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Realtek PCIe GBE Familly Controller Device Manager

Among the child issues in Windows 10, ill working network connection ranks top at the concern tilt. In most cases, users complained that they are having a rather slow rush network connection. This is normally caused by outdated network adapter driver.

In this post, we will focus on helping you download and update driver for your Ethernet association adapter thus as to fix your network connection trouble.

Follow the steps below to get your Ethernet driver updated !

Step One: Identify the driver you need 
Step Two: Locate the driver manually
Step Three: Download and update the driver 

Note : It is always suggested that you try update your device driver via Device Manager beginning. Windows will normally provide you with the latest translation of driver it could find. But this is not constantly exercise, particularly when you are already having trouble with your current driver. So it is suggested that you update your drivers in some other ways.

Step One: Identify the driver you need 

1 ) To update your driver, the beginning thing you need to do is to identify the device driver you have.

To accurately identify the model of the device driver you have, please press Windows key and X at the lapp time, then choose Device Manager.

img 58aa64b05286b

2 ) click to expand category Network adapters. then you should be able to see the name of your Ethernet connection arranger. We are having Intel 82574L Gigabit Network Connection.

img 58aa652d8cccb

Yours could be with the name Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller, or Broadcom NetLink (TM) Gigabit Ethernet or some early names,

Once you have identify the list for your driver, move on to the future dance step.


1 ) alternatively, you can besides go to the corroborate of the manufacturer of your calculator, such as ASUS, ACER, HP, Dell, Lenovo, and then search for the available updates for your device drivers. It requires that you know precisely the model of your computer, which might be easier for those with laptops.

2 ) besides, to increase the preciseness of the driver located, you can besides check the hardware IDs for your device so as to make sure that you are not downloading the defective driver for your device.

To check the hardware IDs, double click the device driver you have, and then navigate to the Details check. then choose Hardware Ids from the cliff down box. And you will be able to see the detail information for your device.

img 58aa6c172ee29

You can copy and paste the hardware IDs in the search locomotive to look for the driver in this room if you are a more boost calculator user.

Step Two: Locate the driver manually

1 ) immediately that we have the model of the Ethernet arranger driver, we can go to appropriate websites to search for the driver that we need.

Take the device that we have for an exemplar, we are having Intel 82574L Gigabit Network Connection driver, so we are going to support web site of Intel.

Go to the Drivers & Software section on Intel Support beginning. type in the identify of our arranger in the center box. then hit the search picture.

img 58a552a94222f

2 ) You should go to the hold web site of the manufacturer for your Ethernet driver. If the manufacturer is Realtek, go to Realtek patronize ; if the manufacturer is Broadcom, just go to Broadcom support accordingly.

Step Three: Download and update the driver 

1 ) now that we have located the driver in the support web site of the network adapter manufacturer, which is Intel in this case, we just need to choose Drivers from the flatten down menu on the left.

img 58a55382c3cce

2 ) choose from the results the driver that fits your position. We can see that the latest version of the driver seems to be designed for Windows 7 OS, but we can give it a hear to install it on our Windows 10 OS.

img 58a5540b9baca

3 ) now, suction stop into the web page for this driver, and then download the right translation for you.

img 58a554f582ed1

4 ) When you finish the download, extract the file and then run the installation setup app to install it by yourself.

If you think the hale summons of downloading and updating Ethernet driver manually excessively boring, why not leave all the problems to Driver Easy ?

Driver Easy automatically helps you detect, download and update device drivers that are needed or missing in your personal computer with equitable a couple of clicks in few minutes.

img 58ee02b0f096d

With the serve of Driver Easy, downloading and update device drivers is nobelium longer a headache, and the minor problems you have in your calculator caused by drivers are all ready to be solved in just two clicks.

Tempted ? If yes, give Driver Easy a try on now !

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