How to uninstall Malwarebytes from Mac step-by-step

so here ‘s a peak for you : Download CleanMyMac to cursorily solve some of the issues mentioned in this article. But to help you do it all by yourself, we ’ ve gathered our best ideas and solutions below. Having spent some years coding applications for macOS we ’ ve created a tool that everybody can use. The all-around trouble fixing agent for Mac. There are many programs and software created for macOS, but while some apps are optional, antivirus is credibly a must thing to have on your Mac. As the number of malware and viruses increases with the appearance of new vulnerabilities, you indeed need to protect your Mac with brawny software. Malwarebytes is one of such anti-malware programs .
pretty childlike and slowly to use, this app, though, is a die-hard tool when it comes to detecting and crashing malware. There are batch of early anti-malware options available, and one may suit your needs better than another. therefore, if you consider changing antivirus, read on to find out how to uninstall Malwarebytes.

Remove Malwarebytes from your Mac manually 

Follow the instructions to uninstall Malwarebytes :

  1. Open Malwarebytes.
  2. Go to the Menu on the top-left and click Help.
  3. From the drop-down menu, choose Uninstall Malwarebytes.

    image6 1581950743.png?auto=format&fm=png&ixlib=php 3.3

  4. Click Yes in the confirmation window.
  5. Enter your admin password to proceed.

image7 1581951000.png?auto=format&fm=png&ixlib=php 3.3
Malwarebytes is nowadays successfully deleted .

How to remove Malwarebytes leftover files 

Although there is no Malwarebytes software on your Mac now, there are probably some leftover files left. normally, such items are hidden out there in the hinterlands of your Mac, so it ’ s not easy to locate them .
I tried looking for such orphan files myself but found that it ’ south faster to do with an app. CleanMyMac X is a Mac clean app that analyzes what you have on your Mac and shows you all leftovers. here, you can see what Malwarebytes has left on my machine :
Module Intro Uninstaller Leftovers Selection 1615827992.png?auto=format&fm=png&ixlib=php 3.3
That ’ s not a lot, but as CleanMyMac X helped me discover these files, I can remove them and prevent clutter in my Mac ’ randomness organization. You can besides use this app to remove Malwarebytes from your Mac. here ’ s what you need to do :

  1. Get CleanMyMac X for your MacBook. 
  2. After you install the app, open it.
  3. Go to the Uninstaller module from the menu on the left.
  4. Find Malwarebytes on the list and check it.
  5. en 1614270274.png?auto=format&fm=png&ixlib=php 3.3

  6. Press Uninstall. 

CleanMyMac X will then delete both app and its defend files.

How to uninstall all Malwarebytes software at once? 

Malwarebytes designs products for assorted purposes. They develop software for your personal use and adenine well create programs for business. In case you have a match of Malwarebytes products on your Mac, here ’ s how you can delete all of them at once :

  1. Download the Mac uninstall script from the Malwarebytes official site.
  2. Unzip the archive and open the Uninstall_MWB file.
  3. Click Open.

    image1 1581952174.png?auto=format&fm=png&ixlib=php 3.3

  4. Click Yes to proceed.  

    image3 1581952585.png?auto=format&fm=png&ixlib=php 3.3

  5. Enter your password for confirmation.
  6. The removal will start running.
  7. After it is done, you will see this window.

nowadays, you can restart your Mac and get to use another antivirus of your option .
If Malwarebytes started behaving weirdly, you could reset it alternatively of removing it completely from your Mac. The app I ’ ve told you before, CleanMyMac X, can help you do that. Go to the Uninstaller faculty once again and find Malwarebytes in the list of apps. Check the box next to it, and the Uninstall box should appear. Just click it to choose Reset from the drop-down menu.

Removing Malwarebytes, you will leave your Mac without protective covering against viruses. indeed be argus-eyed not to get it infect .
Like any other app, Malwarebytes have supporting files that can be left even after the removal of the app. It ’ second hard to locate all of them on your Mac, so I prefer using CleanMyMac X to do it. You can besides use it to reset or delete any app you want .
indeed, get your Mac cleaned and remember to scan it for viruses and malware regularly !

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