Starting SQL Server

In “ Shutting Down SQL Server , “ I showed you seven ways to shut down SQL Server. naturally, you besides have multiple options for starting SQL Server. here are seven ways to start a SQL Server system .
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Enterprise Manager

The most obvious manner to start SQL Server is by using Enterprise Manager. Select the SQL Server organization you want to start, then choose Start from the pop-up book menu. You can start SQL Server on both the local system and outback servers equally hanker as you have rights to start services on the remote control systems.

SQL Server Service Manager

The SQL Server Service Manager applet can besides start both local and outback servers arsenic retentive as the distant server is registered in Enterprise Manager and you have remote-service rights. Double-click the SQL Server Service Manager icon in the system tray. then, from the Server drop-down box, select the diagnose of the system you want to start. Select the SQL Server service, and chatter Start .

Windows Services

You can besides start SQL Server by using the Windows Services applet. Open the applet by using the Windows Start, Programs, Administrative Tools, Services menu. then, double-click the MSSQLServer avail, and snap Start to start the default example. If you want to start a SQL Server named case, look for the service called MSSQL $ instancename.

The Net Start Command

The previous begin methods all use the Windows GUI to start SQL Server, but you can besides use the net income Start command. type net startle mssqlserver at the command prompt. To start a named exemplify, type net get down MSSQL $ instancename .

The Sqlservr.exe Command

You use the sqlservr.exe command to start SQL Server when you want to enable debug of extended store procedures. To start an example of SQL Server, you must run the sqlservr.exe plan from the \binn directory, where the SQL Server binary star files are stored by default. eminence that the SQL Server Service Manager and Enterprise Manager will show the military service as stopped after you ‘ve run sqlservr.exe, but the server will support connections. When you start SQL Server from the command line, it ‘s not running as a service and will shut down when you log off the server.


SQL Distributed Management Objects ( SQL-DMO ) can perform about every SQL Server management routine, including starting and stopping the server. To use SQL-DMO to start SQL Server, first create an case of the SQLServer or SQLServer2 object, then execute the Start method .


The Windows Management Instrumentation ( WMI ) Provider invokes the SQL-DMO objects on that system. To use the WMI Provider to start SQL Server, beginning instantiate the MSSQL_SQLServer object, then invoke the Start method acting. You install the WMI Provider for SQL Server from the \x86\other\wmi directory on the SQL Server installation CD-ROM .
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