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Adapt barrier extenders well frame the skin barrier, and the thinly, compromising hydrocolloid formulation helps conform to uneven body folds and contours. This may help increase clothing time, by reducing barrier edge raise and increasing the adhesive coverage area. These may be beneficial for users who require an extra layer of security, do not use an desegregate tape bordered merchandise, or need extra adhesiveness to accommodate a parastomal hernia or abdominal creases. Features:
• Wide design helps make treat and application easier
• Three-piece configuration surrounds the hide barrier and helps with positioning
• Conforms naturally and easily to torso folds and creases
• Allows tractability of movement
• not made with natural rubber latex General Information:
• May help to provide extra security around the edges of your skin barrier
• May help reduce skin barrier edge lifting
• May aid increase peel barrier wear time
• Easily fits around the edges of your skin barrier without adhesive material boundary line barrier
• Conforms to your body ’ south folds and creases
• Provides extra adhesion to accommodate a parastomal hernia

Using Adapt Barrier Extenders
1. Prepare the skin by removing existing skin barrier and clean the skin around the stoma. Apply new clamber barrier / pouch arrangement
2. Remove the newspaper back from the barrier extender by stretching thinly at each end of the extender
3. Release only one side of the paper backing
4. Place the adhesive material end of the barrier extender along the perimeter of the skin barrier ; covering both skin barrier and the peel next to it. Remove the remaining newspaper backing. Run your fingers along the barrier extender to ensure that it adheres well
5. reprise for any extra strips you require around your barrier
6. The barrier extenders will remove easily with your routine pouch change Frequently Asked Questions:
Can I use barrier extenders with skin barriers that have an adhesive surround barrier ?
YES. Hollister is committed to helping you achieve a estimable burst with your pouching system. A tape border skin barrier is already designed to provide add security and prevent edge lift. A barrier extender can be used to help provide excess security when necessary and may increase wear time. Will this product provide security with my pouching system ?
YES. This product will help secure the skin barrier and helps reduce edge rise. If you are experiencing escape problems, you should seek professional aid from a stoma worry harbor or health care professional. Do barrier extenders contain latex paint ?
NO. The product is made with hydrocolloid adhesive material and polymer/copolymer plastics and not with natural rubber latex paint.

Is the promotion reclaimable ?
YES. Hollister strives to be environmentally creditworthy by being a steward of land ’ randomness limited resources. The plastic packaging is reclaimable. Can I use less than three barrier extenders ?
YES. The strips are to help provide you with supernumerary security around your barrier. Use the strips in areas which you feel necessary or contact your stoma care harbor or health care professional to discuss.

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