How to Transfer and Share Files Between Windows and Linux

Moving from Windows to Linux and need to copy data across ? Use these tricks to transfer or contribution files from Windows to Linux. Copying data from a Windows personal computer to Linux — -or in the other direction — -can seem intimidating at first. After all, it ‘s something that seems like it should be childlike, but turns out to be difficult .
In truth, sharing files from Windows to Linux is easy, but only if you know how to do it. fix to find out ? here ‘s everything you need to know about how to transfer files from Windows to Linux and spinal column again .

4 Ways to Transfer Files From Windows to Linux

If you want to move data between Windows and Linux operating systems, it ’ south easier than you think. We ‘ve compiled four ways for you to do this :

  1. Securely copy files via SSH
  2. Windows to Linux file transfer with FTP
  3. Share data using sync software
  4. Use shared folders in your Linux virtual machine

With each of these methods you ‘ll be able to easily ( and in some cases, effortlessly ) move files between operating systems .
Let ‘s look at them in turning and find out which one suits you best .

1. Copy Files Between Windows and Linux via SSH

With SSH enabled on your Linux device, you can send data via the command line from one computer to another. For this to work, however, you will need to set up an SSH server on your Linux machine .
Start by opening a terminal and update and upgrading the OS .

sudo apt update

once complete, install the SSH waiter. The OpenSSH waiter is a good choice .

sudo apt install openssh-server

Wait while it installs. To check at any time if the OpenSSH server is running, use

sudo service ssh status

To transfer data from Windows, use an SSH customer like PuTTY. This needs the PSCP ( secure copy customer ) cock downloading to your Windows system to run aboard PuTTY. Find both on the PuTTY home page .
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note that while PuTTY will need install, PSCP wo n’t. alternatively, save the download pscp.exe charge in the root of the Windows C : \ drive or else set up as an environment variable. You ‘ll besides need to confirm the IP savoir-faire of the Linux device. Check in the Linux concluding with

hostname -I

With a connection established, you can transfer a file from Windows to Linux like this :

c:\pscp c:
ome\path\to\a\file.txt user@remoteIP:\home\user

You ‘ll be prompted for your password for the Linux calculator before the transfer commences .
Want to copy data from Linux to Windows in the like SSH seance ? This command will download the specified file to the current directory :

c:\pscp user@remoteIP:\home\user
ome\file.txt .

Note the lone period at the end — -include this or the transfer will not work .

2. How to Transfer Files From Linux to Windows Using FTP

A file transfer protocol ( FTP ) application with SSH defend can besides be used. Transferring files via SFTP in a mouse driven drug user interface is arguably easier than relying on type commands .
Again, an SSH server must be running on the Linux machine before you start. You should besides ensure you have installed an FTP app on Windows like FileZilla, which has SFTP digest .
To use this method acting, run FileZilla, then :

  1. Open File > Site Manager
  2. Create a New Site
  3. Set the Protocol to SFTP
  4. Add the target IP address in Host
  5. Specify a username and password
  6. Set the Logon Type to Normal
  7. Click Connect when ready

Share files between Linux and Windows using FTP
You can then use the FTP app to move files from Windows to Linux and back using drag and dismiss .

3. Share Files Between Linux and Windows With Resilio Sync

Another option you should consider is a charge syncing course of study. These are typically cross-platform and use an code key to manage the joining between devices .
All you need to do is install the app, nominate a synchronize folder, then create the key. set this up on the second personal computer and your data will then sync. Two good options are available for this :

  1. Resilio Sync: formerly known as BitTorrent Sync, Resilio is available on almost any platform you can think of. There is a paid version, but the free option is enough for syncing two devices
  2. SyncThing: for Linux, Windows, macOS, and Android, this Resilio Sync alternative offers a similar feature without the paid component

Read More : How to Use Resilio Sync

4. How to Transfer Files from Windows to a Linux Virtual Machine

alternatively of running a separate personal computer, it ‘s common to run Linux or Windows in a virtual machine ( VM ). But is there are way to transfer files between Windows and Linux when one is installed in a VM ?
fortunately, yes. With VirtualBox you can create a virtual shared directory for data syncing .
If you ‘re running Windows in a VM on Linux ( or vice versa ), VirtualBox is already set up for sharing. guarantee you have the Guest Additions installed on your virtual machine before continue .
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In the VirtualBox coach, select the VM, then :

  1. Choose Start > Headless Start (or with the VM running, Devices > Shared Folders) Enable a headless start for your VM
  2. Once running, right-click the VM and select Settings > Shared Folders
  3. Select Machine Folders
  4. Click the + symbol on the right (or right-click and select Add Shared Folder)
  5. Browse the Folder Path and find the directory you want to use
  6. Set a name (if necessary) then OK Share files between Windows and Linux in a virtual machine
  7. Use the Auto-mount checkbox to ensure the share is available whenever the VM runs
  8. Click OK again to confirm and exit

When you reboot the VM, the share will be ready to swap data between the host personal computer and guest function system .

Can You Move a File from Windows to Linux Using a Network Share?

There is another choice for sharing files between Windows and Linux PCs. however, creating a shared file on one or both systems and then accessing it across a network is treacherous at best .

Sharing Files Between Windows and Linux Is Easy

Whether you ‘re new to Linux, or you find window unfamiliar, sharing data between them is easier than you think .
We ‘ve looked at several methods. We ‘d recommend you try all of them and work out which one you ‘re most comfortable with .
If you ‘re syncing data to Linux, there ‘s a good chance you ‘re switching from Windows. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate concern – it ’ s easier than you think .

switch over from Windows to Linux and Get Up and Running in Minutes
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