Learn Instantly: Uninstall YouTube App [Remove Youtube App]

Looking for a guide to uninstall the YouTube app? If your smartphone is running on Android OS then probably you have all the G-Apps ( Google Apps : YouTube, Gmail, etc. ) Pre-installed On your smartphone. And you might wanted to know How to Uninstall Youtube !
In this article, I am gon na teach you How to Delete YouTube and How to Uninstall YouTube from Android. YouTube is a pre-installed app that came directly from the companies .
many people like you and me want to remove the YouTube app from their phones because they don ’ triiodothyronine like it or they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want it .

Ok so let ’ s see the lead on how to remove the YouTube app .

How to Uninstall YouTube From Any Smartphone 

so here is the hide or the tutorial on removing the YouTube app from Android on deleting the app so in that manner you can ’ triiodothyronine use it .

Removing the YouTube App [Deleting YouTube] 

  • Open the Mobile Settings. 
  • Select the App settings > All Apps.
  • Here Tap on the YouTube App > Clear the Data.
  • Now Force Stop 🛑 the YouTube App > At last Disable it. To remove the app. 

How to Uninstall YouTube App

so here is the tutorial on removing the YouTube app from Android on deleting the app indeed in that manner you can ’ thymine use it. By removing youtube from android you can save space. Okay, let ’ s motion on to the tutorial “ How to Uninstall Youtube on Android or from any earphone ” It ’ s the easiest way to delete youtube app .

  • 1. Open Mobile Settings

    Settings On Mobile

  • Open the Mobile Settings. 
  • 2. Get Into All Apps

    all app list in settings Select the App settings > All Apps. After this Find choice Youtube .

  • 3. Clear Youtube’s Data & Cache

    Clearing the data of youtube here Tap on the YouTube App > Clear the Data .

  • 4. Finally Uninstall Youtube App

    Uninstalling YouTube App now Force Stop the YouTube App > At last disable it. To remove the app .


This is how you can uninstall YouTube app from any smartphone. There is no choice to uninstall the YouTube app unless you root your smartphone and root is besides dangerous. I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate recommend it and I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate even recommend uninstalling YouTube. Can i uninstall Youtube app ?

Yes, you can easily uninstall the youtube app practically. however, Android users can ’ t directly delete the app or uninstall it. On the other hand, android drug user can delete the youtube app, so it won ’ metric ton work, and will not be sown in the app drawer
Why can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate i uninstall youtube ?

You can ’ t uninstall the Youtube app because Youtube is being pre-installed on all the android devices. furthermore, it ’ s G-Apps that are installed on the android. however, you can good disable the app, and uninstall the youtube app ’ s update. That could be technically uninstalling the youtube app .

Additional Steps to Uninstall YouTube App from Android

To uninstall or disable the YouTube app wholly. Sometimes you will get only the choice to force stop the YouTube APK but not to disable it if the release is not working. To make it work, disable the YouTube app and uninstall it .
uninstalling youtube updates You have to uninstall the recent updates of the YouTube app to disable and remove the YouTube app from your call .
If you have reasons like you are using excessively much or your kids are using excessively a lot I recommend you to use parental dominance apps like digital wellbeing on many parental control apps out there in the market. You can read our article on the best parental operate apps .
To Install youtube on your device, to do so Get into app settings > Disable the app & Moreover, uninstall the updates. Youtube is pre-installed on most phones, it can ’ triiodothyronine be uninstalled. It can entirely be disabled so that it ’ second icon won ’ metric ton picture .
technically, it ’ s possible to uninstall the youtube app but the capture is, it won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be permanently uninstalled. It can only be disabled and power stopped. then, the Youtube icon won ’ thyroxine read. however, you can re-enable the app from settings .

Here’s Why not uninstall YouTube 

There are many people and some parents who want to uninstall this app because possibly the children are using this excessively much spending more time on the screen door .
To all those people and parents, I request you to use parental control apps. In the era of technology, kids are living in the tech-era kids normally discuss Youtuber, games, memes .
even my cousin sisters who I am 5th to 10th criterion always discuss YouTubers life
For example My sister : See how this YouTuber is making fishy contentedness and harbor and besides talk about some big educational creators like Aman dhattarwal, Sandeep Maheshwari and Civil Beings, etc .
many parental control apps will help you to control their screen time and you can flush control what they are seeing/watching on the smartphone on the sites they are visiting .

Uninstall Youtube: Conclusion

ultimately, I want to force you to keep the YouTube app. Uninstall the YouTube app if you want. I can just give you another position from my point of watch. Let me know what your luff of view on that topic is in the comments. I would love to discuss these kinds of things .
That ’ s it for today I showed you how to uninstall a YouTube app and how to delete a YouTube app on Android or any smartphone which is running on the Android function system .

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