3 Ways to Download and Update WIFI Drivers for Windows 10/11

WIFI is very important and commodious for a laptop or pill. Connecting the laptop to the Internet from the wireless device is very easy. But sometimes, after upgrading to Windows 10, the WIFI driver is not recognized, possibly you can not connect your laptop to the Internet again. Updating the WIFI driver will be directly direction. There are respective methods you can download and update the WIFI drivers for windows 10/11 .
1: Update WIFI Drivers from Device Manager
2: Update WIFI Driver Automatically

3: Download WIFI Drivers Manually

Method 1: Update WIFI Drivers from Device Manager

Updating the WIFi driver will be a direct way to solve the WIFI can not be connected error after upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or Windows 8 .
1. Open the device director .
2. Expand the Network adapters. You will see the network devices list here. The Ethernet network device ( normally it is PCIe GBE Family accountant ), the radio net device ( here is Intel R Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160 ) and WAN Mini port .
3. Right-click radio receiver ( WIFI ) network device and choose Update Driver. It will enter the WIFi drivers download and update window .
update wifi driver
4. In the Wireless arranger drivers download window, select the first gear option : Search automatically for updated driver software .
then Windows 10 will search the Intel WIFI driver automatically and update it fast .
After updated the WIFI driver, you can check the new driver interpretation from the Properties > Driver tab key .

Method 2: Update WIFI Driver Automatically

If you have a trouble with updating the WIFI driver manually, or there are more drivers you need to update, you can update all the drivers automatically. This will save more time. For the automatic way, you can use Driver Booster to help you. Driver Boostercan fix the WIFI driver issues easily and promptly .
even if WIFI doesn ’ triiodothyronine work on Windows 10, you can besides first use Driver Booster to fix network failure and then update the radio receiver drivers to make your WIFI connection runs faster .
1. Download Driver Booster on your personal computer.

2. After installing and running it, hit Scan .
driver booster scan now
then you can see Driver Booster is scanning for the missing, corrupted or even faulty drivers for your personal computer .
3. Find out Network adapters and then choose to Update the WIFI driver Windows 10 .
driver booster update wireless driver

Tips: How to Use Driver Booster to Fix Network error?

It is foolproof. Just cluck Tools on the impart side of Driver Booster and then you will find an option Fix Network Failure .
driver booster fix network failure
After Driver Booster installed the WIFI driver automatically for you, try to check in Device Manager driver properties whether the driver suits on Windows 10 .

Method 3: Download WIFI Drivers Manually

Another way is downloading the WIFI driver manually from the WIFI device official site, although not everyone knows how to do it .
If you know the WIFI device diagnose, you can download it from the official driver ’ s download kernel. If you do not know its name, you can find it from the device coach .
Open the device manager and then find it from the net adapter, whether it is an inner wireless device or an external USB wireless device. normally, there will be a Realtek radio device or an Intel wireless device .
here my laptop WIFI device is Intel R Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160, so you can download it from Intel official site or use the Intel driver utility software helping you. Of course, if you find it is the Realtek, TP_Link, HP, Dell or early radio devices, go to the official web site to download it manually .
So you can use these 3 ways to download the WIFI drivers to Windows 10 latest adaptation. Choose the best means you like .
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