keeping them in the foreground. Follow the steps below to retract the foreground both on personal computer and Android, respectively :

On your Computer

Simply tap on the ‘ Cancel the Spotlight Video ’ at the top-left corner to cancel the spotlight. Upon doing indeed, the meet will return to Active Speaker View .

On your telephone

Step 1 : tap on ‘ Participants. ’

Step 2 : tapdance on the participant presently in the foreground .
Step 3 : pat on ‘ Cancel Spotlight Video. ’

Can you spotlight more than one speaker at a time ?

Yes. Zoom lets you spotlight multiple speakers in a meet using the multi-spotlight feature of speech which is available as region of the September 1, 2020 update on the video recording conferencing service .

How to add a Spotlight on multiple speakers

Since Zoom natively lets you add a Spotlight on multiple speakers in a meet, you can do thus in the lapp room you would Spotlight a single player. To limelight multiple speakers, hover over the video recording feed on one speaker, chatter on the 3-dots icon, and select the ‘ Spotlight for Everyone ’ choice .

After one of the speakers has been added to Spotlight on Zoom, brood over another player ’ second video, click on the 3-dots icon inside the video feed, and then hit the ‘ Add Spotlight ’ option .
This exploiter will now be added to Spotlight alongside the first speaker. Repeat this for american samoa many speakers that you need to spotlight on a Zoom meeting.

How many participants can you Spotlight on Zoom ?

At any given time, you will be able to spotlight up to 9 participants during a meeting on Zoom. When there are 9 speakers spotlighted in a converge, other participants alone see these speakers in their meet screen .
therefore, that was all about Zoom ’ s limelight feature. What are your thoughts on it ?
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