How to Live Stream with Zoom: Full Guide


For parts of 2020, half of the universe ’ s population stayed at dwelling due to COVID-19 quarantines. live streaming as a mean of communication quickly became the lone viable option, rather than equitable a fancy entertainment tool. today, the pandemic is however far from over, and live cyclosis remains equally popular as it was in 2020. Unless you ’ ve been living under a rock, you probably know what Zoom is or have at least hear about it. many people have used Zoom to stay in touch with colleagues and loved ones. But Zoom is more than merely an app for television and voice calls – it is besides a fantastic tool for be stream .


If you are already familiar with Zoom and want to dive straight into live stream, we have prepared two short guides with proper steps on how to do it. Use these promptly links to jump to the method acting you want to use : 👉 Live streaming with the Zoom paid account via Restream

👉 Live streaming with basic Zoom via OBS Studio and RestreamHow to live stream Zoom webinars and meetings

Why use Zoom to live stream? Who should use it?

soar allows you to broadcast your content on streaming platforms, like YouTube Live or Facebook Live. however, you can besides live pour to all these platforms simultaneously with Zoom using third-party tools like Restream. It ‘s easy and does n’t require any technical skills. Whether you ’ re a business wanting to keep your team ’ second communication going, a person looking to video chat with friends, or a professional matter to in running webinars, Zoom is a instrument you should decidedly get to know. The reason the live pour community is interest in Zoom is twofold. The first base is that the video conferencing software allows for features like poll, virtual hand raise, and having people who participate in the conversation on the screen together at the same time. The moment cause is the ability to live stream using Zoom. normally, businesses that have multiple offices and remote employees gain the most from Zoom. however, due to the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people have taken advantage of Zoom. It ’ mho been useful for teachers and life coaches to live stream their classes, presentations, and webinars. It has besides let fitness instructors broadcast classes and experts host workshops on a assortment of subjects. live stream allows you to interact with your viewers in real time, a huge advantage over television on demand ( VOD ) .

How to multistream with Zoom

presently, there are two main options for multistreaming using Zoom. The beginning method requires purchasing a paid rapid climb plan ( Pro, Business, or Enterprise ). The second gear involves the use of third-party apps, like OBS Studio. We ’ ll cover both of these methods .

💁‍♂️ Live streaming with the Zoom paid account via Restream

Multistreaming is broadcasting your bouncy stream on multiple platforms simultaneously. For exemplify, say you want to live stream your webinar on YouTube Live, LinkedIn, and Facebook Live with Zoom. You would need at least a professional Zoom design and an account on Restream for this to work. here ’ s a detail television template on how to do this. just follow the instructions below, and you ’ ll be ready to go !

  1. The first step is to enable live streaming of your meetings in Zoom. Go to your Zoom profile and click Settings. Then, click In Meeting (Advanced) and find the option that reads Allow live streaming meetings. Turn it on and make sure all the boxes are checked.
  2. Now you can host a meeting in your Zoom app as you would normally do. In the meeting control panel, click More and select Live on Custom Live Streaming Service.
  3. The next step is to fill in your Streaming URL and Streaming Key. You can find them on the Restream channel dashboard. You also need to enter a URL of any of your connected streaming platforms, like YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook.
    Finally, press that Go Live button! In a few seconds, Restream will broadcast your live stream on every connected channel.

Multiply your views and battle
Reach a wide-eyed audience by streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously .
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💁‍♂️ Live streaming with basic Zoom via OBS Studio and Restream

Let ’ s say you would like to live current on more than just one platform, but you don ’ t have a paid subscription with Zoom. Restream allows you to broadcast your Zoom webinars or meetings on as many streaming platforms as you want simultaneously, including LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and more. In addition to your release Zoom and Restream accounts, you will need to download OBS Studio. But don ’ thymine concern ! The setup action is super easy and user-friendly. 1. First, you need to create your Restream report, if you haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate done so yet. The registration takes only a moment. 2. The future step is to connect your Restream explanation to OBS Studio. To do that, open your OBS Studio app and go to Settings on the right field.

OBS settings 3. Choose the Stream check on the left and choose – RTMP in the drop-down menu. 4. then, click Connect Account. You will be asked to log in to your Restream report .OBS Stream settings 5. After you ’ ve successfully connected your Restream account and OBS Studio, you can choose the channels you want to live stream on. For that, go to your Restream dashboard and snap +Add Channels .Restream Dashboard – Add channel 6. After you ’ ve added all your favorite bouncy streaming channels, make certain OBS Studio has your Zoom Meeting as the video source. Click Add in the Sources mini-window and choose Window Capture .OBS add source 7. name it something like Zoom Meeting and snap OK. 8. then, choose your Zoom meet [Zoom.exe] in the drop-down Window menu, and click OK .OBS choose window 9. now you can click Start Streaming and go hot ! For more info on this setup, you can visit our Help Center.

