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, have you tried unlocking with your carrier ?

How to unlock for rid :
*you must meet

all their policy


1 Purchased calculate from the carrier
2 1 e1646142196637 original account holder
3 e1646142395153 Device must not be blacklisted
4 1 contract obligations fulfilled
5 Device must be in full paid off

More information on carrier unlocking policies:


Unlocking from T-Mobile? To learn more ▶ Link
Unlocking from AT&T? To learn more ▶ Link
Unlocking from Verizon? To learn more ▶ Link
Unlocking from StraightTalk? To learn more ▶ Link
Unlocking from TracFone? To learn more ▶ Link
Unlocking from MetroPCS? To learn more ▶ Link
Unlocking from Cricket? To learn more ▶ Link

 You weren’t eligible? No problem! We have you covered!  
We at Cellunlocker have a premium net unlocking service that does NOT require these across-the-board carrier conditions to unlock your phone .
All you need is the IMEI of your device by dialing *#06# to fill out our form on this service page to place your order. Our system is automated to ensure the fastest delivery times, we ’ ll e-mail you angstrom soon as it ’ sulfur unlock .
Cold feet? you shouldn ’ triiodothyronine be ! We besides have a 100% money-back guarantee in the exemplify that we can not unlock your phone then you will be amply refunded. It ’ s a win-win for everyone ! 😎
If you have any questions please feel release to reach out to our dedicate patronize team .

How Do I Unlock My Samsung Phone?

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Phone By Unlock Code

Our Samsung Unlocking procedure is condom, easy to use, elementary and 100 % Guaranteed to unlock your earphone careless of your net ! once you receive our 8 digit Samsung Unlock code ( Network code ) and easy to follow instructions, your Samsung phone will be unlocked within 2 minutes. You will then be able to use your unlock Samsung Smartphone and use the SIM card of your choice ! We can unlock all the ​_newest Samsung Models including Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S6, Note 3, Galaxy S5 Neo, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3 + many more. We can unlock most GSM Carriers including At & deoxythymidine monophosphate, T-Mobile, Rogers, Fido, Bell, Telus, Vodafone + many more. Once you Unlock your Samsung earphone by Unlock Code, it is permanently unlock, evening after you update your firmware. This is the lapp method acting Networks will use and charge you $ 50 and over to unlock your telephone. Get your telephone sim-free and unlock today ! How To Unlock A Samsung Phone is fast and comfortable with Cellunlocker.netSamsung Network Unlock

We unlock your Samsung phone from any carrier restrictions, you ’ ll be free to use any sim .
Samsung Unlock From Home
The step by Step action is sol slowly do it from base. No Software or Cables required .
Samsung Save on roaming fees
If you are traveling, save money by buying a local anesthetic SIM card. Use the sim card of your choice internationally .
Samsung Lowest Price Guaranteed
There are no middlemen ! We will match/beat any rival price .
Samsung Official Unlocking Method
accurate like method your provider will use. No risk in damaging your call or voiding guarantee .
Samsung Lifetime Staff Support
We have agents working around the clock 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns .
Samsung Results sent via Email
No want to bring your phone in, all results are emailed to you. Unlock from the consolation of your own home .
Samsung 100% Money Back Guaranteed 
If we are unable to unlock your telephone you will be refunded 100 % .

We can even Unlock Samsung Galaxy Phones Your Carrier will Not Unlock for you!

Network / Carrier Unlock Yes . This is to unlock your devices carrier restrictions. No more sim lock.
Permanent Unlock Yes . Once unlocked it is permanent, no relocking
Blacklist Supported Yes . We can unlock blacklisted phones (no guarantees it will work with the same provider or other domestic carriers)
Unpaid Bill Supported Yes . Unpaid bill status devices can be unlocked
SIM card Required Yes . A sim card from a different carrier will be required
Data Cable Required No . No need to plug it into a computer unless it must be done via an alternative method

Keep in mind, Unlocking a Samsung phone is 100% Legal. It does NOT void your warranty, contract or affect the plan you currently have.

Get Your Samsung Phone Unlocked

Unlock all Samsung Galaxy Devices Including:

Find your model:
+ many other Samsung Variants!

The Unlocking Process

    1. Fill out the unlock form with your device details
    2. Once we have received your request form, we will start to search for your unlock code.
    3. Our automated system will email you the Samsung unlock code when it’s ready.
    4. Enter the Samsung unlock code emailed to you. Follow our how-to unlock walkthrough.

Disclaimer: Your device must automatically prompt for an unlock code after restarting with a different SIM card. If your device does not ask you for an unlock code, then you do not need our services and you will not be refunded if still ordered. If you are uncertain then please contact us first before purchasing!

Unsupported Networks

  • Straight talk
  • Net10
  • Softbank Japan
  • Tracfone
  • Simple Mobile
  • Family Mobile

Samsung Devices with Pre-installed Unlock App

If your device carries the unlock app they require unlocking through that service .
T-Mobile Unlock App
Metro PCS Unlock App

Please be advised that if you club codes and your device carries the pre-installed app/software, you will not be eligible for a refund .

Need Help?

If you have any further questions, please contact our 24/7 support .

Ready to Unlock your Samsung Phone Now?

Please go to “ Complete Your Unlock ” and fill in the information. Please make certain your IMEI Number is decline as it is very significant in obtaining your Samsung Unlock Code. Verify your IMEI Number by pressing *#06# on your dial pad .

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