Complete Guide For How To Use A Router As A Wireless Adapter?

If you have an previous router that you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know what to do with, read How To Use A Router As A Wireless Adapter? You can turn it into a potent radio arranger, or radio receiver bridge, for your personal computer, home entertainment center, or anything else that requires a forcible association . It is besides a great method acting to recycle old equipment because routers feature more mighty antenna that have higher signal force than your distinctive Wi-Fi arranger.

Follow Steps Below For Using Router As A Wireless Adapter


Third-party firmware is required to convert your radio router into a WiFi Adaptor. Check to determine if the firmware will work on your router before making any changes. To do then, go to the firmware ’ s web site and look for your router ’ mho brand and model number on their support foliate ; keep in mind that altering your router in this way may violate your guarantee. You can download the firmware once you ’ ve confirmed that your router is supported .

Firmware Alternatives

It ’ mho simpleton and cheap to Convert Your Router Into A WiFi Adaptor. The majority of third-party firmware choices for this function are either free or cheap. DD-WRT is the most popular firmware in this class, barren Linux-based software that supports over 200 different devices. This firmware adds features to your router that you wouldn ’ t normally find in a consumer-grade router. Tomato, Gargoyle, and OpenWRT are three alternative firmware solutions that each has their own set of functionality. however, they entirely support a humble number of routers. Do you know Port Forwarding ? If you don ’ t know anything about this subject then you will know everything from us.

Update The Firmware

To continue with the procedure, you ’ ll indigence to hard reset your router after installing the latest firmware according to the web site ’ second instructions. This type of reset resets your router to its factory default settings, erasing any customizations you may have made previously. hard resets are often performed by pushing a reset button for 30 seconds until the router ’ s lights flicker, although the most accurate instructions for executing a readjust can be found in your router ’ s drug user manual .


once you ’ ve successfully flashed DD-WRT onto your router, go to your browser ’ mho URL prevention and type in the router ’ s IP address to view its interface ( typically ). It will ask you to create a username and password during the foremost frame-up. “ admin ” and “ settle ” are The default username and password. Select “ Client ” from the “ Wireless Mode ” drop down menu on the “ Wireless ” tab key. Enter the Wi-Fi signal ’ s broadcast medium name ( SSID ) from your primary router. When you access Wi-Fi settings on your personal computer, this is the name of the radio network that displays in the Wi-Fi list. Go to the “ Wireless Security ” check after pressing enforce. Enter the password and choose the encoding protocol that corresponds to your main router. The final footprint is to create a local IP address and a subnet disguise. To get started, go to Setup, then Basic Setup.

Change the nonpayment IP ( normally ) to something unique like in the Local IP section. entirely modify the last two octets, leaving the 192.168 octets alone. If the subnet disguise does not appear to be produced mechanically, insert Unless your router uses a specific IP address, leave the Default Gateway space. If your net uses,, or another IP cover, make certain to change the local IP, subnet masquerade, and gateway to match. The DD-WRT interface should vanish once you hit apply. You should now be prompted with the interface for your primary router when you input the address to access the router you equitable setup .

Troubleshooting And Testing

Wait if something doesn ’ thyroxine seem to be functioning right away. Permit some clock time for the changes to take act. If not, try the trouble-shoot procedures below. Enter “ ipconfig ” into the Command Prompt on your personal computer. The default gateway should use the lapp IP address as the one you specified in DD-Local WRT ’ s IP choice. If everything appears to be in holy order, ping a known IP address. If you receive a reply, you should be able to entree the internet. If not, click to Network Adapter Settings- > Right Click on the Ethernet Connection- > Properties- > IPV4 to update the arranger settings. If none of those portable wireless local area network works, then try pressing the readjust button on the back of your old router for 10 seconds. All settings on the flushable NVRAM will be cleared. If you ’ ve flashed the DD-WRT visualize, the reset should return it to its default option settings.


After completing the instructions above How To Use A Router As A Wireless Adapter? Your router with DD-WRT firmware will connect to your wireless network as a customer, precisely as if you were connecting to the same radio network with a any laptop. Any devices connected to the 4/5 port switch will now be able to connect to the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to create a Wi-Fi adapter?

How to Make a Wireless Adapter from Scratch
Remove the cap and foil covering from the top of a potato chip tube that is empty.
Place the tube on the postpone.
Insert vertical pieces of aluminum foil inside the pipe to cover the sides.
measure 4 inches astir from the bed of the tube with a ruler.
Roll a firearm of aluminum foil into a ball .

Is it possible to utilize an old router as a Wi-Fi router?

You can utilize the old router as a radio repeating firearm if your Wi-Fi network doesn ’ thymine reach every part of your house. A repeating firearm is a device that acts as an access sharpen for your new network router, bouncing radio receiver signals back and forth .

Is it possible to utilize a router as a receiver?

Yes, a wireless router can be connected to another wireless router or access point. You ’ ll be using the router as a repeater if you do it this way. A Wi-Fi repeating firearm or extender is a device that extends the crop of your Wi-Fi network ’ sulfur coverage .

On an old router, how can I extend my Wi-Fi range?

Change the router ’ s IP address from the independent router ’ sulfur ( in my case )
Select Disabled as the detection type.
disable the DHCP waiter ( because the chief router will handle this )
Configure the Wi-Fi with the lapp SSID and password as the main router, but on a different duct.

On an old router, how can I extend my Wi-Fi range?

Change the router ’ s IP address from the main router ’ second ( in my event )
Select Disabled as the detection type.
disable the DHCP waiter ( because the main router will handle this )
Configure the Wi-Fi with the lapp SSID and password as the chief router, but on a unlike transmit .

Is it possible to utilize a router as a Wi-Fi card?

When you use a router as a radio adapter, you get not only wireless access, but besides a multi-port switch to connect your pumped-up devices. This is a terrific manner to connect several devices to the network without having to buy a radio network card for each one. then choice Wireless .

With an ancient router, how can I set up a mesh network?

Connect the pumped-up network to one of the moment router ’ s four ( or more ) wired LAN ports. Make certain the secondary router is configured as a radio receiver access detail ( no WDS or other frills, fair a apparent AP ) with the same SSID ( Wi-Fi network diagnose ), key/password, and security type ( WPA2 personal ) as the chief router .

Is it possible to utilize an old router as a booster?

If you have an previous router lying round, check the manual to see if it can be turned into an extender or recidivist, then follow the instructions cautiously. Check to see if the router supports open-source firmware ( like DD-WRT ). If that ’ s the event, you might be able to use your former router as an extender.

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