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Zoom recordings are stored on your Zoom cloud account (at brown.zoom.us) for a limited time.  
To keep your Zoom recording long-term, you need to upload it to your Google Drive.   

How do I download my recording from Zoom and upload the recording to Google Drive? 

  • Log into your Zoom account at  https://brown.zoom.us. 
  • Click the “Recording” menu option on the left-hand side of the screen to display your list of Cloud Recordings
  • Select the recording you want to download by clicking on the title.  
  • To upload a Zoom cloud recording to your Google Drive, you will need to download them first from your Zoom account. 
  • A new window will appear with the details of your recording similar to one pictured below:1594052451863
  • Hit the download button to the right next to the recording thumbnail image. 
  • Zoom will download three files: the .vtt transcript file, the .m4a audio only file, and the .mp4 video recording.   If you do not need all three files, you can select the option you need by click on one single line of the options listed below the image. 
    • the .vtt transcript file is the written transcription of the meeting, no video or audio
    • the .m4a audio only file is the audio recording of the meeting, no video
    • the .mp4 video recording is the video recording, which includes the audio 
  • Once you’ve selected the files you’d like, you will get the option to download them.  Make note of where you are downloading the file to on your computer (documents, downloads, etc.)
  • Once your file is downloaded, it is stored on your computer. It’s a good idea to open the file and make sure that you dowloaded exactly what you wanted before deleting the file on your Zoom account at brown.zoom.us

Uploading the file to Google Drive

once you ‘ve downloaded the recording file from the Zoom cloud, you can upload the file to your Google Drive and share it with those who will need to access it. You may share with students, staff, staff, and non-Brown consort individuals, merely as you may for any other detail in your Google Drive.

Go to your Brown Google Drive at hypertext transfer protocol : //drive.google.com/ and following these steps :

  1. Log in using your Brown email and password
  2. Upload the file by clicking on New -> File Upload and selecting the file you want to upload to Google Drive.
  3. After uploading is complete, right-click on the file -> Share
  4. Enter the email address of the person with whom you want to share the recording.
  5. Additionally, you can select sharing permissions on the right. Editors may have access to delete or share the file, while viewers will only be able to view the file. Make sure that you’ve shared with the correct people. 
  6. Once you are done adding people who need to see your recording, click Send, and they will receive an email with a link to the file.

Note about Zoom meetings recorded locally (to your computer) rather than recorded to the Zoom cloud:

If you have a Zoom recording stored locally, you can upload it to Google Drive by selecting the charge from where you stored it on your computer, equitable as you would once you ‘ve downloaded a Zoom record from the cloud. If you can not locate your record, go to brown.zoom.us and select the “ local Recording ” section. It ‘s following to the Cloud Recording title in the “ Recordings ” section. You will see a list of the recordings and localization where the charge is stored on your computer.

As always, contact it.brown.edu for help !

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