MHL to HDMI Adapter with Extended MHL Cable

Is Your Device MHL Supported?

The Accell MHL cable supports all MHL enabled display devices and AV receivers featuring an MHL enabled HDMI input .
**Please check if your device is MHL enabled before buying. For a mention list of the devices supporting MHL, snap here .

MHL to HDMI Adapter

Connect a Smartphone, Tablet or other MHL Enabled Device to an HDTV

The MHL to HDMI adapter connects your tablet, smartphone or other MHL enabled devices to an HDTV using your HDMI cable. This arranger transmits both audio and video recording, making it easy to view your pictures, watch movies or listen to music on an HDMI supported television or home plate dramaturgy system.

MHL to HDMI Adapter with Extended 3m (9.8 ft.) MHL Cable

Featuring Mobile High-Definition Link translation 1.2 technology, this MHL to HDMI adapter easily connects to the USB Micro-B port of an MHL enabled device. Use your HDMI cable to connect the MHL to HDMI adapter to an HDTV or an HDMI home dramaturgy system. Unlike a typical MHL arranger, the built-in 9.8ft ( 3m ) long, lightweight cable allows you to sit back and away from the television receiver. In addition, positioning the HDMI cable and power adapter away from the MHL device reduces the weight and pull on the connected device and its bantam Micro USB connection. This arranger provides much improved handling for better game play and overall ease-of-use .
The MHL adapter supports CEC and the Remote Control Protocol ( RCP ). now you can control your MHL device using your television ‘s remote control control. Pause, stop or adjust the book of a video, music or game with a push of a clitoris.

note : The CEC/RCP sport is dependent on the television receiver ‘s subscribe of the CEC function. not all TVs support CEC or some TVs have limited CEC hold.

Designed For Use With Mobile Devices Featuring MHL Technology

  • Watch videos, view pictures or listen to your music on an HDMI TV or home theater system
  • Sit back from the TV with your mobile device using the adapter’s extra long 3m (9.8 ft) MHL cable
  • Supports HD video resolutions and audio including 1080p
  • Features Remote Control Protocol (RCP) for control with TV’s remote

Designed For Use With Mobile Devices Featuring MHL Technology

High-Quality Components and Construction Ensure Optimum Performance and Reliability

This adapter uses premium components including a soft and flexible cable for easy handling and travel appliance. Manufactured to the Mobile High-Definition Link 1.2 stipulation, this arranger is designed to work with devices featuring a MHL audio and video enabled USB 2.0 Micro-B output .
This product features long and light-weight cable, UltraFlex cable, MHL enabled USB micro-B connector, USB micro-B power input, HDMI type-A female connector
Warning using this product may be harmful under California 65 WARNING : This product may expose chemical such as Bisphenol A ( BPA ) that is known to the State of California to cause cancer or generative harm. For more information, please go to

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