How to Uninstall or Remove Internet Explorer

What to Know

  • In Windows 10 through Vista, turn Internet Explorer off through the Windows Features screen.
  • In Windows XP, use the Set Program Access and Defaults utility.

Uninstalling Internet Explorer can cause problems with your calculator ; rather, disable it. here ‘s how to do sol in Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

How to Disable Internet Explorer

Test an alternative browser first, such as Edge, Chrome, or Firefox, then follow the steps below to disable Internet Explorer. See which version of Windows you have to know which fructify of these directions to use.

In Windows 10, 8, 7, and Vista

In Windows 10 through Windows Vista, disable Internet Explorer by turning it off through the Windows Features blind. hera ‘s how to get there :

These instructions will disable IE, not remove it. Your computer will continue to use the browser for inner processes .

  1. In Windows 10, open the Start menu and choose Settings ( the gear icon ) .
    For other versions of Windows, exposed Control Panel .
    Gear icon in Windows Start menu

  2. Select Apps in Windows 10, or Programs in other Windows versions .
    Apps in Windows Settings

  3. Select Apps & Features on the left and then Programs and Features on the correct .
    Choose Programs and Features if you ‘re in Control Panel .
    Programs and Features in Apps & features

  4. From the exit pane, choose Turn Windows features on or off .
    Turn Windows features on or off

  5. clear up the Internet Explorer 11 arrest box .
    Internet Explorer 11 deselected checkbox

  6. In the admonition dialogue box, confirm that you want to disable Internet Explorer, and then select OK on the Windows Features screen .

  7. When prompted to restart your calculator for the change to take impression, blue-ribbon Restart now, or restart manually. When the computer reboots, Internet Explorer is disabled .
    Restart now button in Windows Features panel

disable Internet Explorer in Windows XP

One way to disable Internet Explorer in Windows XP is to use the Set Program Access and Defaults utility, available as part of all XP installations with at least the SP2 overhaul pack installed .

  1. Navigate to Control Panel : Go to Start and select Control Panel ( or Settings and then Control Panel, depending on how Windows is set up on the computer ) .
    Control Panel in Windows XP Start menu

  2. Select Add or Remove Programs .
    Add or Remove Programs in Windows XP Control Panel
    Depending on how the OS is set up, you may not see the Add or Remove Programs icon. To find this icon, choose Switch to Classic View on the forget .
  3. Select Set Program Access and Defaults .
    Set Program Access and Defaults button in Add or Remove Programs dialog

  4. Choose Custom .

  5. In the Choose a default Web browser section, clear the Enable access to this program check box .
    Enable access to this program

  6. Select OK. Windows applies the changes and the Add or Remove Programs window closes mechanically .

Why You Ca n’t Uninstall Internet Explorer

There are many reasons why people want to remove Internet Explorer from a Windows calculator. alternate browsers are sometimes faster, provide better security, and contain better features. however, there is no safe method acting to remove Internet Explorer .

This is because it ‘s actually more than just a browser. It works as an underlying technology for a number of home processes including updating the operate system and apps, basic Windows functions, and more .

There are methods outlined on some websites that wholly uninstall Internet Explorer and provide workarounds for the problems that removing it causes, but there may be excessively many problems and the workarounds may not work .

rather of uninstalling it, disable it. You ‘ll get all the benefits that removing IE gives, but without the possibility of creating dangerous system problems. Another option is to run two browsers simultaneously on a single personal computer. Designate one browser the nonpayment browser but both are rid to access the internet .

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