How to Update WiFi Drivers in Windows 10

WiFi drivers are software that enables communication between the manoeuver system and network adapters. Using an outdated or corrupt radio driver may result in devolve system performance. Hence, it is necessary to keep your WiFi drivers up-to-date thus that your WiFi doesn ’ thyroxine act up. You can replace the older WiFi drivers with their latest versions to ensure healthy radio connectivity. In this article, I will be mentioning some methods to update WiFi drivers in Windows 10 .

Solution 1: Search Online and Download Latest Wireless Adapter Driver

The first thing that you can do is download the latest wireless network arranger drivers yourself. It would help if you preferred to download the WiFi driver update from the official device manufacturer ’ s website on your Windows 10 personal computer .
step 1 : overt Command Prompt. For this, press Win + R. Run box will open ; type cmd and weight-lift Enter key .
step 2 : In Command prompt window, character netsh wlan show drivers

step 3 : press Enter key. now, you will view driver details, including name, date, translation, seller, provider, type, etc .
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dance step 4 : nowadays, copy your driver ’ randomness name from CMD, then go to Google Search, paste the replicate name into the search box, and hit Enter button .
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gradation 5 : You will be able to view different results. Click on the connection from where you want to download your WiFi driver .
step 6 : download the radio net adapter driver ’ mho latest build by clicking on the respective push button .
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mistreat 7 : After downloading the WiFi driver on your personal computer, unzip the booklet and run the installer file. You will be guided through the driver installation. Follow the onscreen instructions and complete the installation process .
step 8 : When the driver update is complete, restart your computer to apply changes made by the updates .
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Solution 2: Go to Device Manager to Update WiFi Driver

You can besides update the wireless adapter driver through Device Manager. here are the steps :
tone 1 : crusade Windows + Q key to open up the Search box and type Device Manager .
step 2 : open Device Manager and scroll down to the Network Adapter section .
step 3 : now, you need to click on Network Adapter to expand the list of network adapters, then navigate to your radio arranger .
step 4 : Right-click on the WiFi driver and select the Update Driver choice from the context menu .
measure 5 : future, you can let Windows search automatically for updated driver software and install it on your personal computer. Or, you can manually provide the driver location and then install it on your Windows 10 personal computer .
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gradation 6 : Make surely to restart your Windows 10 personal computer to ensure that the radio arranger driver software is updated .

Solution 3: Use a Driver Update Software

You can besides use third-party software to update the wireless network driver mechanically. A driver updater program searches for all outdated drivers present on your personal computer and lets you mechanically update network drivers. This eases out the hale job of updating the Wi-Fi driver software in Windows 10.

several free driver updater software is available on-line. Let us check out a couple of them .
alert Driver Installer Origin is a software program designed to scan for outdated drivers present on your calculator and update them accordingly. It can besides find the missing drivers that you need to install on your personal computer. This software is available for free and can be downloaded on different Windows versions, including Windows 10. It is provided in a travel-friendly “ portable box, ” so it works without any installation. now, have a look at the driver update steps below .

How to update driver in Windows 10 using Driver Updater “Snappy Driver Installer Origin”:

step 1 : unzip the downloaded booklet and run SDIO.exe file .
mistreat 2 : It will scan your personal computer for missing and outdated drivers and then show a list of all of them .
measure 3 : immediately, open the Update control panel by clicking the Updates are an available option .
tone 4 : Select the WiFi drivers that you want to update and then click on the Ok button. You can besides click on the Network Only button to update all network drivers at once .
It will take some clock time to update WiFi drivers, depending upon your internet accelerate .
Driver Easy is besides a free driver updater software that automatically searches for outdated WiFi and early drivers and allows you to update them in a few clicks. This software has both Free and PRO ( paid ) versions. The paid version has more functionalities, but the free interpretation does the work of updating network drivers. It is compatible with Windows 10 and early versions of the Windows operate on system .

How to update WiFi driver using Driver Easy:

step 1 : download and run the Driver Easy installer file and follow on-screen instructions to install this driver updater program on your Windows 10 personal computer. launch Driver Easy by going to the Start menu .
gradation 2 : click on the Scan push button to let it recognize outdated drivers on your calculator. It will take 2-3 minutes to complete the scan .
footfall 3 : After some time, it will list all the outdated drivers and all the update drivers. From the list, check the WiFi driver that you need to upgrade in Windows .
step 4 : adjacent, click the Update push button present besides the driver name .
step 5 : On the following screen, you will be prompted to either mechanically or manually create regenerate points. Automatic repair points can be made in the PRO interpretation alone. If you want to continue using the rid translation, choose the Manually Create choice and then click the Continue push button .
step 6 : It will now download the WiFi driver update. The download will take some time, depending on the internet travel rapidly .
footstep 7 : When the download is finished, you can install a Wi-Fi driver update on your personal computer by following your blind ’ s instructions.



Outdated WiFi drivers can affect the performance of your network and system. It can slow down your network, causing multiple connectivity issues. indeed, always keep your WiFi drivers updated. You can download and install the latest translation of your network driver on-line from the manufacturer ’ s web site. besides, Windows Device Manager and third-party driver updater can be used to update WiFi drivers .
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