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Trimming and editing Zoom recordings is a must for fishing out value-packed nuggets from recorded video .
But while you already know this, you ’ re probably putting off doing so since you ’ re assuming you ’ ll necessitate to learn a short ton of modern apps to edit Zoom recordings .
Except, it ’ s not all that complicated .
You can trim a Zoom recording in angstrom simple as 4 easy steps.

so let ’ s walk you through how to edit a Zoom read in this post. We ’ ll besides cover how you can caption your videos for greater handiness .
Hang taut, or, check out this television explaining the entire action :

Why edit a Zoom record ?

grok marketers know that an emended television is constantly better than the original file .
surely, the master transcript has its worth. But would anyone want to watch a two-hour long video just to get their hands on a few tutorials shared in it ? not to mention, you can ’ metric ton get the most mileage from your television subject without editing it .
Trimming a webinar, for model, can give you bite-sized clips that share tips with your social media followers. Or, if you ’ re sharing a record of your holocene webinar, you ’ ll want to get rid of the lashkar-e-taiba ’ s-wait-for-people-to-join begin .
similarly, you can isolate how-to tutorials from internal team meetings. You can besides trim and contribution sub-rosa subject from your town anteroom meetings to show off your work culture .
Whatever the habit casing, you know that you just can ’ t do without editing out the downy bits from a Zoom recording. This direction, the edited video will constantly be to the point, concise and chockablock of value .
All that does wonders for not only grabbing your audience ’ second attention, but besides improving their spectator ’ mho experience .

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Best software to trim Zoom videos

now that we ’ ve made the shell for editing your Zoom video, let ’ s spill about the software that can help you achieve it .
The right Zoom video recording editing tool needs to be :

  • Easy to use – after all, who’s got time to learn new software
  • Makes it simple to save edited video clips
  • Help you edit both on desktop and mobile

Vimeo offers all that and then some more. even the sign up process doesn ’ metric ton require a long ton of details ( no credit card information needed – induce started for free 🎉 ). You can even join with your Google explanation ; simple as that .
once in, trim your video taking the follow steps : upload video, select the video ’ s part you want to keep, and save. That ’ s it. But here ’ s the playfulness character : not lone is saving edited television clips a piece of patty, but sharing them is ampere elementary as grabbing a liaison or hitting publish on social media. so let ’ s walk you through the kernel details of how to trim a rapid climb recording following .

How to edit a Zoom recording on your computer

You ’ ll need your Zoom video recording recording and a Vimeo account to start editing videos today .
Have your hands on both ? Awesome. Follow these dim-witted steps now :
1. Upload your Zoom record. This is a elementary as dragging the record and dropping it on the upload page.2. Click on the scissor picture on the bottom properly of the upload television. This will take you to the pare page .
2. Click on the scissor icon on the bottomland right of the upload television. This will take you to the snip page .
Screen Shot 2021 08 04 at 3.22.16 PM 3. Drag – shorten or extend – the handles on the timeline frame to trim the desire part of your television ( as seen in the GIF below )
New Recording 8 4 2021 3 28 43 PM low Pro tip : Before you start trimming, note the record ’ south time stamps you want to keep. then, make indisputable the time stamps on the buttocks of the trim page reflect it. This will save a distribute of your time and trim the coveted snip accurately american samoa well .
4. Hit Save and you ’ re done .
nowadays, for sharing your video, we ’ ve got a couple of options for you :

  • Share it using an unlisted link
  • Publish directly to your social channels
  • Grab the website embed code to push it on your site

note : If you ’ re using Vimeo for unblock, the trimmed video recording will replace the master version. If you ’ re a pay member ( Plus plan penis or above ), the trimmed television will save as a new interpretation of the original read .

How to edit and trim a Zoom recording on an iPhone or Android

Want to edit Zoom video recording on the go ? Whether you ’ re an iPhone exploiter or an android fan, we ’ ve got your back .
Follow along :

1. Select and upload your television from your phone ’ randomness drift using the + sign icon at the bottom correct of your mobile app .
2. Choose Edit and pilfer left to select the recording ’ s clip you want to trim. Next, tap on the Clock icon .
3. Tap, delay, and slide the trimming bar to specify the time you want to keep. When done, click Save. Voila !
As for sharing the trimmed clip nowadays. You ’ ve the same options as in the web app : use the unlisted associate to keep it to yourself, embed on the web site, or tug on social .

Saving and storing Zoom video recordings

We ’ ve already talked about the deliver options you get with Vimeo .
But if you find that your video recording content is all over the place and hunt videos down is a pain, we ’ ve got a dainty for you : Vimeo ’ second Video Library Solution .
It ’ s a cardinal, Netflix-like drift to host all your video recording message – from Zoom recordings to screen recorded tutorials and webinars – so you don ’ t have to chase links in electronic mail or Slack threads .
The best separate ? Everyone on your team can access the video recording center based on the access rights you give them. mean : you can well turn teammates into viewers, admins, and contributors to the video database .
The ace best character though : you can install the Vimeo app in your Zoom app to have your recordings automatically uploaded to Vimeo for editing, saving, and storing. Boom. 🙌

How to add captions to your saved Zoom recordings

Want to make your trimmed Zoom recording accessible to folks who are hard of hearing ? Add captions or written text explaining what ’ s happening in your video.Now for person using Vimeo to play videos, enabling captions is vitamin a simpleton as clicking the CC button on the right side of the musician and selecting the lyric they prefer .
captiongif For creators though, live captioning involves creating an SRT file for your read and uploading it. here ’ s how :
1. Go back to your Zoom recording and transcribe it
Don ’ t forget to mention loudspeaker IDs ( if any ) and sound recording cues. alternatively, download software that transcribes videos automatically. In that case though, be certain to read the captions to pick any funny machine errors .
2. Create an SRT file
The SubRip Subtitle ( .SRT ) file is the standard file for subtitles. You ’ ll need it to upload your captions .
3. Add the captions file to your video
In your Vimeo player, head to your extra television settings by selecting the Advanced option on the correct side. open Distribution yellow journalism and go to the Subtitles section .
future, cream + release and fill in details related to the captions ’ file and its lyric .
now, click Choose File to upload the .SRT charge from your computer. once your file uploads, toggle it on to activate captions.

Want to edit or remove the captions ? Click on the three dots on the file ’ south name and choose your desired action ( replace, delete, download, or edit ) from the menu .

Terrific news

If you ’ re a Vimeo Enterprise user, you wouldn ’ t need to add captions manually. Our arrangement will mechanically transcribe all your videos when you upload them .

Explore what Vimeo Enterprise can offer you

Trim your Zoom recordings today

That ’ s all folks ! I ’ thousand certain you ’ five hundred agree that the answer to how to edit a soar recording is pretty easy .
then from immediately on, focus on creating useful videos minus the ruffle. And, while you ’ re at it, throw in some captions for greater approachability. But, beginning, sign up for Vimeo to have your gear at the fix. From there, it ’ s all going to be a cinch. 🎉

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