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Where can I find OBS on Steam?

Simply search for “ OBS Studio ” on the Steam Store or follow this radio link to get directly to the OBS Studio shop page : hypertext transfer protocol : //

Why are you releasing OBS on Steam?

Over the years, we have received requests to publish OBS on Steam as it provides a convenient way to install and update software. For many users, it is one of their chief sources for the programs on their machines. In general, we want to offer OBS through diverse platforms to reach both our current and future users angstrom well as potential. This includes our presence on the Microsoft Store for Windows and our most recent expansion to Flathub on Linux. steam is part of this enterprise.

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Is it free or paid?

The OBS Studio Steam interpretation is and constantly will be free, merely like on our web site. We may explore using the Steam platform to provide extra ways of financially supporting OBS development in the future, but the application itself will remain rid and we will never charge for or paywall features. If you are concern in finanically supporting the OBS Project, check out our put up foliate .

Is there a difference between the Steam and regular version?

OBS Studio on Steam is the demand same version as you would download from our web site .

Which operating systems are supported?

OBS on Steam supports macOS 10.13 or higher a well as Windows 8.1 or higher ( 64-bit only ). Linux is presently not supported ( see “ Will there be a Linux version ? “ section below ) .

Are cloud saves supported?

Steam cloud saves are not supported.

We experimented with enabling Steam Auto-Cloud but ran into several issues and limitations, such as assets not being included and cross-platform synchronize deleting files it should n’t or getting stuck on conflicts, which made them unreliable and potentially confusing to users. however, we are working on building better ways of exporting/importing and backing up your OBS datum regardless of chopine. Stay tuned !

Are additional Steam features (Workshop, Achievements, etc.) supported?

No. Due to OBS Studio being licensed under the GPL, we are not able to utilize the Steamworks SDK to offer such features .

Are plugins supported?

Plugins can be installed and used as normal. Most plugin installers should automatically use the Steam library initiation path. For manual installs, the OBS installation folder can quickly be located by right-clicking OBS Studio in your Steam library and selecting “ wangle ” – > “ Browse local files ”. note that plugins can not be distributed via Steam Workshop due OBS ‘s GPL license ( see above ).

Will there be a Linux version?

presently we have no concrete plans for providing a Linux build on Steam. While for Windows and macOS we can merely reuse our existing builds, Linux would require a different construct that is separate from our Ubuntu PPA or Flatpak efforts. While we will look into the feasibility of providing such a interpretation, we are already reasonably busy as-is and will be focusing on Flatpak a well as general OBS-on-Linux exploitation for the time being. We recommend that Linux users use our Flatpak for a well supported, first-party OBS experience on a large kind of distros : hypertext transfer protocol : //

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