How to start/ stop (shutdown) the Oracle WebLogic servers (admin server & managed server)

What are the WebLogic servers we have to manage ? There are two type of WebLogic Server exemplify in a world : Administration Server and Managed Server. For this argue in this article you will learn how to start/ barricade ( shutdown ) the Administration Server and the Managed Servers.

The Administration Server is used for the administration determination and will not be used for deployments even if technically is possible. The Managed Servers are used for deployments.

Is the Administration Server ( WebLogic Server ) started ? attention : In this article I will use the Linux synthax. Under Windows the steps are the same, but the commands are adapted to Windows synthax. The .sh commands on Linux, are .cmd commands on Windows care : generally, when the WebLogic Administration Console is not working, the WebLogic Admin Server is not working .
If you want to be sure that WebLogic is not started run the follow command :

ps -ef | grep startWebLogic

In this casethe WebLogic waiter is stoppped ( shutdown ) :

WebLogic is shutdown (stopped)
In this case the WebLogic server is started :

WebLogic is started attention : When we speak, starting the WebLogic Server generally is the like as starting the Admin Server .
attention : Starting the Application Server, by and large is the lapp as starting the WebLogic Managed Server .
For the occupation people, by and large is one WebLogic Server, but the WebLogic administrator have to know what server ( s ) to start when it/she receive the tax “ to start/ stop the WebLogic Server ” .

Start the Administration Server ( WebLogic Server ) To start the Admin server we have to run the follow command :

nohup $DOMAIN_HOME/bin/ > nohup.out &

or if we are in the $DOMAIN_HOME/bin :


If a command is terminated by the control operator &, the shell executes the dominate in the backdrop in a subshell. The shell does not wait for the command to finish, and the return condition is 0 .

Stop the Administration Server ( WebLogic Server ) To start the Admin server we have to run the follow instruction under $DOMAIN_HOME/bin :


When the WebLogic Admin Server is stopped, we can not use the WebLogic Administration Console .

Is the the WebLogic Managed Server started ?

The WebLogic Managed Server is not started This can be seen in the Administration Console on the “ Servers ” page. see the video above .

In this mental picture you can see that the Health of the Server1 is “Not reachable”. In ordering to start that server from the Administration console, you must start the Node Manager first. That server must be associated with a machine as well.

Start a Managed WebLogic Server From WebLogic Administration Console you have to go to the Environment -> Servers -> Control Tab. Check the Managed Server you want to start and click on “ Start “ This can be seen in the watch screen :

Starting WebLogic Managed Server - the Node Manager accept the request When the server is running you will see :

Starting WebLogic Managed Server - the Managed Server is running

Stop ( Shutdown ) WebLogic Managed Server Stopping the Managed Server is alike with starting the Managed Server. alternatively pressing on “ Start ” we press on “ Shutdown ” button. hera we can choose “ When function dispatch ” or “ Force closure now ” .

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