How to Update Oculus Quest 2 Software: Automatic & Manual

The Oculus Quest 2 is a bang-up VR headset, and thanks to regular software updates, it keeps getting better. In fact, the Oculus Quest 2 software looks near unrecognizably compared to the software it shipped with back in 2020, with a compass of newly features and UI tweaks rolled out to the headset to improve the experience and functionality over time .
That makes Oculus Quest 2 software updates reasonably authoritative – so how can you make sure you ’ ra running the latest software ? We talk you through how to update the software on your Quest 2 right here, both mechanically and manually .

What’s the latest software update for the Quest 2?

At the time of write, Meta is in the action of rolling out v37 to Quest 2 users, introducing the model for Horizon Home in the do months with the ability to ( ultimately ) walk around the virtual Home environment. No friends can join your Horizon Home space just however, but that ’ ll be coming soon .
It besides features a new Stationary Guardian mode that utilises the passthrough television camera in stead of a wireframe, improved image asperity using Oculus Link and more.

As with all Quest 2 updates, the rollout can take a few days to reach your headset once released to the public, so if you ’ re not seeing the update right immediately, good baby-sit tight .

How to automatically keep the Quest 2 software up to date

The good news is that your Oculus Quest 2 should keep itself up to date if you use it regularly. It won ’ triiodothyronine download and install updates while you ’ re using the headset, of course, but it ’ ll run the update work when it ’ s connected to Wi-Fi, powered on and not in use .
There are a few stipulations to trigger the automatic update procedure, so if you ’ re finding that your Quest 2 international relations and security network ’ t automatically installing pending updates, follow these tips :

  • Keep your headset charged up
  • Make sure that your headset is powered on
  • Make sure your Quest 2 is connected to an active Wi-Fi connection
  • Leave the headset on a flat surface for a long period of time, ensuring that nothing is blocking the inside sensor

It ’ south worth noting that your Quest 2 won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate automatically install updates if it ’ randomness either sleeping or wholly powered down. While the latter international relations and security network ’ t a surprise, the early is, considering the headset goes to sleep within 15 seconds of removing the headset.

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How to manually download Quest 2 software updates

The finical nature of automatic pistol Oculus Quest 2 software updates meant Meta was forced to build a traditional manual update process into the headset – a feature that, surprisingly, wasn ’ thymine available at launch back in 2020 .
The dependable news is that manually triggering a software update is a square process that ’ ll require no more than for you to don the headset to access the Settings menu.

here ’ s how to download the latest Quest 2 software updates manually :

  1. Put on your Oculus Quest 2.
  2. Press the Oculus button on the right controller to bring up the universal menu.
    oculus quest button thumb
  3. Click the clock in the bottom-left of the universal menu to access the Quick Settings menu.
    update quest 2 software 4 thumb
  4. Select the Settings (cog icon) in the top-right.
    update quest 2 software 1 thumb
  5. Select System.
    update quest 2 software 3 thumb
  6. Select Software Update from the left-hand menu.
    update quest 2 software 2 thumb
  7. If there’s a software update available, select the Download Update button to start the update process.

The update should then be downloaded and installed on your headset – just be sure to leave it powered on, on a flatcar surface .
matter to in learning more about your VR headset ? Take a count at our survival of the top Oculus Quest 2 tips to help you get the most from your virtual have .

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