The 6 Best SD Cards for the Nintendo Switch in 2022

We independently research, test, recapitulation, and recommend the best products—learn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a deputation. Do n’t look at anything less than 256GB, though higher capacities like 400GB or even 1TB are available if you see the need for them. There are a distribute of different specification for SD Cards, but we think you should equitable buy the Samsung Evo+ 256GB UHS-I microSDXC U3 memory cable car five hundred. The best south dakota cards for the Nintendo Switch need to have enough storehouse space to store all your games, and be fast enough to load them quickly. What makes this SD batting order actually especial is its 100MB/sec understand speed, which is great. It drastically reduces burden times and beefs up data transfer speeds to make short knead of any job to which it ’ sulfur turned. Lexar besides provides increase peace of beware by offering an excellent guarantee and a barren downloadable imitate of their image Rescue Software so that if something does go wrong you can recover your data.

If you ’ re on a mean budget, the Lexar Professional 1000x microSDHC 128GB UHS-II/U3 provides blazing-fast performance at a identical low-cost price point. Compared to much larger capacity cards mentioned on this list, 128GB seems like nothing, but keep in mind that with this much capacity you ‘re more than doubling the native capacity of the Switch. With that said, it ’ south deserving considering that, though this is a brassy budget option, it does represent poor value given its price to capacity ratio. The only downside is the eye-watering price tag. At more than $ 230, this card is more expensive than a sword fresh Nintendo Switch Lite, but for the dedicate bet on fancier with trench pockets and a huge bet on library, this is the obvious choice. If you want the best of the best and money is no object, then the SanDisk 1TB Extreme MicroSDXC UHS-I Memory Card is the obvious choice. With this SD wag you ’ ll easily be able to fit your entire Switch game library onto it with board to spare for years worth of screenshots and video recording clips of your best gameplay moments. It ’ mho besides ruffianly, adenine well, with resistance to shocks, water, and everything else the world can throw at it. It ’ randomness easy to recommend the SanDisk Ultra PLUS 256GB microSDXC UHS-1 memory card if you ’ rhenium looking for this level of capability. SanDisk makes great, trustworthy products and this SD card is no exception. It ’ mho backed up by SanDisk ‘s excellent guarantee and is ruggedly designed to resist drops, submergence in water, extreme temperature, and evening X-rays. What ’ sulfur surprise is precisely how brassy this batting order is, costing fiddling more than a 256GB menu and offering half again the capacity. This is easily the best measure batting order you can buy for the Switch. With massive capacity, the SanDisk Ultra 400GB Micro SDXC UHS-I will have no trouble holding your entire library of games. On top of that, it offers firm 100 MB/s transfer speeds, indeed loading times won ’ metric ton be a trouble. It ’ s an ideal nibble for either the Nintendo Switch, a smartphone, or any other device. Being from SanDisk, you besides know it ’ sulfur built to concluding. additionally, this SD card is no slouch when it comes to speed, so you won ’ metric ton have to wait around for games to load. The only downside to this menu is that the Nintendo stigmatize comes with a price hike over a standard SanDisk card – and once the card is in your interchange, you ‘ll never see it anyhow. This bright yellow switch branded SanDisk calling card in truth stands out from the herd, and for good argue. The SanDisk 256GB MicroSDXC UHS-I Memory Card is determination made for the Nintendo Switch and is certified by Nintendo. That ’ randomness as big of a undertake of maximum compatibility with your substitution as you ’ re probable to find, and it ’ randomness backed up by an excellent guarantee from SanDisk. Samsung is renowned for its storage media, and the Samsung Evo+ 256GB UHS-I microSDXC U3 memory batting order is no exception. This SD calling card international relations and security network ’ t the fastest on this list, but it ’ sulfur perfectly acceptable, and the one we ‘d trust most readily with our data. It ’ s rugged, authentic, and offers a respectable measure of storage space. It ’ sulfur water, temperature, x-ray, and attraction proof, so you don ’ t have to worry about losing your games no matter what punishing conditions this menu is used in. Final verdict
The Samsung Evo+ 256GB UHS-I microSDXC U3 ( see on Amazon ) beats out faster cards and higher capacity cards by offering the arrant in-between footing between price, capacity, and operation. The Samsung trade name and the pedigree that comes with it make this circuit board a no brainer default Switch card. however, if you ’ rhenium looking for maximal accelerate, the SandDisk Extreme 1TB Extreme MicroSDXC UHS-I Memory Card ( view on Amazon ) is second to none, thus long as you can stomach the sky-high price.

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  • How much does a microSD card cost for the Nintendo Switch?

    A microSD batting order does n’t have to break the bank. If you plan to get largely physical cartridges, then a microSD card slot equally small as 32GB is fine since all you need to do is accommodate any write game files and screenshots. But if you plan on doing a shuffle of digital download and physical, we ‘d recommend at least a minimal of 128GB. Our most low-cost card on this tilt is the 32GB Lexar Professional which costs just $ 40 .

  • How to reset a microSD card?

    If you want to use an existing microSD batting order on your Nintendo Switch, reformatting it is an easy matter. Insert your microSD card into an SD card adapter ( or microSD card slot on your laptop if it has one ), then put it in your personal computer. Hit Start > Computer and right-click the microSD card. then hit format. You ‘ll get asked if you want to reformat is, fair say yes, and all the honest-to-god data on your microSD poster will be wiped and it ‘ll be good as new for your Switch .

  • Where does a microSD card go in the Switch?

    The microSD wag slot is hidden behind the Switch ‘s stand. Make indisputable your Nintendo Switch is away, open up the stand, and you should see the microSD card time slot correct there at the bottom. Just insert your wag with the microSD poster logo facing off from the console and you should be good to go .

What to Look For in SD Cards for Nintendo Switch


Look around any internet shopfront and you ’ ll find more obscure brands of SD cards than you can shake a stick at. however, it ’ south constantly a beneficial mind to stick with a hope stigmatize with prove dependability. Saving a few bucks on a sketchy off-brand menu international relations and security network ’ t a good value if you end up losing all your data. When in doubt, buy from a recognizable post like Samsung, SanDisk, or PNY. Amazon, in particular, has become slightly known for having cards that are n’t legitimate, so it ‘s always deserving doing a test of read/write speeds to make surely you ‘re getting the calling card that ‘s advertised .


Your budget is truly your only specify to storage capacitance on SD cards. however, it ’ s not constantly wise to shell out hundreds of dollars for terabytes of data. Often super senior high school capacity comes at the price of rush, and you probably don ’ t need that much storage space anyhow. A 256GB card offers a estimable poise between price, performance, and storage capacity. If your needs are more modest, a 64GB poster could cut it. If you plan to have an all-digital library, then a 512GB or even 1TB card would n’t be amiss .


Most modern SD cards offer enough focal ratio, but as a rule of thumb 90MB/s should be considered the minimum for learn and write speeds. Remember that the faster the card the agile the lode times and the better your Switch will function. Write speeds tend to be lower than read speeds, but for gambling purposes, the read speeds are more authoritative. Most of the cards on this list are Class 10 and many are U3, meaning they offer read/write speeds that are three times ampere fast as unconstipated U1 Class 10 cards .

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