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Receiving alerts and notifications on your iPhone is a critical function of staying connected .
Whether those notifications involve sound or vibration, noticing them is a significant gene in their effectiveness .
If you had previously turned on the presentment option that caused your television camera flash to light up, then you may have discovered that it wasn ’ metric ton vitamin a helpful as you had hoped, or that it was distracting others .
Our tutorial below will show you how to turn off flash telling on iPhone if you no longer wish to use this type of alert.

How to Turn Off the iPhone Flash presentment

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Select Accessibility.
  3. Choose Audio/Visual.
  4. Tap the button to the right of LED Flash for Alerts.

Our article continues below with extra information on how to turn off dart notification on iPhone, including pictures of these steps .
Your iPhone includes a count of different ways that you can receive notifications, some of which were intended for people with audio or ocular impairments. You may be wondering how to turn off the flash notification on your iPhone if you had previously enabled it .
Having the television camera flash on your iPhone 5 go off whenever you receive a notification can be actually helpful in certain situations. It provides an obvious, ocular indication that something on the device requires your attention .
But at early times, such as in a dark board or movie theater, it can be incredibly distracting, tied blinding. So it ’ randomness authoritative to know how to turn off this flash telling setting if you find that you need to disable it .
fortunately, it is simpleton to adjust this mount, and it is like to the march that you initially took to enable the setting .

How to Stop Your iPhone flash From Going Off When You Receive a Notification ( Guide with Pictures )

This lead was performed on an iPhone using the io 14.3 engage system. In previous versions of io the Accessibility menu was found as a sub-menu of the General menu .
When you complete these steps on how to turn off the ostentation notification on iPhone 11, it won ’ metric ton affect other features that use the LED easy on the back of the device, such as the flashlight app or the flaunt adjust in the Camera app .
note that this is never a permanent set, and it is relatively easy to access. So it can surely be something that you enable or disable situationally. The flash notifications can be very helpful, particularly when you are used to them, indeed find free to turn flash notifications on or off as needed .
These steps will show you how to turn off the flash telling on an iPhone .

Step 1: Touch the Settings icon.

open Settings If you don ’ t see the Settings app on your Home screen door you can search for it by swiping down on the Home riddle and using the search field at the top of that menu .

Step 2: Select the Accessibility option.

choose Accessibility In older versions of io the Accessibility menu is found in the General menu .

Step 3: Scroll down and tap Audio/Visual.

select Audio Visual It is in the Hearing section of this menu .

Step 4: Scroll down and move the LED Flash for Alerts slider from the right to the left.

how to turn off iPhone LED flash alerts When the mise en scene is turned off there will not be any greens shade around the slider button, and you will now know how to turn off the light on my iPhone when it rings .
Using the LED flash for alerts on your iPhone or disabling it won ’ t affect the other features and functions on your device that manipulation that flash .
This lone has an effect on whether or not the LED blink of an eye occurs when you receive an alarm .
so while the iPhone light won ’ thymine turn on anymore when you get a text or a call, you can still use the flare on the camera, or you can use the flashlight from the engage screen or the Control Center .
Our tutorial continues below with extra discussion about how to turn off flashlight notification blinking on the back of your Apple mobile device .
Have you been trying to use your iPhone ’ south flashlight ? Our where is flashlight on iPhone SE tutorial can help you figure it out .

More information on How to Turn Off Light Notification on iPhone

The steps above have provided information on how to turn off the flare when you get a presentment on your iPhone. This won ’ metric ton however, affect any of the early telling settings that you have configured for the Messages app or other apps that manipulation alerts on your earphone .
If you don ’ thymine want to know how to turn off ostentation text message iPhone settings, but would rather turn it on, then you simply need to return to the Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual menu > then turn on the LED Flash for Alerts option .
note that this rig will only go off when you receive notifications that are classified as “ alerts. ” It won ’ t go off for every telling that you receive .
This dart is besides reasonably bright. If it happens in a dark environment, early people are going to in truth notice it. If you are concerned about this then you will want to be certain to keep the back of the earphone facing down to try and mute that brightness a moment .
If you are wondering how to turn on flash presentment on iPhone 12, or how to make your earphone flash when you get a presentment, then it ’ s basically the lapp steps that we used in our tutorial above about how to take ostentation off iPhone. You will just be turning the “ LED Flash for Alerts ” choice on alternatively of turning it off .

frequently Asked Questions About How to Turn Off the Flashlight Notification on an iPhone

Where is the LED Flash Alerts setting that makes the notification light go off on an iPhone?

If you are looking to either enable or disable the flaunt luminosity presentment on an iPhone then you can go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual then tap LED Flash for Alerts .
When there is park shading around that button then you will see the television camera light on the back of the device make a flash abstemious to indicate that you have a new alert.

When there is no green shading around the iPhone setting then you will entirely get vibrations or sounds when you receive alerts on the device .

Where can I find the flash notification Android setting?

If you have an Android device and you would like to either enable or disable the lapp officiate on that Android phone, then you can find it with these steps :
1. Swipe up on the Home screen to open the Apps menu.
2. Choose the Settings choice.
3. choose Accessibility.
4. touch Hearing.
5. Choose Flash notification.
6. Turn it on or off .
If you don ’ thyroxine see that option on your phone then it may not be offered by the device manufacturer. You would need to download a third-party app to enable that feature in this lawsuit .

What is the lightning bolt icon on my Camera?

respective tools or utilities on the iPhone make use of that flaunt on the back of the iPhone .
Its primary coil function, however, is as a flash for the television camera. Tapping the lightning bolt picture in the Camera app allows you to enable or disable the camera ostentation .
then if your flash is going off because you are in a benighted environment, but you don ’ thymine want to use it, then you could tap that flash button and choose the choice that prevents it from going off .

How do I turn on the flash for alerts on my phone?

If you are using an iPhone then you would need to open Settings, choose Accessibility, then select Audio/Visual and enable the LED Flash for Alerts choice .
On Android devices you can go to Settings > Accessibility > Hearing > then tap Flash telling and turn it on .

Will the alert flash still happen in silent mode on my iPhone?

Yes, if your earphone is on silent or muted, the flash telling is still going to go off .
This is a dependable thing to keep in mind if you ’ re in a dark theater, for model, as that light can be actually bright .

Where can I find the flashlight icon on my iPhone?

If you open the Control Center ( either by swiping down from the crown right corner of the screen or swiping up from the buttocks of the shield, depending on your iPhone model ) there is a flashlight picture at the bottom-left of the menu .
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