Putting Zoom to use for live streaming

There ’ s a set you can do when you know how to use Zoom in your live pour frame-up, particularly if you combine it with a multistreaming servicing. Zoom is a popular solution for communication in a workplace mount, so it has many professional and business consumption cases. still, that doesn ’ triiodothyronine hateful you can ’ thymine multistream with Zoom for your side projects or evening a avocation you want to turn into a commercial enterprise .

  • Give a behind-the-scenes look. Behind-the-scenes segments are one of the types of content businesses make when they want to demonstrate their company culture and increase reach. With Zoom, you can take going behind the scenes a step further by broadcasting team meetings. Your audience will appreciate the authenticity of a live behind-the-scenes look, but be extra careful not to blurt out any business secrets!
  • Produce an online show with co-hosts and panelists. Zoom works great for any kind of content that uses a video call-in feature. It helps you co-host your show with someone who’s not in the room or create your very own panel of guests.
  • Stream product demonstrations from several locations. Product demonstrations are engaging, and adding some social proof or a couple of words from product ambassadors or employees can make them even better. With Zoom, none of your product demonstrators have to be in the same physical location as you, so you can save on travel or accommodation expenses.
  • Make your educational content available across the world. Is there something you’re good at and want to share your knowledge of? You can gather a couple of highly interested people and host a webinar with them with all the options Zoom offers. You can then live stream whole sections of the webinar online to reach new audiences.

These ideas are an excellent start. But when you combine teleconferencing, webinars, and bouncy stream, you can create any count of interesting types of capacity. Read late : Fun things to do on a live pour 📍

Some things you should keep in mind when using Zoom to live stream include:

  • You can record your Zoom webinars. Paid users can record them and save them to the cloud. Both paid and free users can use Zoom to record their content on local hard drives. You can use the footage to stream it again later, upload it to your platform accounts, or edit it into new videos.
  • Zoom can transcribe your webinars for you. Don’t worry if you didn’t prepare a detailed script for your webinar – Zoom will produce a transcript for you. You can use it later to turn your webinars into other types of content, such as a book or a series of articles.
  • Zoom has advanced features such as polling. You can use these features to make your meetings and webinars more engaging and interactive. You can see an attendee list in Zoom. It’s always good to have a list of meeting attendees. You will be able to see who attended it from within Zoom. Better yet, Zoom will let you ask the attendees for additional information when joining the meeting.


Q: How do I change the background on Zoom?

A: Open your Zoom client and go to the Settings. then, chink on the Virtual Background menu and choose the one you like. besides, while you are in the meet, you can click on the arrow right beside the Stop Video button and find this option there a well .Zoom Settings – change background How to change Zoom background while conference

Q: How do I share my screen on Zoom?

A: While in the meeting, plainly chatter Share Screen on the manipulate gore. then, select the screen you want to parcel in the window. And last, snap Share.

Zoom screenshare

Q: Zoombombing: what is it and how can I prevent it?

A: Zoombombing is a public video recording conference commandeer. Hackers can gain access to your video recording call and disrupt your on-line class or webinar. Don ’ t worry, though ! here are some utilitarian tips on how to prevent it :

  1. Use a one-time ID instead of your Personal Meeting ID.
  2. Setting a password to the meeting prevents any uninvited guests from joining.
  3. Send the unique meeting ID personally, instead of sharing it publicly on social media.
  4. Lock the meeting once all the attendees have joined. Manage Participants > More (…) > Lock Meeting.

Zoom lock meeting

Q: Who can use Zoom?

A: First and first, companies and corporations can use Zoom for work communication. however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom can be particularly helpful for teachers, biography coaches, mentors, bloggers, and equitable about anyone else .

Let’s wrap up

People who like to live flow, and particularly those who do it for commercial enterprise purposes, are always on the lookout for new and better ways to reach their audiences. That ’ sulfur why multistreaming is becoming such a big deal. Using Zoom with your multistreaming apparatus is by far the most convenient option to reach as many people as potential. Hopefully, we ’ ve answered all your questions regarding Zoom and multistreaming. We wish you smooth populate stream. Stay healthy !

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