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Zoom meetings, television calls have become a part of our daily lives. Most of us attend zoom meetings every day. Business meetings, Online lectures, and lots of other things happen via soar. One of the best advantages of virtual meetings is that you can just join the meet, do some other work, and no one would notice. In this article, we hope to give you some tips to do it better. We will discuss how to mute zoom audio without muting the computer.

How to mute Zoom audio without muting Windows personal computer

If you are using Windows OS, you can turn down or mute the zoom volume using the sound recording mixer. Windows sound recording mixer allows you to turn down the volume of each application individually. What you have to do is, open the volume mixer and turn down the volume for soar application merely. 1. In your windows personal computer. Right-click on the volume icon on the bottom right corner ( near the date )

2. From the menu cluck on “ Open Volume Mixer

3. From the volume mixer pawl on the volume for “ Zoom meetings ” and turn it down or mute it. ( Do not turn down the volume for rapid climb ). now your rapid climb meet bulk is muted, but other applications will have the personal computer volume .

How to mute Zoom audio without muting – Mac

In Mac /MacBook, you do not have an option such as an sound recording mixer. sol, if you need to turn down or mute the volume for the zoom app only, you need to adjust the volume in zoom settings. 1. While you are on the zoom meeting, chatter on the soar meet controls for sound recording ( the little up arrow near the mic button )
2. Click on Audio settings.
3. Turn down the volume for “ Speaker “.

now your soar merging volume will be turned down. If you want to mute the rapid climb touch, turn down the book to zero .

How to mute Zoom audio from Zoom meeting controls without muting calculator

Zoom offers an option in zoom meetings in which you can leave calculator audio while you are in the converge. When you leave calculator audio, both your mic and loudspeaker won ’ t workplace in rapid climb call. From this option, you can wholly mute your soar shout. 1. In the rapid climb confluence click on the rapid climb meet controls for audio.
2. Click on “ Leave computer audio ”. As we mentioned earlier, this will completely disconnect your calculator audio from zoom meet. So the meeting will be muted. In this option, you can not turn down the volume but completely mute the soar meeting. besides Read : How to Do a Breakout Room in Zoom


Can you listen to music while on Zoom ?

If you are on a Windows personal computer, you can listen to music or play another video recording on your calculator while you are in a zoom meeting. But if you do not turn down or mute your rapid climb margin call, both your soar meet and the audio you are playing outwardly will hear in the same audio level. So you need to turn down the volume for your soar meet if you are listening to some other type of audio on your calculator .

Can I mute Zoom audio while watching YouTube ?

You can mute or turn down the volume of your zoom meet while you watch YouTube on your personal computer. Follow one of the methods we described above to turn down the volume of your rapid climb meet and you can play YouTube videos while in rapid climb suffer without getting disturbed.

Can the host or others see if I mute zoom converge ?

If you mute the zoom audio from calculator settings or using soar audio settings, the horde or the participants will not know that you have muted the meeting. But if you leave computer audio from rapid climb controls, the mic icon in your thumbnail will disappear and the host and the early participants can notice that you have not joined the confluence with audio. besides Read : Quick Guide on How to Change Zoom Background on Android

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