How to Update Zoom on Mac, If Updating Not Working or Installing Fails

You launched Zoom on the Mac, you can ’ thymine join a meeting because Zoom requires an update, but the update to Zoom fails. Don ’ t panic !
If you ’ ve tried to update Zoom on the Mac and the update facility is not working or outright fails, you ’ ra not alone. For whatever reason some Mac users find that updating Zoom for Mac is not always a simple as precisely clicking the ‘ update ’ and ‘ install ’ buttons, because the app finally quits, but then does not complete initiation of the update. Updating Zoom is necessity because you won ’ thymine be able to join meetings or host them, or use the app at all if its excessively out of date.

then how do you update Zoom for Mac, even if the Zoom update fails to install ? It ’ s actually pretty easy, as you ’ ll see in a moment. We ’ ll top two ways to update Zoom on the Mac ; the first is the common means which should work for most users, and the second far under is how you can update Zoom on Mac even if it ’ s not installing or the update is not working as expected .

How to Update Zoom on Mac via Zoom

much if you just choose the “ Update ” push button at establish, you will be able to successfully update Zoom for Mac. That ’ s how it should work. You can besides try pulling down the “ Zoom ” menu and choosing “ Check for Updates ” and proceeding with the update function from there .
Check Zoom for updates
This works most of the time, but it doesn ’ thyroxine constantly workplace. If the update fails, use the next method which works to update Zoom every time .

How to Update Zoom for Mac When the Update Installer Fails or is Not Working

The simplest way to force an update to Zoom on the Mac is to plainly re-download and re-install Zoom again, quite than trust on the automatic rifle updater and installer, which is prone to failure.

  1. Go to and choose the big blue Download button to download the latest version of Zoom to the Mac
  2. Now go to your Downloads folder and open the “Zoom.pkg” package installer
  3. Run through the installation of Zoom again (yes, even though Zoom is already installed on the Mac)
  4. When installation is complete, Zoom has been successfully updated to the latest version available
  5. Successfully reinstalled Zoom updates Zoom on Mac

By the way, the same tricks to update Zoom for Mac should work for updating Zoom for Windows a well, but obviously we ’ re focused on the Mac here .
Zoom update available
As for Zoom on iPhone and iPad, you can update those constantly from the App Store on those devices, nice and easily. But Zoom isn ’ thyroxine available in the Mac App Store so you download it directly to the Mac, and to Windows .
While you ’ re at it, why not master turning off the television camera and microphone in Zoom, or learning how screen door sharing in Zoom for Mac works.

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Did this work for you to fix Zoom not updating on the Mac ? Did you have to manually reinstall Zoom on the Mac to get it to update ? Did the manual of arms update from the Zoom menu item knead for you ? Let us know your experiences in the comments, and check out more Zoom tips if you ’ re up for it .

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