Can I Use PowerPoint Presenter View in Zoom?

Yes, you can, and this article will tell you how!

I recently trained 30 company executives to use PowerPoint, and one of the topics we covered was presenting with PowerPoint. I asked who was conversant with the Presenter View, and surprisingly only two people were ! If you are not familiar with the Presenter View or are not wholly sure what it does, this article is for you. With so many people however working remotely due to COVID 19, Zoom has become a front-runner platform for communicating with colleagues and conducting on-line meetings. The Presenter View shows a different position from the one that people watching the display visit. The donor can view their notes and move backwards and forward to show slides from anywhere in the deck. To use the Presenter View in Zoom, you must have two screens, for case, a laptop and a monitor.

here ’ s how you can

  • Start or join a Zoom meeting
  • Click Share Screen in the meeting controls
  • Select your monitor, then click Share
  • While sharing your screen, change PowerPoint to slide show mode by clicking the Slide Show tab > From Beginning or Current Slide. Alternatively, press F5 to start the slide show from the beginning, or Shift + F5 to start from your current slide

You can swap the Presenter View and Slideshow around by clicking on the Display Settings drop-down menu at the top of the Presenter View riddle. Make sure the Presenter View is on the screen with your television camera to allow for well consultation engagement.

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You can position your audience ’ s video recording near your television camera therefore that when person speaks, you can address them by name, evening if their camera is off. here ’ s how you can

  • Make sure Zoom is in full-screen mode
  • Change the video thumbnails to Show Small Active Speaker Video
  • Drag the video thumbnail up near your camera

Using the PowerPoint Presenter View with Zoom is an excellent feature to enhance your presentation. It will improve communication, enable better collaboration, and control for the donor .PowerPoint Presenter View in Office 2019, showing Zoom video thumbnail in the centre of the screen PowerPoint Presenter View in Office 2019, showing Zoom video recording thumbnail in the centre of the screen

Additional options when using PowerPoint Presenter View

  • See the current time
  • Check how long you have been presenting
  • Change the text size of your notes by clicking the Increase or Decrease Font Size icons
  • Highlight content on the slide with the inbuilt Laser Pointer
  • Annotate slides using either a Pen or Highlighter and Erase your annotations if you do not wish to keep them ( in Microsoft 365, you can change the ink colour)
  • Show a black screen (or white) to bring the focus back on the presenter
  • Show live subtitles to your audience – only with Microsoft 365
  • Zoom into a section on a slide

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