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hello ! Windows Server is a system focused on the clientele sector. In summation, Microsoft developed it as a dependable, functional, and virtual system. however, it is besides susceptible to failure. such as errors in drivers, services, or parameters of both the system itself and early components. To solve this type of failure, the Redmond caller has incorporated the Safe Mode. With this modality, the system will start in a basic department of state. In other words, it will merely make use of a limited set of files and drivers. consequently, it will be a lot easier to rule out bugs and problems. then by being able to enter the system using this mood, we can then reverse any changes responsible for the malfunction. For that reason, it is crucial to know how to use this function. So get ’ randomness see, how to start in safe manner in Windows Server 2019/2016 .

How to start in safe mode from the system.

Before we go any promote, it is important to clarify that the safe mode has two options :

  • Safe mode: load basic controllers.
  • Safe mode with network functions. Includes network drivers and services needed to access the Internet and other computers on the local network.

In order to set up the safe modality, it is necessary to start the system in the advance mood. If you are running the system, then you have a couple of options to start in advanced mode :

  • Press the Shift key and the off button at the same time. Once there, click on restart.
  • Press the Win+I combination to enter the Windows Settings. Then follow the path: Update & Security> Recovery. Once there, click on Restart Now.

safeRestart in advanced mode from the Windows settings.

How to start in safe mode, using a Windows Server 2019/2016 installation media.

For this method acting, it is necessary to have some means of installing Windows Server. Either a DVD or a USB boot. then, you have to start the process as if you were going to install the system. On the welcome filmdom, click on Next.

Press Next.Press Next.
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Please snap on Repair computer .
A window with several options will be displayed immediately. Please snap on Troubleshoot.
safe4Please click on Troubleshoot
then blue-ribbon Command Prompt :

Choose the Command Prompt optionChoose the Command Prompt option
This will cause the CMD to be deployed. Please run this command :

bcdedit /set {bootmgr} displaybootmenu yes

This is a command line creature to manage the data associated with the boot configuration of the arrangement .
once this trace is executed, we will execute the stick to :

bcdedit /set {bootmgr} timeout 15

After executing this command, execute the passing command to exit the console. And back to the previous menu, turn off the arrangement .
safe6Please turn off the system.
When you reboot the system, you will see the boot director. Please choice Windows Server. then, compress F8 to enter advance begin options.

safe7 1
then, just snap on Safe Mode to start the arrangement .
Please click on Safe ModePlease click on Safe Mode
finally, the system will boot into Safe Mode .
Windows Server 2019 running in Safe ModeWindows Server 2019 running in Safe Mode


ultimately we have seen how to start in condom Mode in Windows Server 2019/2016. This mode allows you to start the system with a minimal of drivers and files. This allows for troubleshooting. In addition, these instructions are coarse to both versions. I hope you find them utilitarian in managing your servers. Before saying adieu, I invite you to see our post about VMware on Windows 10. See you !

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