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Best Zoom Transcription Software

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Creating Zoom read or Zoom transcription is an easy way to keep your conversations documented. Once the participants of a meet are informed that everything has been recorded, and they don ’ t need to take notes of the discussions, they mechanically start focusing on the speaker of the horde .
Another advantage of having Zoom meeting transcription is that it can be referred to anytime you miss out on some parts during the execution of the procedure the attendees of the conference had agreed upon .
Keeping the above in beware, following is a tilt of some of the best Zoom call transcription software that can be used to transcribe Zoom meeting with efficiency and least efforts. One of the follow sections besides discusses a few tips and tricks for the best transcription.

Best Transcription Software to Transcribe Zoom Meetings

1. Automatic Audio Transcription in Zoom

soar is adequate to of recording your meetings and conferences, and storing them onto its Cloud server from where they can be obtained and manipulated as needed. Zoom besides offers loose transcription service for all the recordings that saved on the Cloud. however, there are a few pre-requisites that must be met before you can use Zoom to transcribe your meetings .

Prerequisites of using the Automatic Audio Transcription in Zoom

  • You must have an Education, Business, or Enterprise subscription of Zoom
  • You must have Cloud recording enabled for your account
  • You must be the owner of the account or have Admin privileges

How to transcribe the Zoom audio automatically

once everything is in position, you can follow the steps given below to enable transcription, and transcribe Zoom meetings :

Step 1: Enable Cloud Recording

Use your favored browser to log in to Zoom ’ s web portal vein, go to Settings from under the PERSONAL department on the left, go to Recording from the right segment, go to Cloud recording , and turn on the Cloud recording toggle button to enable the feature .
 Enable Zoom Cloud Recording

Step 2: Enable Audio Transcription

On the Cloud recording segment itself, check the Audio transcript box from the bottom, and click Save to enable Zoom meeting transcription .
 Enable Zoom Cloud Recording Audio Transcript

Step 3: Generate Zoom Transcription

Start a Zoom meeting normally, click the small arrow next to the Record button on the panel at the bed, and click Record to the Cloud . Since sound recording arrangement has been enabled in the previous pace, Zoom automatically transcripts all the recordings stored on the Cloud after the meet ends .
   Zoom Cloud Recording
Post generation, you are notified about it along with a radio link to download the canned file to your personal computer .

  • Pros
  • Free to use
  • Transcribes automatically after Zoom meetings end
  • Cons
  • Requires Education, Business, or Enterprise subscription to enable Cloud recording and auto transcription features

An on-line Zoom meeting transcription service, Rev requires you to upload your Zoom recordings to their server, and they do the respite. Rev has a team of professional transcribers who listen to your recordings and transcribe the audio to text. Since the stallion arrangement serve is done by substantial humans and not the bots or software, the accuracy percentage is about 100 % .
Transcribe  Zoom Cloud Recording with Rev
furthermore, the web interface shows the expected turnaround time and the cost of transcription on a per-minute basis. You can even include some add-ons like timestamps, verbatim, etc. to make the transcription more detailed and instructive. however, the more add-ons you include, the higher the price goes .
With adequate star-rating, felicitous Scribe is another on-line transcription tool that enables you to transcribe Zoom meeting within a couple of minutes. At the prison term of this write, the web app charges €12.00 for every 60-minute audio that it transcribes .
 Transcribe  Zoom Cloud Recording with Happy Scribe
In order to avail the services, you are required to recharge your membership with the credits that are mechanically deducted from your glad Scribe account every time you transcribe soar audio. The Auto-Recharge feature that the seller offers mechanically recharges your bill with your pre-defined measure adenine soon as it detects that your credit counterweight is below 30-minutes of recording .

To transcribe, all you need to do is, upload the audio ( *.MP4 ) file to Happy Scribe, pick the language of the source sound recording, and click “ Transcribe ” to begin the march. once completed, you can easily download the transcribe file to your personal computer .
This on-line Zoom meeting transcription tool comes with two plans where the first one charges on a per-transcription footing while the second is a postpaid subscription plan for enterprises that have regular meetings to transcribe .
 Transcribe  Zoom Cloud Recording with 3PlayMedia
3PlayMedia besides allows you to add close or assailable captions to the recorded video recording conferences that can be enabled/disabled or remain haunting throughout the video respectively .
To transcribe meetings, you must sign in to your 3PlayMedia account, go to “ Upload Media ” to upload the file ( s ) you want to transcribe. Pick extra services ( optional ), choose your captioning type ( optional ), select your prefer turnaround clock ( choosing flying pitch costs more ), agree to the terms of servicing, and click “ Place Order ” .
Temi is another on-line speech-to-text conversion cock that can transcribe Zoom meetings in merely a couple of minutes. The web cock is adequate to of encrypting your files for secure transmission, frankincense keeping your data secured .
 Transcribe  Zoom Cloud Recording with Temi
When you use Temi for Zoom meeting transcription , you besides get access to some utilitarian tools like timestamps, arrangement editor, etc. for free. The good thing about Temi is that it offers one exempt trial arrangement of an audio file of up to 45 minutes. post this, you can pay for the service on a pre-purchase footing as Temi doesn ’ thymine ask for any long-run subscription or compels you to maintain a minimum credit rating balance .

Comparison Table
Following is a comparison table to give you a clean theme about the differences between the Zoom recording apps discussed above :

Software Price Supported Languages
Zoom Automatic Transcription rid with Education, Business, or Enterprise subscription up to 10
Rev $ 1.25 per minute +15
Happy Scribe €12 per hour +119
3PlayMedia $ 1.90 per minute +40
Temi $ 0.25 per minute english

Tips for Transcribe Zoom Meeting Recordings

Although the programs discussed above are effective in their own way, they can generate accurate transcription only if the beginning files are healthy. Following are a few tips you must keep in take care while recording a Zoom confluence for transcription :

Tip 1: Get a Clear Audio Recording

Make certain that you follow the best practices about the remark and output device placements and positioning suggested by Zoom professionals. While using a smartphone, ensure that it has enough battery to final at least for a couple of hours, and doesn ’ thyroxine exhaust during the meet. For laptops, it is advisable to use an median quality headset with a microphone alternatively of onboard speakers and mic .

Tip 2: Meeting Transcription Software Security

While subscribing for any third-party transcription service, make certain to check their privacy policies and confirm if they are agreeable. Since you will be upload quite sensible data that may contain your craft secrets, alone the serve provider with good privacy policy and full-bodied encoding algorithm should be allowed to handle your files .
Zoom transcriptions come in handy when you plan to discuss some crucial matters in a meeting, and want all the details to be documented with proper timestamps. In case it is a video league that is to be recorded, you can choose a service supplier that offers close and assailable caption a well .
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